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So this is gonna be a really quick video. I’m gonna get straight to the point. First, i’m, going to show you what i’m talking about and how we’re going to do this. So the traditional way of spying is to go on your ad spy tools like ad spy, big spy, etc and just start looking through a huge database of ads and hoping to find some ads.

That point to the offer that you’re. Promoting to get ideas from that, so that’s kind of like the paid version, and it takes a lot of time, but that’s, not what i’m going to talk about in this video. So this is the paid way of doing it.

This is the freeway. Take the offer go to similar web sw and it ‘ Ll show us the top five sites that are sending traffic to the offer and the majority of the time there’s, going to be big time, affiliate landing pages in one of these five, and you can get a great idea from that, because these Are like the top dog affiliates for that offer? So let’s.

Do a real life example. This is a max bounty, offer called honest, pause relief bites it’s like a cbd, gummy type of offer, and you have to request approval to run. I’m, not approved, but i can still go and spy without being approved.

Honest pause relief bites us default. I’m going to hit. I’m, going to click preview, so here’s, the landing page. You can see it’s, uh relief, cbd, bytes. It looks like that, and one thing you need to know to use this method.

The offer page has to have so many visits per month in order to have statistics on similar web, and one thing you can do is just come and type in similar web extension, and this is for chrome, and this is what i got and it’s a big big time saver, so just type that in add it to your bookmark bar right here and it’ll.

Look like this or you can just go to and paste in any website. But i like to have the bookmark so anyways it’s, got a every offer page that you want to use this uh method, for it has to have a certain amount of uh visits and i want to say it’s.

Probably over, like i don’t, know maybe 10 to 20 000 visits a month. So this one does and, as you can see, may 2020 it’s, got over 180 000 unique visitors per month. I mean uh for that month and then june 136 july, 223, 146, 186.

191. So it’s, getting a lot of traffic so that’s. When you know it’s, also a really good offer, because people are sending a lot of traffic to it and this um. This is using the bookmark extension and you can’t really get as many details as you could on the actual website from this bookmark.

But you can, you can get enough and you can see that there is enough traffic for you to have all the statistics. So another thing i look at is the geography or like what countries are sending the most traffic and the number one is uh.

The united states with 84 and then traffic sources, so the top traffic source is search and if you guys run google ads or bing ads. That’s. A good indicator that this offer is probably working for others that are running it on google or bing, and then direct and then referrals display ads social is way down there and then email is down there as well.

So search traffic is the top dog for traffic sources for this uh campaign. So then, once you get down here, you can see it says i want to see more insights go to similar web. I’m, going to click on that, and then it shows you, a global rank country rank category rank uh.

It’s. Pretty high in the category rank it’s at 218.. Then it just same thing shows you. The traffic, the geography traffic sources, your search, big time and then right here, referrals. This is where you can find the super affiliates.

So there’s, one two, three: four: five of the top referring sites and they’re gonna show. You that, and what you can do is you can come and click go to each one of these websites and see how they’re. Promoting this offer.

So i’d. Click on that see what they’re doing, so they’re running like uh, some top 10 article style landers that’s, cool app viral sweep that one won’t work. Let’s, see this one cannabis supplementsforpets.

com. So this is like another list type thing here’s. The list of the five recommended brands and number one is honest, pause and that’s. The offer that’s. This offer so anytime, someone sees like. Oh, this is the number one and they go here because everyone obviously wants the best for their dog, so they go here if they get it and make the purchase or whatever they get 40 bucks.

So, okay, so that’s, one way of doing it. Um let’s. Keep it going. Uh dog dream, go to website dog dream: cbd. Okay, does your dog suffer from seizures pain, nausea? I’ll, just go like that. Has your dog a dietary limit? Let’s just say: yes, let’s, say over 20 pounds and they do searching for the right products and then they have a whole bunch of recommendations.

After you finish that little quiz, let’s, see honest pauses right here, so it sends them to the offer and that’s, awesome um. So that was a really good quiz. Let me just refresh so they probably got it set up where you could click anything and it ‘

Ll. Give you the same results. Let’s say: yes, honest pause yep, so they promote pretty much the same things out of everything. So like, if i was actually wanting to run this offer, i would take. I would get ideas from this quiz this quiz right here and then i’d, go and click funnels, and i’d, make my own quiz style landing page, and i’m telling you quiz dial landing pages, work super Good when you’re, promoting affiliate marketing offers, so that is it for this video that’s.

How easy it is! Oh, i didn’t, go and check that one, but anyways that’s. How easy it is to find the top five referring sites to any affiliate marketing offer that has enough data for similar web to dissect.

For you and similar web is 100 free and there you can upgrade and you can see like eight more referring sites and you can schedule a demo or you can just upgrade your plan and see more. But i think, as long as i get to see the top five, i’m good with that.

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