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Everyone, if you’re new to Instagram or you just don’t, feel like you’re, getting the most out of the app you’ve found the right video in this video. I’m gonna show you exactly how to get started with Instagram and everything you need to know about that app.

Now, in the past two years, I’ve made over a hundred Instagram videos, so just about everything you could think of that you could do on Instagram. I have a video about that on this channel and on how finally calm.

So if you want to learn something about a specific task on Instagram check out anything, go ahead and search for it and you ‘ Ll probably find one of my videos, but this is gonna, be a big-picture overview of Instagram and this is more for regular people.

So if you want to be a creator and get more followers on Instagram or even make money on Instagram that’s, a different video and I’ll have a link in the description to that. If that’s, what you’re, looking to do, and also make sure you’re watching the latest version of this video instagrams, always changing their app in the last five years.

They had many variations of the app. So every year I’m gonna update this video, so make sure you’re watching the latest one. Let’s, jump into the phone, let’s, create an Instagram account from scratch, and I’ll use, one of my bigger accounts to show you exactly how to move around and use all the benefits that Instagram can give.

You on the social media platform, so inside of the app store of just about any phone you have. This is available for iPhones, for Android phones and for window phones, look for the Instagram app and then go ahead and download it.

Instagram is a social media platform for sharing photos and videos, and it was actually created in 2010 and in 2012, Facebook purchased it. So currently it’s owned by Facebook. They bought it for a billion dollars just a couple years after it was created.

You do have to be twelve years old to use the app and they do have well over a hundred million users. At the time of this recording, I’m gonna go ahead and press open. Now that I have the app downloaded here and when you get to the app for the first time as you could see, I use this professionally.

So I have a bunch of different business channels, but let’s say you just want to create a regular account. Just press sign up on this page. You obviously won’t. Have all these accounts press sign up? You will take you to this space, so this is the first page you’re gonna see it could use Facebook to sign in or you could sign up with phone or email.

I’m gonna do sign up with phone or email again. It is owned by Facebook’s. A lot of these options are gonna be related to Facebook. As you could see, so let’s, go ahead and sign up with phone or email here on this page you could type in your phone number or your email address and then on this page it says, add your name, so your friends could find You so if you want your friends to find you use your real name here.

If you want to be more anonymous and you don’t want to link it to your Facebook or anything like that or if you want it, for your business. Go ahead and type that name here, pretty simple process.

I’m gonna go ahead and press next and then go ahead and create your password here again make sure you remember this password because you will need it again to login. If you do log out and just like that, you’ve created your Instagram account, so it will.

Let you change your username here and you could do this. Basically, every once a while. You could change your username, so you’re, not married to this username and then it’s. Gon na say: do you want to connect to Facebook to find your friends? So if you do already use Facebook go ahead and do that, if you don’t go ahead and skip, I’m gonna skip for now.

Then it’s. Gon na ask for access to your contact. Again. I’m gonna skip that and then it’s. Gon na ask you to add a profile picture. I recommend you do this here, but we could do this any time. So I’m gonna skip just to get you started here.

Then it’s. Gon na suggest some people to follow here. So basically, when you follow people, it’s. Gon na show you everything they post and I ‘ Ll. Show you that in a second, but let’s, go ahead and look here: let’s, follow Nike here and NatGeo just so.

We have a couple of things to look at, maybe the rock, but you could see we could obviously find people that we want to follow. This is the suggestions I’m gonna press next and then, if you want notifications, you could turn that on.

I’m gonna skip that as well. So now I’m gonna show you the overview of the app in the last few years. Instagram has rolled out a few options and the app is basically, I think of it as four different apps.

You got your Instagram feed, Instagram story, Instagram direct messages and Instagram TV, and I’ll show you a quick overview of each one, but I have a separate video about every single one of those right.

Now let’s worry about the Instagram feed, which was the original way of Instagram for the first five years or so, and right here on the app I’m on the home page. So on the home page I could basically scroll down, and if I’m following people, I could see their posts, so I followed rock and that Gio, let me go all the way back to the top.

So it’s. Just sliding up and down if you like, a post, you just double tap – gives a heart to the post. You see that heart right there. Next to it, is the comment section. You could press that and leave a comment, so you could leave that emoji comment.

For example, press post – and he posted that comment here, let me go back and then you have direct messages, that’s, the airplane icon, which takes you to the right message: interface, where I could basically send something directly to the rock and send them A message, obviously, he’s, probably not gonna get this message and he’s.

Gon na go through it as a spam, but you get the idea here. So I’m gonna get out of there and underneath the heart you can see how many likes a post has all the different comments here. So you see my comment here right on the bottom and so on, so that’s.

The home page next to the home page on the bottom, you have search so here you could actually search for people that you know that you want to follow. If you know their Instagram handle or press the little plus sign on the side and again it’s, gonna get access to your contact just because it really wants you to follow your friends here.

So, as you can see, this is suggested there’s Facebook. So if I connect to Facebook, I could see my Facebook friends or contact. So if you don’t give it access to any of those you ‘ Ll have to manually basically search for the people that you already know, based on their account here or under the top tag.

So go ahead and find a few people add them here that’s under the search option, and this page is also called the discover page because you could discover variety of different contents based on what you interact with.

So if you like cars, a lot and you press like on cars or view cars, this page becomes more of a car page. So this is the explore page here. You could also sort the explore page by topics on the top of the page.

So if you wanted to see travel, only explore page will show you travel and, as you use the app more and more, it basically becomes more customized to your liking. I’m gonna skip the plus sign in the middle.

That’s gonna, let you add, photos and videos to your profile. We’re, not gonna worry about that. Just yet, then you go to the heart section and it’s. Gon na again let you follow. People suggest it for me, so if I want to follow, Will Smith, for example, I could go ahead and do that now.

If I press Will Smith name, I could go to his profile and once you start getting people to like and comment on your post, the heart page basically becomes your recent activities here. So I jumped into my bigger account just to show you that this is what that page looks like after a little while of using that.

So let me show you what a profile looks like here on top of the profile you have the username and then you have their number of post and number of followers and the number of people they’re following and if you’Re not following them here and you land on their page.

You basically looks like this, so you can press follow and then start following them here and then there is a link right here underneath so it looks like he’s linking to his YouTube channel the thing underneath that is Instagram story.

We’re, not gonna focus on that, just yet an IG TV. Those are the two other things I mentioned that are beyond the feed and then right here you could see everything that Will Smith has posted and you could view it in different ways.

This way is just a default way. The one next to it is gonna show it to you this way like your home page, you can scroll and then next to it is the items that Will Smith has been tagged in, so you could actually view what other people tagged Will Smith as and If you press the three dots on the top right of the page, you’re gonna get bunch of other options like blocking people, muting people hiding their story.

So we’re, not gonna go over all these different options, but you could explore these again. I have individual videos on just about every little thing that you see on here on this channel. So, finally, on the bottom rights, you got your little profile icon.

So if you press that it brings you to the profile, that is your profile and as you can see, I have nothing because I haven’t posted anything yet so we need to add a profile picture. It says, add photo right here.

Add a bio that’s. What’s gonna go right under my name and then find people to follow, and then add your name. So I already added my name, but all these other things I have to do so anytime. You could press Plus on your profile, icon here and add your profile photo.

This is also a place where you would add a story again. We ‘ Ll worry about story in a minute. So if you press edit profile on top, you could see your name use their name website, bio email, phone number, gender – you could switched all those here and for more advanced settings.

There is a way to switch to professional creator and business accounts. Again, we’re, not gonna worry about in this video. But if you are using this for business watch the Instagram for business video.

So again on the home page, we’re on the Instagram feed. But if you look on top on the top right, you have direct messages: that’s; the airplane icon, that’s, a different platform. Basically, where you could message people it’s like whatsapp or Facebook messenger.

So I could press that and basically choose people to message. I have a complete video about that. So I’m, not gonna go into it, but you could basically compose a message to anyone that you’re following here or you’re, not following.

You could also video chat and a lot more under direct messages. Next to that, you see that TV icon, if you press that it takes you to IG TV again, a brand new platform roll down in 2018. It has its own app event, but you could basically view videos.

It’s. A lot like YouTube. I’m, not gonna focus on that in this video, but that is part of Instagram and it has its own app called IG TV and on the top left, you have the camera icon, which takes you to Instagram story.

So if I give an access here and press ok and give it access to mic microphone and press ok, now I got the camera and Instagram story again. Another whole platform that they basically borrowed from what snapchat was doing, and now Facebook and Instagram both have a story section to them and so does YouTube and so does snapchat all the social media platforms have this story.

Basically, it’s, a way to post things that you’re doing that disappear every 24 hours instead of the feed post that basically stay permanently, unless you delete them now. Finally, let’s, press the plus sign on the bottom to actually add our first video.

So I’m gonna give it access here. Press, ok, so here this is what we have Instagram has access to your library here. So, as you could see, if I select different things in my library, I could choose them to post them and then, if I press next, it will take me to the next page or I could see on the bottom.

I’m on the library, tab, go to photo tab and then it gives me access to a camera where I could simply press in the middle to take a picture or let me go back. You see that arrow on the top left and then you have video so for video.

In order to take the video you just press and hold right there and as you could see, that timer starts Instagram. Videos on the feed section could be up to 60 seconds at the time of this recording inside on Instagram story, which we haven’t talked about, they could be up to 15 seconds and inside IG TV they could be up to ten minutes, and I’m sure they’re gonna change, all those numbers, but you see this black bar going as I’m talking.

If I let go, your video is done, and I could press Next to do more to that. Video and get to the post page. So let’s, go ahead and do that the photos and videos will have these options right. Underneath you have a filters tab.

You see all these different tabs, normal all the way to moon lark. All these different options will give you a different look to your photos and videos. In the case of video, you have trim and you have cover, so you could change the cover and these are more advanced options.

You don ‘ T have to worry about. So you don’t have to trim. You could just record what you want. So I’m gonna go back to filter and I’ll just choose the normal filter and then on top you have your audio.

You could turn on and off. If you don’t want anyone to hear anything press next. On top, and now you’re finally to the share page, so the new post is ready. You just need a caption or a description. So this is my first description press.

Ok, you could tag people. So if you have friends and you’re in the same video as them or same photos, you could go ahead and tag them. You could add your location and if you link to the other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, you could go ahead and turn these on with sliding these on and it’s.

Gon na ask you to connect to those platforms. If you haven’t yet and once you’re done press share on top and, as you can see it’s. Gon na take a second to post, depending on your internet connection, and while you’re posting and now from the home page, if I jump into my profile right here, let me go there and you can see.

I have my first video, so other people could click that video or see it on their feed, double click it and it will give it that heart. You see, I have one like now again. They could press the bubble icon to leave a comment and they could press this icon to send it to other people.

They’re playing icon, so it’s that simple to add a photo or video to your profile. Now let’s, actually post a photo. I jumped into a different profile to show you that, but if you press the plus sign on the bottom of the page, where we uploaded a video, we could also do a photo.

So if you see you could choose a photo from a library, you could also choose videos here or you could go to the photo tab now. The photo tab is probably not the most useful because you ‘ Ll actually have to take a picture.

I like using my phone to take a picture, but if you did press this to take a picture here, the photo tab does let you add filters the same way as the video tap here, and it does have an edit option here.

Instead of a cover option, where you could change brightness contrast and all these different options here to adjust your photo, but I don’t think the photo tap is very useful because we’re gonna go to the library tab and Choose the picture that we actually want to add so again I selected that picture just by pressing it here and here.

If you take your two fingers, you could go ahead and resize it, so you do want it to fill the whole screen here and the cool thing is on this page: you could press, select, multiple and then you see one two three, you could add more pictures.

If you want to, and when people see this post, they will have to slide through. We’re, not gonna worry about that. Here we’ll. Just do the one image here press next on top and again back to this page of adding filters editing if you wanted to add more adjustment like changing the brightness and things like that are all built-in.

I’m just gonna go back to filter and use one of these filters, the more vibrant, usually the better for Instagram, so those are recommended adjustments press next on top and now it finally brings you back to this page again.

This is where you write a description, tag, location and such, and if you see mine, saying post to other accounts, you could actually post to up to five accounts here. If you’re using this for business or you want to become an influencer, it’s, a great way to grow a number of different Instagram pages.

At the same time, I’m, not gonna focus on that. Right now, but in the most advanced tutorial, where I show you how to monetize and grow your Instagram following those are some of the options. I show you and then once you’re done, you press share and that’s.

How you add a photo on Instagram and one last thing I wanted to show you that’s, a little more advanced on your profile. If you press the three lines on the top right, it’s. Gon na give you access to your activity, so you can see what you’ve, been up to on Instagram it’s.

Gon na also give you a name tag. This is something that you could print that other people could scan for businesses, for example. This is a good option and again you could discover people here and you could go to settings which gives you a whole bunch more options.

For example, if you press account, you could switch to a professional account here on the bottom. So a whole bunch of options here and Instagram is one of the biggest advertising platforms. So if you’re using this for business, I run ads for all my businesses on Instagram.

But again that is a totally separate video. We’re, not gon, na focus on. So if you want to learn more about that, make sure you check out the link in the description, if you want to learn how the rekt messages work watch the video on direct messages, if you want to see how IG TV works, that’s, The icon, on top that takes you to this platform again watch a separate video for that, and your Instagram story will be the video up next.

So if you want to learn how Instagram story works, watch the video on that, so just for the sake of time, I did break up all those different videos, but there are ultimately all part of Instagram, along with at least a hundred more videos.

I have on this channel, so I just jumped into one of my bigger pages to show you so once your page gets filled up, you could see all these different videos that I have and it shows you exactly how many view each one gets.

So this last one got 19,000 and there’s. So many here that I’ve posted in the last few years and mine in this case is a business page. So I have that promotes option where I could basically run ads on here and I’ve, actually monetized this.

So I actually grow followers in a specific topic and then other people pay me to basically promote their product or to do what ‘ S called shout outs where I could post something that they posted and in exchange they get followers, because my followers will like what they like.

So a whole. Bunch of people are now called Instagram influencers and it’s. Another way to make money online. So I hope you did find this useful. Please make sure you give it a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel.

So you never miss the next Instagram update and you could keep learning about everything you could do on Instagram and I’ll catch. You next time, thanks for watching

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