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So in this video I’m gonna try, Shopify Josh, live and lets out using any of my money, [ Music ]. What is up YouTube your boys, a rich back at it with that video, if you haven’t already made sure to hit that subscribe button below.

So I’ll talk about a lot of my videos, how you got so start, Shopify Joshua and with little to no money from the start, and I rescind did a video talking about how you guys to start shop. Fire option was zero dollars, so none of your money – and I wanted to do this – video for me to actually do it so, instead of just talking about it, I want to put my money where my mouth this and I guess that really doesn’T make sense, because I’m, not really using my own money, so I guess what I really mean to say is that I’m gonna actually do this.

Instead of just talking to talk, I’m gonna walk the walk. So if you guys didn’t see the video where I talked about how you guys to Josh up with no money. The strategy and method is very simple: it’s. What I call the revenue share agreement, meaning you exchange revenue with the influencer in exchange of them to promote your website or your product.

So, although this method and strategy is very simple and easy to understand, isn’t that simple to actually implement it. The hardest part is going to be to find an influencer that’s. Gon na be down for this strategy.

A lot of these influencers nowadays want to get paid up front, so you’re gonna have to contact a bunch to hopefully find a few or a couple, or even one that’s going to be down. So I’m, going to show you guys, step by step.

How I personally do this in order to implement this strategy successfully, so the total rundown on what’s gonna go down for the strategy is number one. Of course I have to find a project, then I have to build the store.

Then I had to find the influencers and I had to contact the influences. Then I have to negotiate with them. Then hopefully get a couple or a few or even one to promote, and then hopefully it gets themselves.

So I could talk to you guys all day about how to do this, but I want to actually show you guys so without further ado. Let’s, go straight into it, so for the product I picked, this LED makeup mirror and I picked this party because it’s in the beauty niche and there’s, a ton of influences in that beauty in it.

So for the strategy, I usually pick the niches that have the most of my influences because for the strategy it’s, gonna be a numbers game and you’re. Probably gonna hear me said a lot. It’s, a numbers game, meaning that you have to contact a bunch of influencers in order for a few to be down.

So this is not something where you could contact only ten influencers and then muslimah gonna be down. This is a strategy where you have to contact one hundred influences or five ten or even less than that to be down.

So I want this to be in your mind, so you guys do not expect a bunch of influences to be down for the strategy because they are not so wan na. Make that very, very clear. So the more influences that you contact, the more that potentially will be done.

So you want to definitely find a niche that has a ton of influences. So now that I have the product, it’s in time to create the Shopify store, and I know what some of you guys are thinking and watching this video.

How can you make a store? How can you do this all with no money when shopping for costs, twenty nine bucks a month, Shopify has a free trial. The free trial is currently 14 days. I’ll, have 14 days to make money with the store until I am charged, and the quick and easy and simple trick to do this is after I create the store I’ll didn’t pick a plan.

They don’t enter my credit card information, but I would not be charged until after the 14th day. So all you have to do is pick a plan into your credit card or debit card information, and you will not be charged until after the 14th day.

So I highly recommend this simple and easy trick. So you guys to use this free trial to your complete advantage. So without further ado, I’m gonna create the store, [ Music ] all right. So I just finished grading the website.

Now it’s time to move on to the most important step by far, and that is to find and contact the influencers. So without further ado, let’s. Go so it’s. Super easy and free way to find Instagram influencers, as I mentioned earlier in my previous videos, is by using the suggestive feature.

So, for example, I’m gonna do my girlfriend’s. Instagram page, and all I literally have to do is click the down button. This is gonna give me a bunch of suggested Instagram accounts that are related to hers.

So, as you can see, you could just keep scrolling and scrolling to discover influences that are related to this page now, for this strategy, specifically huge Instagram accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers to millions of followers, are probably not going to be interested in the revenue Shared Grubin because they’re, used to getting a ton of money from brands up front.

So I definitely recommend focusing on smaller influencer accounts, ranging from 30,000 followers to a few hundred thousand followers, because they’re, more likely to be down for this strategy after I’m done.

Finding the influencers I organized them on a spreadsheet, with a user name and their email, then I’ll write out the email to be sent out to them and the first sequence would be the email that will be sent out to each influencer in The second sequence would be the email that would be sent off.

Influencer does not reply. After a certain amount of days, then I’ll, just connect that spreadsheet, to an email, software to mass contact and influencers and automatically follow-up. If they don’t reply, so now all of the emails have officially been sent out to all the influencers, so it’s been about a day since I contacted the influencers and I just went through the replies and unsurprisingly, a lot Of the influences that planning offer the reason being because a lot of them said that they do not do affiliate only deals that they only do it that they’re.

Getting paid and a good amount of influencers had managers. So the managers responded and said that the influencers only do paid collaborations, and that is another thing I wanted to mention. If the influencer is using that manager more than likely a hundred percent of the time the manager is always going to decline.

This offer the influencer managers only get paid if they’re, getting paid based off like an upfront fee for a promotion. You know if it’s, an affiliate or any kind of partnership. It’s hard for them and get their piece of the pie, and so they’re, going to almost always decline that offer.

So just keep that in mind when dealing with influencer managers but for the most part, the influences that do respond or just influences themselves. So if you could contact the influencers one-on-one, you have a higher chance than if you were talking to their manager, but the good news is that they give for influencers that are interested and offer and it’s only been about a day and influencers Sometimes take a few days or even longer to respond, but I’m only going to focus on these four influencers for now, because I’m, really trying to get this video done in the least amount of time as possible.

So the next step is super super important. So for those of you that see my YouTube video, I talked about this strategy. This strategy is a little bit different from that video. So in that video I talked about the revenue share agreement, meaning a mutual agreement between you and the influencers.

So, basically, just like you’re, getting the influencer to be your partner in the business. This strategy is going to be a little bit different for this video because there are multiple influencers involved and that will be really complex to do that strategy, because it will be super hard to find out and track exactly what sells are coming from each influencer, but That strategy that I went over in the video is good.

If you just have one influencers, because you’ll, just split the revenue with that one influencers, so it’s, really really not complicated. But if it’s, multiple influencers is pretty hard to track where everything is coming from.

So this specific strategy will be more like an exclusive affiliate program for the influencers, so the influencers will get their affiliate link before they promote and then, when they promote, I can see exactly how much sells in revenue they brought in and then pay them according to Them so what I need to do right now is first create an affiliate program for Shopify for free.

Since I’m, not using any money, and then I need to respond back to the influencers. That said that we’re interested then give them a sign up on the affiliate program. They don’t, get their affiliate links and then they’ll promote and then hopefully we get some sales.

So without further ado, let’s, go straight into it, so tons of great affiliate apps on Shopify that you can implement on your store, but I had to find a really good one for free and the first one that I did find.

Was this app, but the thing is I didn’t really like the design of it. So the next free affiliate that I did find was by Seiko map and it actually looks a lot better and it has tons of good reviews and the best thing about it is that they ‘

Re free plan literally offers all the features that I need. So this is a free affiliate. I’m going to use and setting up this affiliate is extremely easy. To sum it all up, all you need to do is sign up then, edit, your affiliate percentage amount that you want to offer to your affiliates, or in this case the influencers and by default to have the affiliate percentage amount at 10 %.

So literally, all I’m going to do is change the name to the influence of partner program and change that affiliate percentage amount to 50 %. So then, after the affiliate accounts officially created, I’ll, then email, the influencer.

This basically instructing them to sign up to get their affiliate link and then enter that PayPal email to get paid, so it’s been a little over 24 hours. Since I set the affiliate programs to the for influencers and only 2 of them signed up and are ready to go, the other two have a respondent yet, and that’s.

The thing I want you guys to know when didn’t influencers, that it takes a bit of time. So, since you’re communicating back and forth with the influencer, you have to wait for them to respond before moving on and some influencers take days or even weeks to respond.

So they’re super super busy. So keep that in mind when dealing with influencers, so I’m. Just gonna focus on these two influencers pronounces, so the only one signed up and ready to go. They have their affiliate links and everything I’m gonna send them a picture, other products, a post on a story with their affiliate link, and then I also let them know that they can include their phone link in a bio if they want To but they don’t have to and then hopefully with all that would get some sells.

So I do want to mention that I also let them know, and I made it very clear that they can discontinue they could terminate and stop promoting this. Whenever they want to so there is no terms or any binding contract for a certain amount of days or anything they could start promoting it today and then stop tomorrow.

Next week, or next month, it’s totally up to them and make sure you make this very clear with the influencer, because a lot of them will not do this if it’s a term or in contract, meaning that they have To do this for a certain amount of days, anything so make sure that is very, very clear to the influencer, and a lot of these influences will continually promote if they continually make money.

So the same goes with anything. A few yourselves join an affiliate program and you continually make money with it. You’re, probably gonna continually promote it, but if you stop making money with it or you, don’t make any money at all.

With that you’re, probably not gonna promote anymore, and the same goes as to these influencers, so I’m, expecting no to promote for at least 24 hours. So I’m gonna judge the performance based off of 24 hours, so I will see you guys eat it tomorrow or the next day.

So I’m. Super super excited to see what the results are gonna be so without further ado. Let’s, get this money, so it’s been well over 24 hours and the two influences actually posted this morning at around 8 a.

m. and these are the two story posts that importers post it on their story and from that I Was able to do a little over a thousand dollars in sales and refresh this? It’s now 11 about 10:57 p.m. so just around 11 p.

m. California time, and I was able to do a little over a thousand sells in less than a day. So that’s, just a total sell. So let’s, go over all the expenses, so we can get the total profit. So the total sells was a thousand and ninety nine dollars and 76 cents.

The total influence or payouts was five hundred and forty nine dollars and eighty-eight cents. The product and shipping cost was three hundred and seventy three dollars and ninety two cents, so that leaves a total profit of a hundred and seventy five dollars and ninety six cents.

So the profit margin for this example is just about 16 %, so I do want to go over some tips that you guys could use so that you can increase your profits whenever you implement this strategy going forward.

So the first tip I do want to go over is to lower the cost of the product or cost of goods. So for this example, the product that I use for this store was around 15 to 70 dollars, including shipping price on Aliexpress.

So that is not that good at all. So when your party price is that expensive is kind of hard to get profits because you have to price it, you know from 30 to 50 dollars and if it’s that much it eats away your profits.

So, ideally, you want a party that is lower than that and ideally lower than ten dollars. So that way you have a lot of room to make more money. The second tip I want to go over is to increase your selling price as much as possible.

So I actually did that for this example. After I got 10 orders, I increased a party price by $ 10 from $ 39.99 to $ 49.99, which is not that big of a difference. But you get a lot of orders. It adds up quickly and it equals to more profit in your bank account.

The final tip I want to go over is to decrease the influences revenue share by as much as you can so. For this example. The influences I’m, going to share what’s, 50 percent, which is pretty high, but I know if it’s remind that 50 percent range.

More influences are motivated to accept that offer. But ideally, if you could lower it to even 30 percent, that saves you a ton of money and increases your profits dramatically. So the pay to influencers are super easy since, like I said earlier, this is basically like an affiliate program.

All you have to do is go to the affiliate that I created on my Shopify account and didn’t pay the influencers via PayPal, so I usually tell the influencers that I pay them once a month because that gives me morning enough time to Deal with any refunds or any issues with the orders, so you definitely don’t want to pay them for just like every day or every week, because if you have to deal with a refund or any issue with the order that comes out of Your pocket, so you definitely want to have enough time to deal with any issues with the orders and once a month gives me plenty of time for that and, lastly, to pay for the orders so basically fulfill the orders on Aliexpress.

All you had to do is wait for your Shopify payout, so it writes you and your first payout usually takes seven days. Anything after that takes everyd days for you to get paid so worst case scenario. Just wait 7 days for your first payout then use that money to pay for the order.

But ideally I suggest that if you have a credit card that you use that now so that your customers, aren’t waiting more time for their orders. But worst case scenario, as I said, if you have no money or don’t want to use any of your money, then just wait for Shopify to pay you out and then use that money to pay for the orders.

And the last thing I do want to say is: either you get your first couple cells go out and buy your own domain name, so you definitely do not want to have that much Shopify com domain name forever. You can get away with efforts because the influence or is solely promoting themselves, but ideally you want to have your own domain name because it looks more legit and it looks a lot better than top-notch Shopify com.

So that is a video guys. I hope you guys got some insane value for them. I honestly felt like I went over a lot in detail step-by-step, so I hope you guys actually learn the strategies and have more ideas going forward from watching this video.

This challenge was a success. I was able to make almost $ 200 by just using two influences and less than a day and the best part about it. I didn’t you none of my money and the crazy thing about it. This was just from two influences and their last three days over ten influences, responded and said they were interested.

So I’m, actually gonna try to scale this business up. So let me know if you guys liked this video and want me to film a second part to this video on YouTube. So I definitely recommend experimenting with a strategy.

If you guys don’t, have a lot of capital start josh olin, because it literally costs you nothing. So for those of you that are new to my channel before I close out each video, I always give out an inspirational quote, and today’s call is don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits and it so they’re, my friends, be great [, Music, ]

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