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I’ve done a quick search here on my phone, basically for on tick tock for 4x and what we’re going to do. Is we’re going to react where i’m, going to react to what we see here on the forex category on the tick tock app? Now i’m, not a big tick, tock user, my girlfriend loves it and it drives me crazy, but we’re going to be reacting and i’m just going to give you guys my thoughts, i guess so let’s, just go ahead and jump into it: okay, okay, so many of you have been asking how i became a teenage millionaire and he claims that it happened because of forex here’s, the thing if you became a millionaire solely from Forex and shoe reselling, you would have to have some sort of god-like strategy, because if you’re a teenager, unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to start with, you’re, not making a million dollars from your training.

Unless you are just an absolute god – and if so, i’d love to see that performance. I’d love to see that track record, because i genuinely would like to learn what you’re doing, because i would be nowhere near able to do that as a teenager with no money.

If you had a bunch of money, i can see it, but let’s, move on to the next one. I’m, going to try and just skip through and keep going with these pages as much as possible. How to make money in your sleep must have a phone and laptop download these apps for free take a nap check phone.

If only it were that easy. You know, like uh, just take a nap and make money that’s. It welcome to pretty good where i give you guys information about forex every single day. Like no cap, i got a whole google information and when i make a google doc it’s serious, let’s, go ahead and follow so foreign exchange market and in this market you’re trading, different currencies.

So what currency is money used by a particular country? You kind of like this girl’s face. We got the us dollar, she’s, actually showing some some real stuff – canadian dollar, great british crown, japanese and so much more so currency exchange is important because let’s say you go on vacation to japan.

You can’t, we’re going shopping, see, and this is just what you see this is. This is a good example of what you see in the forex market that makes it so cringe to like us that are actually trading the real ones, because the the idea is that, oh, you become a forex trader and then you’re.

Suddenly, just you’re, the new you’re new. You’re. The new bank on the block you ‘ Ve got all the money you can go, buy whatever you want, and although forex after many months many years and lots of saving and reinvesting can yield great money or profits.

The idea that you can just pick it up and within six months you’ll, be buying gucci bags and going on vacations with the money you’ve made like that is such a false narrative. It’s, so fake that’s, just not how real trading goes.

I don’t go on vacations every week. I have been blessed after like five years of doing this, i go vacationing like maybe twice a year. Three times a year with like to to a cool place like we went to montana last year, which was a big deal me and my girlfriend, and i paid for that with my my trading profits, but again, not something i could have done right away.

So it’s. Definitely definitely a little bit cringe. Not gonna lie not calling these people individually cringe, but the whole concept of you know this idea of you start trading, and then you’re, suddenly going to be rich and suddenly be able to do all these amazing things.

It’s, just not real all right, listen up! This is how you can actually trade forex to make some side income or even for a living. So the first thing you’re going to need is a brokerage. This is the person that puts in your orders, for you stay away from multi-level marketing companies.

Next, you’re, going to need a chart software i use tradingview.com. So then, on trading view, you just simply click on this broker to your charting software. As you see right here, then you ‘ Ll have to learn how to read a chart.

It’s very simple: whatever happened in the past is likely to happen in the future. Once you got all that down, you can now buy and sell different currencies for a profit right there on the chart and make money on your computer from home.

Good luck, okay! I kind of liked that one that one was much better. There was no flashy. You know lamborghinis and stacks of cash and vacationing. It was more how to actually get started and there’s, some parts of tick tock from what i’m, seeing so far that are kind of cool.

They actually like show the basics and they get people excited about foreign exchange or stocks without doing it in a way that’s like oh, you’re, going to be a millionaire. Like those you know, people that you see it’s not like that.

So i like to see uh people who are actually giving straight tips like this. Of course, it is a simplified version like he actually prefaced in the video and that’s good. To actually say, i’m down for what you that, oh honestly, did you not read the colony policy that defined you as company property, guys that’s? It we just need to be trading with harmonics, and then we’ll, be trading just like the banks, that’s.

What that’s? What the guy said right, the guy in tick tock, the trading strategy that professionals keep secret changed his life honestly come on. Okay, harmonic harmonic patterns, again nothing wrong with harmonic patterns even either, but making it sound like it’s, some sort of secret.

You know money printing machine, that’s, not the reality. The right got you in lock and key. We put the dollar back into idolatry. If you’re upset, you can rent an apology. His work was still okay. It was tainted by fake crews, giving the pattern a bad name.

Interesting did this so this guy just said every day: forex traders like real forex traders they get up and they choose which watch to put on and um, then go and make some money around your pool on your laptop choose which car you’re.

Going to take for the day, i only have one car. What am i doing wrong, then leave the mansion and go and grab some delicious lunch then get back and trade, some more and teach other people a day in the life of interesting okay for expert stocks, nine to four 24 hours, 100 billion per day, 7 trillion Per day interesting tell us how to trade you got ta make a lot of money bro.

First, i’m gonna stop right. There teach us how to trade. You’re gonna make a lot of money. Bro! I’m looking for the door as soon as somebody says that to me, if you’re new to trading, do not expect to make money from trading for at least one year that that would probably be the best thing.

You could say to a new trader if you want to learn about it and you think it’s. Interesting and fun check it out. But if you’re, a new trader and you think you’re, going to be making money right after this guy introduces you to what trading is see ya.

Let’s. Go to trading step 2 find a currency pair right now i’m on usd cad, so this is an impulse retracement impulse, retracement impulse retracement. One strategy that i use to trade is simply trying to predict these retracements there’s.

A few things that can help us with that see that blue line, that’s a key level every single time. The price comes up to that level. It has trouble breaking through the last puzzle. Piece is the fib retracement tool place the rib at the bottom of the impulse, bring it up to the top, drag it into the future, and it will show you where it’s going to come down to open your position.

The fib retracement will tell you where it’s, going to come down to fib. Retracements are a continuation pattern. Uh you’re, looking for like pullbacks to buy, not to sell and anticipate, whereas i guess i guess you could use it for that.

That’s just an interesting take i’ve, never heard someone using fibonaccis like that. I guess like the original idea with a fibonacci is okay point. A point b. Point c is an anticipated pullback area for the continuation of the the trade interesting.

I bet you can’t make a hundred dollars in under one minute. Now that is a challenge, so i saw a symmetrical wedge pattern start to form on this commodity. I waited for the price to come down to the support line here and then i placed a buy so once the price came down to the support line, it literally shot up and i think it came up to right near that resistance line.

So that is how i made over a hundred dollars in one minute. I bet you came all right, all your trades and forex. It’s impossible to win every trade. But if you follow some rules, you’ll, definitely have more wins and losses.

Rule number one, always always always trade with the trend. So if it’s, an uptrend, you’re only taking buys, and if it’s, a downtrend, you’re. Only taking cells. Counter trend trading can be really dangerous and it’s.

More of a headache than anything step number two stay away from consolidation. If the market isn’t in an uptrend or downtrend, and it’s just moving sideways, that means you’re in consolidation and it’s.

Just an emotional rollercoaster that you want to stay away from step. Number three is to stay away from fomo or fear of missing out. Okay, i know seeing this you might want to take a sell, but if it’s, an uptrend, you’re only going to want to be taking buys, and this is most likely a false move anyway.

Step number four is to set goals and a trading plan. My daily goal is five percent a day. Oh, what hold up hold up. We were going so strong guys we were going so strong. He was saying stay away from ranges, trade with the trend this this and that and then he said what did he say again: roll back what five percent a day, five percent per day, that’s, one percent per day is incredibly, almost probably impossible To do because, if you could do one percent every single day consistently, that would be incredible.

Five percent in a day every day that is like you’re doing some, you’re, doing some miracle work there, profitable and from being greedy. Make sure to follow me on instagram and like if you like my content, i like making these okay well, i appreciate some of the the tips that he made, but i’m just going to say this like this is scary, that this is like What’s being shown so like if you’re, if you’re, a tick tock person and you’re, trying to learn how to trade or get involved with it.

You see people saying like. Oh five percent per day and showing this cash it’s, just it’s like misleading, because uh i i don’t know it just it propels this wrong idea about trading five percent per day is not happening.

I i don’t know like i, don’t, know one single trader. Who could even do one percent per day every single day and show proof on some sort of third-party track record site? I don’t, know a single person.

It’s just so it’s. It’s impossible. It’s nearly impossible unless you have some sort of cheat codes to the market and you’re, doing some sort of insight or trading or something like that. I just lost eight thousand dollars, eight thousand dollars.

Why am i missing? Eight thousand dollars all you got to do is buy my program, your soldiers, dad i’m. Sorry, daddy, just don’t, use a metal piece guys after watching these tick tocks the it just reminds me of why the name forex and stocks and options and all these things get such a bad rep.

It’s because of so many uh people who don’t know what they’re, doing talking to other people about forex stocks and options and trying to get them involved right there’s. There’s this, like perpetuating the blind leading the blind almost where these people, who think they can make so much money, are keep buying in they get involved and they just blow their money and lose their money right.

If you’re going for five percent per day, if you’re thinking, you’re gonna be making cash all the time, be able to go shopping all the time and go on vacations. The the approach to trading is wrong there, because i’ve said it many times on my channel the people who actually make money in trading they love trading, they have a passion for learning, about trading and investing and finance, and the people who lose Money in trading and investing are only focused on the money they’re, trying to make money quickly.

They’re, trying to take it as a side hustle really quickly. They don’t care about the actual learning and and growing as a trader part of the of the journey, and i’m proud to say i’m very, very flattered.

I’ve said this before one of my favorite comments that i’ve ever gotten on my channel was somebody says that said that they come to that people come to my channel after they get done doing all the fake stuff and They actually want to talk trading and discuss trading and learn about trading the real way.

So that was one of my favorite comments. I’ve ever gotten on the channel. I’ve said that a couple different times, but definitely a very proud comment. So thank you guys for watching this, and i know it was very interesting.

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