LSI Keywords: How to Find & Use Them to Boost Rankings

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Do you want to boost your rankings? Then you should know about LSI keywords.

There is no doubt that you are aware of LSI keywords. I am sure you also know about the LSI keywords. If you know, then that’s good. Suppose you don’t know, then it’s ok. Don’t worry, continue your reading, you will get all the information about LSI keywords, and you will also get a lot of ideas about how to use LSI keywords.

what are LSI keywords

So here are the steps that I am going to cover now in this post:

  1. What are the LSI keywords?
  2. Importance of LSI keywords.
  3. How to find LSI keywords.
  4. How to use the LSI keyword in a blog post.
  5. Final thoughts on how to use LSI keywords.

1. What are the LSI keywords?

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords are words and phrases that are semantically related to your target topic or focus keyword.

For example, suppose you are searching LSI keywords for jogging. In that case, you will find words and phrases like benefits of jogging, jogging vs. running form, jogging tips, jogging benefits for legs, etc.

The LSI keywords are the most relevant words and phrases to the exact keywords.

2. Importance of LSI keywords

It is essential to use LSI keywords in your blog post. It matters a lot, and it boosts your rankings. It improves search relevance—the LSI keywords in the blog post help in order.

Semantically optimized content helps to rank focus keywords as well as another related search. Suppose the LSI keywords are used smartly in the range. In that case, it can improve organic traffic and more potential to rank better.

The successful bloggers use more potential smartly in their blog posts to boost rankings.

The LSI keywords improve the SEO traffic and create quick visibility and higher rankings in search results. And that’s why the LSI keywords are essential in ranking factors.

3. How to Find LSI Keywords?


how to find LSI keywords using Google

If you are learning how to find LSI keywords, then Google is the best to start. The best example of LSI keywords is related topics that you will get at the bottom of a Google search results page.

The results which you will get are similar to LSI keywords. And you will understand the searchers what they search. Through those results, you will get ideas also that you can use in your blog post.

For example, if you search for the best hotels in Vietnam. You will get related topics. The results are similar to the LSI keyword tool.

2. Google Keyword Planner

how to use lsi keywords

A different and easy way to find LSI keywords is by using Google. The Google Keyword Planner tool is like an LSI keyword generator. You can use this free tool to find new keywords related to your main keywords.

It is beneficial for advertisers and lists common related keywords and phrases. There are a total of 1106 keyword ideas.

It suggests thousands. You can use these suggestions.

You can use the Google Keyword Planner tool as an LSI keyword generator. It is 100% free.

It is effortless to enter your target keyword and see the results.


how to find lsi keywords suggestions

It is an LSI keyword generator without any difficulty, and without signup, you can use this free tool.

This tool is beneficial and easy to use. It generates many long-tail keywords.

Below is a screenshot, you can see the main keyword is “Work from home jobs” the LSI graph suggested keywords like “Work from home jobs data entry,” ” real work from home jobs that pay daily,”  legitimate work from home jobs hiring now”, work from home jobs for teenagers, etc.

lsi keywords that many people search online

Whatever the LSI Graph suggests LSI keywords, you can use those suggestions in your blog post to boost your rankings.

It is effortless to enter the keyword and see the results. It does not require any skills and knowledge.

You can use these tools to find LSI keywords, and If you know how to use LSI keywords, then really, you can boost rankings.

Now my next step is essential. The critical step that you were eagerly waiting for has come.

4. SEMrush

how to find LSI keywords with hihg monthly search volume

SEMrush is the best and most popular SEO tool. It is straightforward to use. It offers a lot of features.

It has advanced features for finding the LSI keyword known as “SEO Content Template.” It is a compelling feature, and it suggests to you all the LSI keywords related to your primary keyword. It gives you a lot of ideas to create SEO friendly content. It is very helpful and boosts your rankings.

It works well and easy to find LSI keywords. A long time ago, I searched the primary keyword “Make Money Online,” and I got many LSI keywords like “Best ways to make money online,” how to make money online for beginners, Proven ways to make money online, etc.

4. How to use keywords in a blog post

There are many easy and different ways to use LSI keywords to boost SEO (Search Engine Optimization) traffic.

1. Use LSI keywords in the title of your content

The LSI keywords are long-tail versions of the target keyword. It is often, but many times you will see the long-tail version.

For your better understanding, I am taking an example, suppose if your target keyword is “Blogging tips,” and you have one LSI keyword, which is “Blogging tips and tricks,” at that time, use the LSI keyword in the title. Writing the LSI keyword in the title is better instead of writing the target keyword. Because it ranks for both keywords “Blogging tips” and “Blogging tips and tricks.”

If anyone searches ” Blogging tips” at that time, they can find your blog post, and if they search “Blogging tips and tricks,” that time also they can see your blog post. So this is the power of LSI keywords.

2. Use LSI keywords in the Description

When it comes to SEO ( Search Engine Optimization), Use LSI keywords in the Meta description it is beneficial. Use your Main keyword and LSI keyword both in the Meta description. But use it smartly. Anyone can read it easily.

3. Use LSI keywords in headers

Use LSI keywords in the subheading.

(H1, H2, H3). If you are using LSI keywords in headings and subheadings. Google always pays attention to the titles of any content.

4. Use the critical LSI keywords as soon as possible in the first half of the content

Use the essential LSI keywords in the first half of the content to use it in the top 50% of the content. Try your best and write the primary keyword in the first line of your content; after that, use the essential LSI keyword.

5. Use LSI keywords in an image and make it SEO friendly

Use LSI keywords in the image ALT tag. But consider this thing while using LSI keywords in the image ALT tag.

  1. Avoid keyword stuffing.
  2. Only if the context allows us to use the LSI keywords in Image ALT tags.

If you are doing this, it can help your images rank in Google’s image search results.

Final thoughts on how to use LSI keyword

do lsi keywords increase organic traffic?

It isn’t easy to write SEO friendly content that helps your site rank high in search results. Because of the LSI keywords, you will get the ideas and also get related topics. You can use those ideas to boost your rankings.

A good content writer always uses the LSI keywords smartly because a content writer has ideas of how to use LSI keywords in their content.

And a content writer must have all ideas of how to use LSI keywords in their content.

You can check my guide on how to become a content writer.

Suppose a content writer is writing content by using the more LSI keywords and without disturbing readability. In that case, it helps to boost ranking.

I hope you have understood this post. If you find any difficulty, comment below, and I will help you.

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