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In today’s, video, i’m, going to be giving you three ways to maximize your affiliate earnings with amazon associates. Let’s, talk about it! What’s up y & # 39? All welcome back to the channel if you’re new around here, i’m nakisha.

Welcome to the winning team go ahead and smash that subscribe button, because around here i give you tips and tools to build a profitable blog, and today we’re talking affiliate marketing. Now earlier this year, amazon made some changes to their commission structure, which seemed to make the program a little bit less appealing for a lot of people.

But i still think there is some opportunity there in amazon, especially for beginners. Now, the first way to maximize your earnings to the amazon affiliate program is through bounties. Now what their bounties are.

Is they pay a flat commission fee for certain programs and services that you refer to your audience? So let’s. Talk about some of these amazon services that are part of this bounties program. Okay, so first amazon, business, amazon business will get you 15 for every referral that you make to amazon.

You refer 10 people a month that’s, not too shabby. Okay. I looked at that and i was like okay, that’s, actually really really good amazon business. Next, you got audible just for referring the free trial.

You can get anywhere from five to ten dollars, depending on the tier that they signed up for so y ‘ All know, i absolutely love audible. I love listening to my books over reading them. I can get more done um instead of sitting there.

Actually, just actually reading the book listening to them will help you get through a lot more if you use audible and if you can refer that to your audience, authentically five to ten dollars per sign up, you can get for audible next, you got kindle.

So if you actually don’t mind reading the books, but you don’t want to have them physically in hand, and you have books that you can refer your audience to kindle three to ten dollars per referral on kindle.

Then you got um the amazon prime free trial, the amazon family trial and the amazon free time trial, which all will get you three dollars there and then prime video two dollars so think about it. If you’re, referring people every single month to these things, you don’t have to worry about oh okay.

Well, this is going to be three percent of that the bounties can actually add up, especially if you talk about business or anything like that, like i do, and you have an audience that’s interested in those things, and you can actually refer them To these things authentically, then, you can do really really well with the amazon bounties.

The next way to make more money with affiliate marketing on amazon is high commission items. So i went over to the amazon commission table and i looked and i saw that luxury beauty and amazon coins had a 10 commission rate, which i thought to myself.

That’s, not too shabby. But i guess it depends on what you’re, calling luxury beauty right, because i have a lot of beauty, influencer friends who offer products to their audiences. And so i was just curious.

So i took that same verbiage, luxury beauty and put it into the amazon search and a lot of interesting things came up. One of the first things to jump out at me is the foreo luna, which is a cleansing brush for your face.

Now i’ve heard about this thing on so many beauty channels and from so many of the influencers that i like, and this thing is 169.. So, for instance, if you are recommending that to your audience and you’re, getting 10 percent back on that 169 product, that’s, not too bad! Because imagine you sell 10 of those over the holiday season or you sell 20 of those over the valentine’s day holiday.

That’s, not too shabby of a commission for referring one product right or here i saw this drunk elephant oil that i absolutely love. This is pretty pricey. I mean five dollars for that. That’s, not too bad right.

So if you talk about beauty on your site, or maybe even self-care or anything that can tie into the health and wellness field – and you have some of these items that you may be able to refer your audience to – i think that this could work for you, Because 10, on 169 dollars, that’s, not too bad, and there are other categories as well that you may want to look into whose commission rate may not be shy before the item you’re, referring because i know kitchen and automotive, They have some pretty decent and reasonable commission rates just go over there on the amazon associates commission table and see for yourself and amazon being one of the biggest e-commerce giants in our country and everybody knowing about them and everybody using their service.

People just trust. The company – and i think that if you are a beginner that can work really really well for you besides the fact that they have a large inventory of products and several niches, depending on what you’re blogging about, i’m sure.

You could find something to promote in their catalog of offerings. Now i’m, not saying that you’re gonna get rich here off of amazon associates, but i am saying this is an amazing place to learn, affiliate marketing and then sign up for the amazon associates program in other countries.

This is something that i really just realized. I can’t believe i didn’t. Think of this. I did not know that if you have an audience outside of the us and they use your amazon u.s links that you are not getting your commission for that, but thankfully amazon to the rescue and they just introduced.

This thing called one link where you can sign up for multiple amazon associates programs for the uk, canada um, so several different places, depending on whichever you want to do like for me here on youtube, and even on my blog, i have an audience in the uk And so, if i refer something to them and they actually decide to go check out my link for the thing that i re referred them to, i wouldn’t be getting paid on that product if they purchase it so um recently, i just signed Up for their one link program, and so far it’s working really well, i have not been able to see what the effects are going to be because i literally just signed up for it.

I was like okay. If i didn’t know i’m, pretty sure there are other people that didn’t know about this either, so you can sign up for the amazon associates program in multiple countries through the amazon one link.

Now i don’t know if this is rolled out to every country, yet or if it’s available for you, but it’s, definitely worth looking into. If you just go into your amazon associates platform and click on it there and see if it’s available when it comes to affiliate marketing, the best way to be successful is to recommend products and services that you actually have experience with those that You’ve used in your everyday life that you have at least tested out and those that you can offer real value to your audience with.

So it would be impossible for me to tell you about something that i’ve, never used right. So i could tell you what’s on the box or the description and everything? But i couldn’t. Tell you, as passionately as i talk about other items that i actually use so one of my biggest recommendations when it comes to affiliate marketing is share items that you know, love companies, you trust and not otherwise, right because people can see right through that and can Truly truly tell when you don ‘

T really have experience with that item. So if you’re interested in learning more about affiliate marketing check out this video right here – and i will see you over there –

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