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Article by Bako Yila

Never will you believe how blog can generate huge income for you. If you haven’t or tried blogging, you’ll be surprised about how you can use your blog to generate streams of income.To make money with blogs is actually easier thank you think and can be done via 4 simple steps:

1. Using pay per click

Pay per click programs are a way of making money with search engines like google, yahoo and MSN by allowing them to place a classified ads in your blog. As the name pay per click implies, any one that clicks on the ads, you the blog owner is paid-simple and easy to use.

2. Affiliate marketing

This method is by strategically promoting other peoples’ product with your blog by inserting the affiliate link of the product in between the content of your site. For instance, if your blog is about weight loss, you can promote product related to your blog niche if you want optimum result. There are two types of affiliate products to promotea. Digital products like eBooksb. Physical products like computer

Whichever one you choose-digital, physical or both markets is totally up to you. But I prefer using the two types in my blog.

3. Promoting your product

You can equally use your blog to promote your own product-digital or physical, claiming all the commission.

4. Use your blog to sell your service

Using this method, you can announce your service like article writing, e-cover design, proof reading, web design and so on, with your blog.

Whichever way you choose as a means to make money with your blog, is easier than you think. The good news is you can use a single blog to incorporate all four techniques and you will smile to the bank. Start educating the world, start blogging today.

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