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Targeting my exact, i’m gonna show you my exact structure and how i advertise that generates me over five thousand dollars a day consistently and when i say consistently, i mean consistently. I’ve, been doing this for a long time, and i found this to be a really comfortable spot, so it’s 11 40 at night and as an ad spin has officially stopped.

So i thought this would be a good time to make a video, but here you go so here is my dashboard. Currently on the month we are at 40 uh. 41. 42 dollars. I did a lot of returns this month from last month because i had a couple shipping issues but, as you can see today, we’ve generated so far.

Five thousand seven hundred and thirty dollars three hundred thirteen orders, and that is using one thousand dollars in ad. Spend you work up to it. It’s. Not you! Don’t need to spend a thousand the day of, but it’s really easy to work up to, especially with this strategy.

I’m about to show you and i really wanted to make this video for you guys. You know, because i’m actually about to scale up to ten thousand dollars, so i’m gonna double my campaign budget. That’s. All i have to do to in order to scale is i’m, going to double my daily ad spend from 1 000 to 2 000.

done this many times. There are some percussions that come with that, and you know it’s. Shipping and lots of products have to get shipped out but um, as you can see here so far this month. Um. I just want to show you.

You know. November 10th, we did 4 578 dollars um november 11th. We did 5058. uh november 12th. We did 4 000. um. It was actually a lot more than that. We did about 500 in refunds on the 12th, so it’s like forty five hundred dollars um then the day after november 13th, we did fifty six hundred dollars.

Five thousand six hundred and then today so far we’ve done five thousand seven hundred and thirty dollars. Now this is all at a seven percent conversion rate. You guys might be thinking seven percent conversion rate it’s, crazy blah blah blah it’s, actually, not that hard to do a lot of beginner stores have a one percent conversion rates and a lot more intermediate stores have like a Two or three percent and again a higher conversion rate is not because your product or your store, is better than someone else’s.

It’s all because your advertising is better um. You know i’m, paying for really hot clicks. You know people who are really right about to buy it versus targeting like worldwide, where you’re gain all those people.

You know it’s, a lot of things that happen when people start out, but this ad strategy i’m gonna show you you really won’t, be wasting a penny. You’re, getting the most out of your dollar. You’re, not gonna really be wasting dollars.

If you are it’s been all being spent on data, it’s, all from scaling starting low figuring out what works and scaling up. So i want to show you my ad manager from today. So, as you can see today, we’ve.

I guess it went a little over budget, but it’s spent a thousand dollars and eighteen it’s been one thousand eighteen dollars and we are at a 3.51 cost per purchase again. Pixel doesn’t track everything.

This is about a three dollar cost per purchase, so if we go to the ad set level, this is really what i want to show you guys. I’m only running three ad sets now, as you guys know, in order to generate that.

Forty two thousand dollars i’ve, spent five thousand nine hundred and fourteen dollars on ads this month. I mean you could be spending that on like gucci or whatever, but i spent it on ads, but guys just listen to me right here.

I’m gonna explain it as best as i possibly can. So let’s get into it. So i’m gonna go here and create a new uh conversions campaign. This is exactly what i do. This is my strategy every time i do this it’s really easy.

You know we’re, not really dealing with lookalike audiences. We’re, not dealing with uh custom, whatever you know – and this is a really nice strategy that you know it works at a high scale and anyone with any type of budget can get into the drop shipping space.

That’s. What i love about it, so we’re, going to create a conversion campaign and you know just wait for this to load and as we do, i’m going to type in or check on cbo, and now i suggest you start At 50, again, if you have a higher budget, go figure please.

I start i test all my campaigns at 200, just just because i like to get data quicker and figure out what works and what doesn’t, but 50 is a safe bet, and you really can tell you know if you lose 50 bucks, you Lose 50 bucks, but the thing is: is you’re at least gonna drive a conversion or two, so at end of the day you break even or but yeah.

So i suggest just like 50, if you’re at low budget 100 or 200, i wouldn’t go above 200 just because that’s, a lot of money that you don’t really know if it’s, gonna work or not, and it’s, not something you should it’s, not financially smart, so pixel um, if you guys don’t know our there’s, hundreds and hundreds of Videos on youtube, where you can figure out how to set up a facebook pixel, but you’re going to want to set your pixel conversion event to purchase.

It is a pretty there’s, a fairly new pixel. I like to run new pixels every month, just to keep facebook fresh and be on top of the algorithm and then what i do is location wise. I target five countries, so i target united states, canada, united kingdom [, Music, ], uh, australia and new zealand.

Again. I don’t mean to sound like slow or anything, but i really just want to walk you through the exact setup that i do so uh age range uh, 18 to 65. You just want to leave that as all gender. You want to leave it as all, and now you might be thinking well.

Why, if you know that your target audience is within a certain age range and gender, why not select it now that’s? Huge in order to get the most usage out of your dollar in the long run you actually want to leave that blank, and the reason being other than facebook is really smart.

Is that the facebook pixel the data source, how it’s? Tracking customers? Will actually begin to learn on its own, and i’m going to show you proof of that after this of how the pixel actually learns and creates more and more profit for you, but basically what it’s.

Doing is every day facebook is looking at the people who purchase and that’s. Why i selected the pixel purchase event? We want to look at people who purchased the product and we want to match it to a like people.

So it can. You know optimize and really know what it’s doing. Ultimately, facebook will bid on its own and target on its own, the correct gender and aid range. It needs to target to create the most conversion and it will save you money, because if you are selecting an age range option, if you are selecting genders the more and more you funnel, you find it down the more it’s.

Actually, gonna cost, you per click the more the ads going to charge just because the ad is more targeted, so that’s. Why um so now for detailed targeting you’re going to want to enter something. That is very broad! You’re, going to want broad interest only oh i don’t mean like an audience of 1 million.

I mean like an audience of 100 million. So, for example, let’s, say our product. Our toothbrushes, we’re selling toothbrushes, or something like that. So for that we would select an interest like dentistry.

As you can see here. The size of this is 2 million, 19, 219 million. So we would select something like that versus something that it may be a bit more like i, don’t, know people who have plaque or gum problems or gum, disease and interest like that.

Yes, it would really target it well and it might snap off a few purchases, but it’s not going to scale and that’s just the end of the story, because that audience is only so big it’s. Simply just not going to scale so and for language you do want to target english just because you know it.

Doesn’t want to target to let’s, say um a minority in an english dominated country to where they don ‘ T actually even understand the ad. So i don’t know if you guys see it, but like drop shippers on youtube, like they love to just preach picture or video ad video ad video.

Personally video ads are meh. I don’t know they don’t really scale. The way picture ads can scale simply because a picture gives everyone the same image. It gives everyone the same presentation. A video can come off in many different ways with audio and things, and it’s, just not going to gather as consistent data as um a picture ad.

In my opinion again that’s very very debatable. I’d. Love to get on a podcast and talk about things like that pretty soon here, but that’s, my two cents, so, like a nice picture of the product showing a functional feature, so like let’s, say it’s, A toothbrush now with the product we’re selling, though let’s, say it’s, a toothbrush, maybe a nice three, a five second 15.

Second, video of a toothbrush showing um in action of what it does. So i just want to show you it’s like a picture like this, where it’s. Still sleek doesn’t, have too much words, but definitely shows uh.

You know what’s included the features of the product. It’s, really nice. You know like when it shows features like this um. Really nice versus like let’s, say like a picture like a baseline picture like that.

It’s, good, it could generate traffic, but ultimately, you really do want to be showing the function of your product in your ad creative. As long as it’s showing a function, it doesn’t really need to be tested.

I never split creative testing and i see a lot of people split creative testing and i i just when you’re even doing that. All of a sudden, you realize you’re, just bidding against each other and you’re, just driving results downwards, so i always go with just one creative and here’s.

How i write my primary text, so let’s just say your offer, so you just say: like um get yours again guys, please capitalize! All of it. I’m, just going quick, so like get yours, yours now, 50 off and then um.

What i do is like bullet points right below it. I say blah blah blah soft bristles safe on gums and then i would put shop now and then i put that and then my url link, where it just says, www dot. So there you go so there you go so there you go.

I know i don’t. I don’t really know what to put it to you. So then, for like the headline, you would just say something like free worldwide shipping. All my ads, i put limited quantity available on my description and then obviously you’re, going to put your website landing page link.

You want to put the landing page link 70 of buyers, never click off that that’s, a statistic. I learned in school in statistics class so um i don’t don’t just think. I’m shouting out statistics like that.

You know, then, i put the shop now button and then everything is good to go and i’m going to show you exactly what i do next. So next thing i do is i go to the ad set level within that campaign, and i’m gonna duplicate existing.

I’m gonna just have it show everything as it does as it is, and uh then for the detailed targeting we’re just gonna target something else that’s broad, but within the same uh category. So we did toothbrush.

That was our first broad interest for the toothbrush toothpaste it’s. A very broad interest and people who are interested in toothpaste probably want a toothbrush funnel into your audience. So i mean again as long as the interests are big and broad in the audiences, as you can see, we have four ad sets one creative per ad set and we’re starting the budget at fifty dollars.

Now this is now down the line. This is what it looks like that fifty dollars is turned into a thousand dollars and, as you can see, you know we are currently on the active. We are only running three ad sets.

We ‘ Ve ran some others, as you can see this one, but the cost per purchase got too high up, so we killed it. What this did is it made it so that our money was only being allocated towards three ad sets and optimizing for and optimizing and getting us lower cost per click.

This is probably the biggest reason my conversion rate is so high is because, even though it is working and it is uh generating a lot of profit, i’m, always looking for ways to pay the lowest for the best type of traffic.

So you can see yes, even though this one was generating and this ad set generated 289 purchases, i did cut it because it would cost it an extra dollar than the other ad sets and in the long run, that dollar does go a long way.

So, as you can see um, you know it’s past midnight now, so i kind of got to get back to my website. Uh sales are starting to come in uh visitors. As you can see, we have 19 people on. I’m actually about to increase the budget from 1 000 to 2000.

So, instead of making 5 000, we’re, going to make 10 000 tomorrow. So pretty much that’s. All i do to scale again. One thing i did want to add: when scaling when scaling, you want to increase the budget by double every three days, huge it’s, something you got to do this isn’t really like beginner things, but i’m.

Trying to make this as easy as possible for you guys to digest where you’re able to start off strong start off profitable and you know reap good reward. So again, i’m, going to have some more videos coming out.

You know some things you always want to do to your business, to make sure it is successful. Some things you want to do to make sure like you, never get your ad account banned and really just things that i do.

You know running a successful store for over a year now and it’s been consistent profits, and i mean i’m telling you guys this wasn ‘ T luck. This was literally every paycheck. This was, i spent ten thousand dollars before i made it before i made a profitable dollar in my whole ecom field.

You know i was running influencer of ads. I was testing facebook ads uh quit came back, quick came back at the end. I want your biggest takeaway to be no matter what it is in life, honestly or business, and really just never give up, because if you never give up, it will happen that’s all i can say so again guys if you do want any Like one-on-one mentoring, you know i do chart whatever you need to know whatever you need to know how i have my things, how i have on my back end.

You know how i set up different things when it comes to way more advanced stuff payment processing. So if you need like a full website product, anything literally anything within the space, you can text me.

My number is below anyways guys. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you guys have a fantastic rest of your day. [ Applause, ], [, Music ]. You

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