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These are my top nine affiliate programs that pay recurring passive income. I want to be clear before we start that these aren’t just some affiliate programs that i found on a random blog and i’m just gonna regurgitate them in this video.

These are all affiliate programs that i have used and promoted myself and the majority of them i’m, actually earning passive income from them on a daily basis. In this video i’m, going to show you proof of my earnings from these, but i’m, also going to show you how you can promote them yourself, so you can start earning passive income from them as well.

Hi guys welcome back to the channel if you’re new here, my name’s liam james k and this channel is all about entrepreneurship, marketing and making money online. So if you’re, not subscribed, make sure you hit the subscribe button and turn on the bell notifications, so you don’t miss out on future content.

Now, if you are a regular subscriber to this channel, you will know that i make a massive chunk of my money from promoting recurring based affiliate programs. Now, if you don’t know what these are.

These are basically affiliate products that we can promote. We can share a link to them and if someone signs up with our link, those products actually pay us a monthly commission for every month that that person stays signed up.

I genuinely believe that promoting recurring based commission affiliate programs is the very best way of generating. True passive income online, because if you get someone signed up to it, they can literally be signed up for years for their life, and you will still be getting paid from them.

And i’m, getting paid daily daily commissions from the products that i’m gonna share with you in this video, so that’s. Why? I’ve, decided to list out my top nine, so you can get started and the good thing is that, even if you were to focus on just one of the products that i’m going to share with you in this video, You could genuinely be set for life that’s, how powerful they are.

They are great products. They’re products that people stay signed up to and all you need to do is get them to sign up. I’m, going to kind of give you some ideas on how you can do that as well, also as well before we dive into it.

You may, if you follow me on this channel, you may already know some of the products that i’m going to talk about, but there might be some that you don’t know about so make sure you watch the video until The end and i’m sure you’re, going to learn some stuff today.

So let’s dive into it. So the first one i could not start a video about recurring base commissions. If i did not mention the one that has paid me the most money so far, and that is builderall, if you don’t know builder, always it’s, a website builder sales, funnel builder online marketing platform that i started it’s, one of the first products i started promoting as an affiliate, and it has generated me over 250 000 and it’s.

Great timing, because today i actually received this in the post, and i was already planning on doing this video and then this turned up in the post and it’s. Basically, a plaque from builderall i don’t know if you can see that there saying that i basically earned over 200 thousand dollars from that platform, and it was an epic little prize that they sent me and they sent me a sword as well.

But that’s down there. I can’t get that out. So that was great. So i just thought i’d, mention that there, but that’s. The power of that i focused on that one product for the first year, or maybe the first two years of my affiliate marketing business and i promoted builder all and i’ll, show you what builderall is now.

This is the builderall homepage, which is basically a all-in-one digital marketing platform. Like i said, the good thing about builderall is that it’s very low price. You can get started for just a dollar um and it’s, actually quite a low price per month.

I’m, not sure they ‘ Ve got different plans, but it’s very cost effective. So it’s good if people are starting out and they want access to loads of these tools, it actually has like email, marketing website builder sales, funnel builder, all included, so it’s got a great target audience of people that want To get access to this, but they’re, maybe on a budget and as you can see here, this is my earnings and you can see this is today’s day.

I’m earning commissions, commissions commissions and yesterday’s date every single day from promoting this. I was bringing this over a year ago and i’m still receiving commission’s passive income from this every month, because people stay signed up to it, and that is the key.

If you’re, looking for a recurring base, affiliate program is something that people stay signed up. Even when you’re, not there, even when you’re going away, and that is why it’s such a great product to promote the next product on my list is kartra, which is this one behind me.

You probably hear me speak about this on the channel before it is very, very similar to builderall, so it’s, an all-in-one digital marketing platform that allows you to build websites and do email marketing and build sales funnels, and things like that very very Similar, it does have a slightly different target audience to build role.

I personally think it’s slightly more expensive and it does have some extra automations and things um that you can do with the platform and, as you can see here, i’m generating commissions from this on a daily basis.

You can see here on the left hand side. This is today’s date, sale, sale, rebuild, rebuild sale rebuilt, keep going down all the way down um, so it generates passive income. It’s. A great product and people do say, stand up to it once they sign up to it.

The other good thing about it is: it pays 40 commissions per month, but the other good thing about it is that um it ‘ S basically has different packages based on how big the the businesses that is using it or the entrepreneur that’s using it.

So if someone comes in at the start of plan and they’re paying 99 per month, the more they grow their business and they need more leads and more email space and more like bandwidth and things like that.

They automatically upgrade to the next plan and the next plan, so you can, if you get like a big business, signed up to you or someone that is growing, you can be earning it’s 499 dollars per month, so you can be earning just Under 250 per month, in commissions, from having just one lead stand up, so the earning possibilities are great with kartra, and it is a good, solid platform that does solve a lot of problems and a lot of people like to use the next product on my list Is one that i could not miss out after i just mentioned builderall and kartra, and it is click funnels.

If you don’t know, clickfunnels is a sales funnel builder, so it has got very similarities to the first two products and i promise we’re gonna move away from sales funnel builders in a minute on the next one.

But i just wanted to mention this, because this is another great recurring, based affiliate program, that a lot of people make a lot of money from um. It’s this one behind me, so it’s, a sales funnel builder.

Again, they pay 40 percent commission per month. They don’t, have all of the same features as builder on the cartridge and they mainly focus on the sales funnel builder, but it has got a big following a lot of people do use this platform.

Um and i’ve, not really promoted this – that much to be honest with you, i’ll. Show you this here. So this is my earnings from um promoting click funnels and, as you can see, i’ve, not earned that much money, but i’ve, genuinely not even promoted it.

That much. I think i sent a couple of emails out like over a year ago, just suggesting it to people as an alternative um, and i receive commissions every day from this. I think i also have some people signed up on the tier 2 so when they make sales, i also get a commission from their sales, and i think that’s, where i’m, getting a lot of these commissions from, but i Still earn passive income from this every day and it is a great little platform.

So those are the first three products on my list and they are all quite similar. So if i was you, i would probably choose just one of them to go all in on choose which target audience you want to go for and then choose one of those products and focus on that.

That’s. What i did with builder at the start, and just focused on builder, all, which is how i managed to make all of that crazy amount of money from that platform um if you are going to promote them, just some ideas.

It’s. Just these products work really well, if you’re, doing camera review based um content, so reviews on youtube work great for these kind of products, but also blog posts, people search they want to find out which one’s, the best one Comparisons also work quite well as well.

If you do want to go down that route and they do work really well with organic marketing and free marketing, so those are the first three i want to get them out of the way. So we can move on to some different ones as well, because they all are quite similar.

So the fourth product on my list is this one here, pure vpn, so it’s a little bit different to the other products. But it is got a great affiliate program and it is a solid product as well. So if you don’t know, pure vpn is a vpn which allows people to hide their identity online or add extra security, because you can change the ip address that you’re, viewing things from it’s got quite A few different uses and quite a few different target audiences, but it has got a solid affiliate program.

I actually did a video about this recently about how i promote purevpn, which will link around this video, which you can check out after you ‘ Ve watched this one, so they pay um 40 commission, which is great.

They also have like a one dollar trial to get people in as well um and it’s, a very trusted brand. So it is a good one. There’s, a little calculator which you can come on to the affiliate affiliate page and see how much traffic you can send them, how much you can earn – and there is some epic earning potential from this.

Some of their top affiliates earn over six figures per month just from promoting this, and this is one that not a lot of affiliates will know about so those first three products. They’re website builders.

They’re in the marketing niche. A lot of marketers get behind and promote them, but products like this, like purevpn, has got a massive need. A lot of people use vpns and they ‘ Ve got great affiliate programs, so it is a good one to get behind and start promoting yourself and if you was wanting to get behind this, as i said, check out the video, but there’s, lots of different angles.

You could go down. You could target um people that want to watch tv programs in that are not available in their country, so they can change the location of their ip, so you can sometimes access different netflix shows that are not available in the uk by using a vpn.

So you could you target those kind of users. You could also target marketers that want to maybe change their location, so they can see adverts and spy on what other people are doing in different countries.

If they’re, not in the country themselves. There’s loads of possibilities, but you’ve just got to think outside the box with a product like a vpn. The next product on my list is profit accumulator, which is this one behind me here.

This is one of the first products that i promoted as an affiliate when i first before i even knew what affiliate marketing was it’s, one of the first things that i stumbled across, and i made some great money from it.

If you don’t know what a profit accumulator is set a membership site that teaches you how to make money from bookmakers and casinos um by using their bonuses. It’s, quite a niche, a niche site um, but basically it teaches people how to make money online.

I was promoting this as an affiliate um, and i earned quite a bit of money from this actually um. Just by doing a few videos about a while ago, i’ve earned in total thirty thousand pounds, which is probably nearer to like forty thousand dollars.

Forty five thousand dollars just from this one membership based product and you can sign up to be an affiliate – think they pay 50 commission per month and it’s around about 17 pounds. I think so, like 20 per month, um to use it and you’re, getting like 10 dollars per month.

So it’s, a great little one, and it’s very cheap and people do say signed up to it, because i’ve, actually stopped talking about this totally and i’m still getting commissions from it. Every single day, so sometimes these more niche products and lesser known products still can make you quite a lot of money if you get behind them and start promoting them, um so yeah, profit accumulator was a great one for me and i would definitely recommend it.

The next product on my list is this one. Here it’s, tubebuddy, which is basically a youtube tool which helps youtubers and people that are uploading videos to youtube it ‘ S got quite a few different features.

It’s, youtube certified so that’s, always good, because if you want to promote this promoting something which is quite well known and respected by youtube and basically it’s, got lots of tools like keyword, research tools, um And kind of like thumbnail creation tools and all this inside i’ve, not really gone in on promoting this.

I had used to have it in an email sequence. I’ve, not made crazy amounts of money from promoting this. But if you are into youtube – or you want to promote to people who are into youtube and there’s, a lot of people that are starting on youtube at the moment there’s, a lot of youtube groups and stuff, like that, You could promote this product to those people um.

The price is fairly cheap, so most people just use the the first plan, which is nine dollars per month. So i mean it’s not going to make you rich, but it is probably a good product just to have in your arsenal if you are recommending products to people like youtubers or people that want to get onto youtube.

It is a good one to get behind the next product on my list. Is this one here get response. Get response is an email marketing platform which i used to promote quite heavily. When i first started getting into this, i actually promote cartridge now, which has got the email marketing built in, but get response is a good product because it’s.

It’s, one of the most well-known email marketing platforms. It’s got some great features. It’s fairly, cheap to get started with and similar to karcher, which i mentioned earlier. Um. The plans increase depending on like how big the business is, that’s using them.

So it starts off fairly cheap at 15 per month, so it’s, obviously quite easy to get people to sign up to to a product which is fairly cheap and as their business grows. Like i said with the other product, they end up paying more money per month and it can keep increasing depending on the size size of their list.

So you can actually make a lot of money per month just from one user um. It goes up to here to 580 per month that you could get someone signed up to it for and they pay. I think it’s 33 commission um per month for every sale that you get signed up to it.

So you can make good money from this. They do have two types of affiliate programs. They’ve got this bounty affiliate program where they pay you a hundred dollars per every sale that you you send, so they’ll.

Just give you 100 and it’s, not recurring, and they ‘ Ve got this one, which is 33 per month. So with this one, you will be earning a lot less at the start, but if they stay signed up and they start growing, this is definitely the one that you should focus on, because that’s for quick, easy money.

But this is like long term big bucks, if you, if you focus on this one, so i definitely would choose the recurring base program. Obviously, because that’s. What this video is about, but i want to make that clear, because people just go.

Oh silence, 100, even if it gets someone to sign up to a 15 account, but this is where the money is at so yeah number eight on my list is wealthy affiliate, which is this product behind me, wealthy affiliate is, is kind of like a training, um Area membership site, which has got training about affiliate marketing and it’s, also got like a forum in there and some other things um.

I don’t promote this anymore. I used to promote this a little while ago. I used to run paid adverts to this and i actually got quite a few people signed up to it because it’s based on a freemium model where it’s free to actually get in and get signed up.

But then they upsell you to actually sign up to the premium. One um and you can check this out. I don’t really promote this anymore. Well, i don’t promote this at all anymore, because i ‘ Ve got my own affiliate, training and stuff um, but i did use them from all those and they pay um for the premium recurring.

They pay 23 dollars per month. That’s, how much you get commission and if they go for the premium plus you get 46 per month and it’s, got the conversion rates and stuff there. So you can earn some good money from this and it is quite a good resource if you want to target other marketers that want to learn more about affiliate marketing.

It’s, definitely one to add to the list or to check out yourself. If you’re interested in that kind of thing, the next product is volume volume, tracking software um, which i’ve, spoken about a little bit on my channel before you may know about this.

It’s. Basically, an affiliate tracker: it’s, one of the most well-known, if not the most well-known affiliate tracker available on the internet, and it basically allows you to run paid adverts and track those sales.

It’s not got the best affiliate program. I would admit that um i don’t really promote this. That much i just i used to talk about volume in my videos and people would go if you ‘ Ve got an affiliate link.

Have you got affiliate links, so i sign up to it. I don’t really make that much money from volume to be honest, because they only pay 15 um commission per month, which is pennies. I don’t really go for products like below 30 percent.

I try not to anyway um, they suppose the good thing about it is that again it’s, one of those products where it starts off fairly cheap at 69 per month, but as you grow as the person using it grows and their business grows, And they’re running more and more adverts.

They actually end up spending more money. So i’m currently on this plan at the moment, but you can keep upgrading eventually, i’ll, be jumping on this plan and then i might eventually go into this plan.

So if you get someone to sign up to that, your your earnings can grow with that product, so it is a good one. It is well known and again once you start using this, you’re kind of stuck using it because it’s got all of the details that you need.

You don’t really jump from tracker to track. You stay to the one that you you initially signed up to because you’ve got everything set up, so the retention rate for this is very high, because a lot of people sign up to it and they stay signed up to it.

For a long time, so you can earn commissions a lot of commissions on a monthly basis. If you focused on promoting this, but as i say, i don’t really focus on promoting, as mentioned a few times in some videos.

So those are my top nine affiliate programs that pay passive recurring commissions. Let me know in the comments which one is your best, which one you prefer the most. If you’ve got any questions about any of the affiliate programs.

Then just comment them below. I’ll answer any questions in the comments box, and i just want to thank you for watching this video until the end. If you did like the video, please smash the like button, because it really helps me out with the algorithm and it doesn’t cost you a single thing and if you’re, not subscribed, make sure you hit the subscribe button and Turn on the bell notifications, until next time cheers guys you

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