Setting Up Your AWIN Profile To Apply To Affiliate Offers

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Okay, so we got approved yay and that only took about 24 hours, so the emails come in saying. Yes, you’re approved and there’s, some details on here. So the first thing is creating an affiliate profile.

They’ve created a wiki which goes through just say yes to that there it goes through and and tells you how to actually see your profile up because it’s kind of like putting it your best foot forward a bit of A resume, or at least just saying who you are so that if other advertiser brands out there want to reach out to you and say you know, hey, would you like to promote my stuff as well? They’re being able to read a little bit about you, so all the information is there and of course the first thing they ask you to do is login to your profile, so we’ll, go in and do that now.

So naturally, when you first log in you’re, going to have a few instructions here, so it says here that we ‘ Ve got tax details to complete. We need your payment details so that when they actually go to pay you they know where to pay it to and of course, completing that profile.

So there are the extra things you need to do and look at this it says five dollars is already approved. It’s like wow. How did that happen? Well, that’s, the five dollars that you paid. So you pay to start the process, the approval process, but they do pay it back to you with your first Commission and I guess it’s a bit of an incentive to get out there and you know get your marketing happening.

So just a couple of things to point out in the dashboard is: when you’ve, actually set your account up. You’ll. Remember you’ll have put in your name and it asks for like a company or business name. So the way the platform is set up is you’ve, got your personal account or your personal name here, and that’s.

Where you can, you know, do your user details, log out, etc, and on this column you ‘ Ve actually got the actual affiliate account, so it could be in your name. It could be a business name, so it’s in this account.

Here, where it actually has the user dashboard that’s, what we’re currently sitting on at the moment, so what we can look at you ‘ Ve got a lot of different things. Look out here, but basically I’m.

Doing your account. You have the overview that you need to do you ‘ Ve got all your settings details if you want to add different users to your account. If you want to somebody to manage your affiliate links for you and, of course, just other legal terms of conditioners, etc, then there’s, the advertisers.

This is the one you want to look at. So here is the programs and you’ve got my programs, closed programs or join programs. So let’s, have a look and see if we actually, as we’ve clicked on that see if anything has been approved as yet.

So it brings up here that we’ve got joined. Is the a-wing that’s? Fine, so we’ve. Actually you know. Yes, we have joined the affiliate window network, so we ‘ Ve got the different tabs here and really it’s, a case of just checking through really.

We want to look at what’s not joined and the pending, because this should have come through with the choice and house sitters. But what we can do is go and search them again. So if we go back over here to all advertisers and let’s just put in here, it’s copied.

So it’s brought trust of house. It is up here and basically we can. You know, click on that that’s up above these actions join to program, and it just talks about the terms up here. It talks about. Generally speaking, all of these will will say how you can advertise.

What you can do, let’s, have a look here, so it’s asking with the promotion you’ve got content, and if you’ve actually added a website. It’ll show up down here as well. I’d, suggest putting your website and if you don’t have a blog or anything is yet just leave it as content.

But I think you really do need to kind of have that website. They’re available. So select that and then just write them a quick message saying you know: hey, I’m, I’m blogging and you know going to be doing some YouTube marketing or something like that, like whatever it is that you’Re doing and can’t, wait to refer you to my audience or my network of people.

So just something simple in there and again, if it’s a program, you have to check the box down here and then click join. So, whatever program it is that you’re applying to just yeah. If they’ve got a really high approval rate.

You should be fine, so some of the things to look at in these numbers. So you put a really good conversion rate. Industry averages are between one and two percent, so this one actually is five and a half percent.

That’s, really good. The approval rate. That means that they pretty much don’t reject many people at all. There’s. Only like one point: oh five percent of people get rejected for being an affiliate. You’ve got a payment status.

That means that they are actually paying on time and just other information. So as you’re, looking through other ones so coming down here to tribal zoo, they’ve, actually got a lower conversion rate. High approval rate for the payment service is in amber, so it’s, sort of what’s that saying approved Commission ‘

S will be paid to publisher after the advertiser has paid a one. Okay, so yeah it’s, going to be just showing up whether there are on-time payment or not, perhaps so yeah. We can click over here under pending now, and this should show that we have applied and just waiting to hear back on that and, of course, if you’re looking for other programs join up to, you can come over here to this search element.

Here let’s, say we’re. Looking in trouble, you can tick, the travel and all of the drop down will show up there as well and just start searching away through. So there’s, like three pages here of different programs and just have a look and see you know who it is you like to join up to.

We’ve got my mando there as well, that’s, pretty cool Apple Vacations, the Euro, one that’s; very cool and yeah, just again, click and join and read through the guidelines and just write a little note consider It’s a weekend that we did the application, basically probably not going to hear back from any of the brands or Tosun house sitters or any of travel programs of it that actually sign up to until Monday.

So, in the meantime, it’s, definitely going to be about filling in these details. These little prompts here. So we’re. Definitely do the profile and put in the pay detail and get the text information submitted, get all that done and in preparation for coming and getting the links which we ‘

Ll have a look at in the next video so that you know what to do with your links where it is, you can post and whether they can be direct links or whether they need to through either your website blog some sort of landing page.

Some sort of funnel so yeah lots to talk about in the next video, so make sure you subscribe to the channel so that you don’t miss getting a notification, because once we’ve got this approval from these different travel brands And trusted house owners will be able to show you how to actually create your links.


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