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Shopify Affiliate Profit List

It’s actually one of the only really legitimate mainstream affiliate programs out there that meet a couple of my criteria for like a preferred or recommended affiliate program. And that is one, you can generate what we in the industry call high ticket affiliate commissions.

And this means a single sale, a single transaction that you can make as an affiliate marketer that will pay you a thousand dollar or greater commission. And Shopify also has an aspect that I really, really love as an affiliate marketer which is that you can generate recurring subscription based commissions so that you get paid again and again, month after month.

Now again, there are, there are a lot of programs out there that have high ticket commissions and/or that have recurring commissions. But as far as really mainstream kind of big name affiliate programs where people sort of immediately recognize that it’s a legitimate offer and you don’t have to educate or do a lot of convincing, Shopify is one of the very, very few.

So it’s a really, really great affiliate program. If you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing, definitely check out some of my other videos on affiliate marketing. It’s, you know, this isn’t a video to teach you affiliate marketing.

But I will say just at a very simple level, it means that you can put links out there to promote somebody else’s product or service and if people click the link and buy the product or service, you get paid.

That’s affiliate marketing in a nutshell. In this video, I’m going to talk to you about the basics of Shopify, what it is, we’re going to go over the commission structure of Shopify and I’m going to talk to you about how I would promote Shopify to the market, how I do promote Shopify to the market.

So stay tuned. We’re going to get into all the nuts and bolts of how you can start making great money with the Shopify affiliate program. All right. Let’s dig into the Shopify affiliate program.

First, I’m going to give you kind of a high level overview of what Shopify is if you’re not familiar with it. Shopify is basically a turnkey eCommerce platform. You know, back in the day, if you wanted to sell products online, you had to build your own websites, you had to integrate your own shopping carts, connect with your own payment processors, figure out systems for managing inventory and tracking inventory and you had to deal with all the logistics of fulfilling and shipping products.

And yeah, you still have to deal with some of that. But basically Shopify brings it all into one platform and makes it super easy, like way easier than it ever used to be to kind of manage all that stuff inside of one really, really nimble platform that’s got a great user experience so you’re not having to like do a lot of technical stuff on your own.

No coding is required. It has great integrations with Facebook so you can basically natively take whatever you set up in Shopify and have it all appear on Facebook, basically organized like a store. People can check out right on Facebook.

It’s just a really, really great platform for anybody that wants to sell products on the internet. And it also happens to have a great affiliate program. So, you know, if you’re in eCommerce and I personally, you know, I do all different types of marketing online.

I own three different eCommerce businesses and actually all three of them are built through Shopify. I had to think for a second. They’re all built through Shopify. And I’ll briefly share, I have the apparel store for my education company which is called ENTRE.

We built out through Shopify. I have a store that sells a niche health product that I built through Shopify. And then I have a store that sells cell phone cases actually that is also built through Shopify.

Actually, that last one I didn’t build. I bought it through a marketplace where people can sell digital businesses. But regardless, I have three eCommerce businesses and they all use Shopify. So I’m very familiar with Shopify.

And I can tell you that for building an eComm store, it is, it is a great platform. But this video is obviously for affiliate marketers. It’s got this like almost, it’s like a secret. It’s like the undisclosed secret of Shopify is it’s actually one of the best affiliate programs out there.

Pays $2,000 commissions. Usually if you want to have, earn a $2,000 commission online, you’ve got to go find, you know, like $5,000 plus products to generate $2,000 commissions online. Meanwhile, Shopify, it’s right there.

It’s this massive widespread thing that hundreds of thousands of people use to run their business and they need it anyway. There’s, you know, millions of people coming online wanting to sell. And all you have to do is just say hey, want to sell products? Use Shopify which is honestly maybe the best advice anyways, you know, depending on what they’re trying to do.

There’s only one platform out there that actually has more eCommerce sellers then Shopify and it’s called WooCommerce. But like I would totally recommend Shopify over WooCommerce because WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin.

So then that means you’re dealing with WordPress which is not nearly as user friendly, not nearly as intuitive an environment as Shopify. So even though WooCommerce is bigger, I think it’s bigger only because WordPress had such a big running start.

I actually think Shopify is the easiest way to get a store up online. And all you gotta do is recommend it and just put your link out there and you can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars for people doing something that they ought to do anyways based on what they already want to do which is sell products.

So it’s so cool. Just a little bit of backstory on Shopify. So it was originally started all the way back in 2004 although it was not really well-known until much later than that. And it was started by three guys in Canada who wanted to sell snowboards products.

They were like, clearly, I guess snowboarders. And trust me, I didn’t start in 2004. I started online in 2008. And so I can tell you that even in 2008, it was really, really clumsy and difficult and there was a lot of tech and you had to learn all this kind of heavy duty like coding and integrations, all this stuff, melt your brain back in 2008.

So I can only imagine what it was like for these guys in 2004. And they were like dude, this is a, this is a nightmare trying to sell products online. So we got to create an easier solution and they ended up creating this thing called Shopify that has basically taken the eCommerce world by storm.

So just for some perspective, the Shopify platform taken as a whole is actually the third largest retailer on the internet behind Amazon and eBay. So that tells you how big it is. You have over 500,000 active Shopify stores selling every product you can possibly imagine.

And again, I realize this is not a video for people who want to use Shopify to sell products online but for affiliate marketers who want to have great products and services they can refer to make easy commissions.

There have been over 200,000 Shopify stores that were built by people that were referred to Shopify through an affiliate link. So it’s not like we’re breaking new ground here. So, you know, out of the million Shopify stores that have been launched, over 20% of them were launched by people who were referred to Shopify through an affiliate.

Huge numbers. So I’m now going to teach you more about the Shopify program affiliate program and then tell you how I would promote it. But just know there is already a massive demand and a massive flow happening of people out there that are getting referred to Shopify by affiliates.

So there is huge, easy money to be made. Okay. So to get started with Shopify, you simply go to And it’s really easy to register as an affiliate. Now, Shopify like most good affiliate programs, they don’t want just anybody promoting their products.

You know, when a company emerges to a certain critical mass with an affiliate program and you see a lot of companies do this with their affiliate programs, like when they start out and they’re just a little company, they’re grateful for any new business they can get, especially from affiliates because affiliates bear the cost of advertising and promotion.

So they just have like a wide open affiliate program. But as companies mature, their standards level up and they, you know, basically they’re not so desperate for new business, they start to put standards in on their affiliate programs and you kind of have to apply and qualify to be an affiliate.

Shopify is certainly at that point but that’s not a bad thing because all they want to know is how are you going to promote Shopify? They want to see that you have either like a website or a YouTube channel or hear that you have like an email list.

These are things you’re going to need anyways if you want to promote Shopify or anything else. So it’s not a bad thing that they say okay, you want to promote Shopify? Well, show us your website or show us your YouTube channel.

Show us how you’re going to get people out there because they want to make sure that you’re not like, you know, running ads on like porn sites or something that are going to, you know, potentially smear their brand or be negative for their brand reputation.

But that’s good. And if you don’t have that, just go okay, well, I’m going to need that anyways whether I want to promote Shopify or I want to promote, you know, ClickBank products or I want to join as an Amazon associate or I want to apply for like Max Bounty or a CPA network or any of these great programs out there that are, you know, part of the affiliate marketing ecosystem as a whole.

You’re going to need, a lot of them are going to want to see how you’re going to promote their stuff. So this is not a bad thing. Just look at it as like okay, I got to walk before I can run. Let me set up a website, let me get some content on there or let me create a YouTube channel.

Again, whatever the apparatus is you’re going to use to promote, you’re going to need that anyway. So get that set up. Then you can apply at And they, you know, they’ll take a day or two to look at your stuff and then approve you.

You’ll get an email. It’ll have a login to the Shopify affiliates area. You’ll get your promotional links. They’ll also have some creatives that you can use to promote. They’ll give you, you know, like things you can send, emails you can send out, you know, ads you can run, banners you can place, things that, you know, basically they’re going to give you all the tools that allow you to promote the platform and obviously the links if all you need is the links.

But it does take a couple of days. So now let’s look at the commissions that you’ll earn promoting Shopify. Again, they promote up to, or you can earn up to a $2,000 commission if somebody signs up for Shopify Plus.

They also have really, really cool program where they’ll basically pay you a 200% commission on an initial signup. So Shopify operates with a 14 day free trial model which is, you know, for platforms like Shopify that are, you know, I call them like picks and shovels or the utilities of your business, the things that you have to have to do your business, just like you can’t have a business without the utilities.

You’ve got to have running water, you’ve got to have power, you gotta have cellular, you gotta have internet. Or picks and shovels, like, you know, if you want to go, you know, mine gold out of the ground, you’ve got to have the picks and shovels.

Right? So Shopify is like a picks and shovels or a utilities business. And a lot of times those types of businesses, they’ll give people free trials because they know that if people actually go into the trial and do the setup and kind of get the wheels turning and get in motion, it’s not like they’re going to cancel because to cancel would be to basically pull the plug on their whole business.

So Shopify has a great free trial offer, 14 days. I love affiliate programs that have high converting free trials because it’s just so easy to get people to say yes to them. But then when people, you know, after their 14 day free trial is up, they’ll convert into the a $29 per month basic Shopify monthly subscription which is month to month.

They can cancel anytime. But Shopify knows that once somebody actually converts into a paying customer, they’re not, they’re not likely to just pull the plug in the first few weeks. Right? So Shopify, they’re actually hedging their bets in saying hey, we’re going to make it so enticing for you to refer people that even though we only make $29 in that first month when somebody converts to a paid subscription, we’re going to go ahead and because we know they’re likely to stick around, we’re going to pay you for two months.

So as a Shopify affiliate, you’re pumping people into free trials and then when people convert into paid subscriptions at $29 a month, you’re actually going to make $58. So, two months, 100% of two months of subscriptions Shopify is going to give to you affiliate.

So think about that. Shopify doesn’t even make money until the third month. And in fact, they probably don’t even make money until the fourth month because in the third month, they’re likely just recouping their cost of supporting the person in their first two months.

Because one thing Shopify does that’s really cool is during those first 14 days, during the free trial, they have an outreach campaign to do everything they can to help people convert into a paying customer and have a great experience.

They offer support, they offer tutorials, they offer a lot of hands on help to make sure people have a great experience in those first 14 days and that they’re likely to convert into a paying customer.

So that costs money. That actually costs Shopify money. Right? So likely that third month of subscription, they’re going to give you the first two months, then in the third month, they’re going to make $29.

That’s probably just going to help them recoup their cost of supporting the person now for three and a half months through the free trial. Shopify is probably not even making any money until the fourth month.

So it’s actually a really, really generous affiliate program when you think about it in that way. But on top of that, it doesn’t just stop with the $29 per month subscription. Shopify has, there’s basic Shopify which is $29 a month.

Then there’s kind of like the main Shopify which is $79 a month. And then there’s the advanced Shopify which is $299 per month. But the cool thing is when people convert into the advanced Shopify, you can actually earn a commission of $2,000.

And that’s basically Shopify saying hey, we know that if somebody’s serious enough to take, to bite off this level of commitment, this level of plan, we know they’re going to be around for a long time.

We know they’re clearly an established or sophisticated seller. They’re probably going to build a great business. They’re probably going to be with us for years. And so we want to incentivize affiliates to go out and try to find us really, really good customers that are likely to take our highest level plan.

So we’re actually, we’re basically going to bribe our affiliates by giving them $2,000. So what that means as an affiliate is yeah, it’s great to get a lot of people into the trial and make a lot of $58 commissions as people convert into Shopify basic.

But if you can tailor your marketing to reach a more sophisticated, established audience of people that are already in internet business, then you can start earning $2,000 commissions regularly as people convert into the Shopify advanced package.

So some really, really great commissions. And again, as you get out there in the world of affiliate marketing and you start looking at platforms like what am I going to earn as an Amazon affiliate? What am I gonna earn as an affiliate who refers people to eBay or Rakuten or one of the affiliate networks like I mentioned, ClickBank, Max Bounty, Clickbooth, JVZoo.

You know, there’s a zillion of them. What am I going to earn? The affiliate marketing industry is largely dominated with high volume, low price point offers. Right? Like you make $5 here, $10 here, $20 here, you’re selling $50 products, $100 products.

If somebody randomly goes to Amazon and loads up their shopping cart with, you know, $5,000 worth of stuff, maybe you’ll make $100 or $200 depending on what category they’re shopping in. But like there are not a lot of really good opportunities out there to make $1,000, $2,000 type commissions or to get paid every month.

And that’s another really cool thing that Shopify does is as people convert into what they call their Shopify partners program or their Shopify plus program for really established sellers, you can actually get paid 20% per month on their subscription payment to Shopify.

So usually the things that do that are things like software, for example. A lot of software affiliate programs will pay you recurring commissions. Maybe credit repair companies. But there’s not a lot of things that people are likely to stick with for as long as, you know, literally the system that is the bones of their eCommerce business where you can earn recurring monthly commission.

So between the high ticket $2,000 commission and the recurring monthly commissions that Shopify pays, again, there just aren’t a lot of affiliate marketing opportunities that are really, really mainstream where you don’t have to do a lot of education or convincing for people that hey, this is like a legitimate thing that pay you that kind of money.

Most of it is based around making really small commissions, hopefully lots and lots of times. So that’s what I think is so cool about Shopify. Now, as a brief aside, there are other high ticket affiliate programs out there.

There’s actually quite a few of them. But usually, like for example, my company ENTRE, we have a high ticket affiliate program. People can make thousands and thousands of dollars off of individual referrals but I’m under no illusion, at least not yet, that, you know, ENTRE Institute is nearly as big and established and mainstream of a brand or platform as Shopify.

So, you know, if you’re promoting ENTRE, for example, yeah, you can make great money but you’re going to probably need to do more work to introduce, you know, my company to people than you would to just introduce Shopify.

Because a lot, most anybody that’s likely a candidate to join Shopify probably already knows what it is. So you don’t, you know, as a marketer, you’ll love things that you’re not having to like answer a zillion questions around or create all these marketing resources to educate or, you know, convince somebody that something is legit.

Like you love it. And again, Shopify is kind of a unicorn in this regard, something that’s really, really big and mainstream and widely known that also pays you these big commissions. So that’s why I think it’s such a powerful program.

So now the obvious question is okay, great, Shopify is a great program. How do I promote it? There really are three ways that I find most effective for promoting a program like Shopify or really affiliate, what I call information or technology based affiliate programs in general.

With information or technology based programs, there’s kind of some different nuances to how you promote it. And I recommend that you promote these either through blog posts where you’re maybe writing about a subject and you’re able to kind of link to your recommended products that are relevant to the subject.

So maybe go post a blog about how to build an eCommerce business and you say, you know, my refer, my recommended platform is Shopify and you put your link in the blog post. You can also do reviews which YouTube is great for reviews but you can also build a review site.

You can use blog posts to do reviews where you actually specifically review the product that you’re offering and then link to it again, either in a video or in an article. And if you want to see like well, what does that actually look like, look through my YouTube channel.

I do it all the time. I talk, I review things. I review affiliate programs. I review products. My company ENTRE has a zillion affiliates out there that are reviewing ENTRE and then they link to the product.

So reviews are really great. And then the one, the other thing, the third thing that I have found to be really, really effective that a lot of people don’t know about is there’s a site called Quora.

com, Quora is a site where people post questions and there’s a million questions on Quora around drop shipping, around Shopify specifically, around eCommerce as a business model. And you just go answer questions on Quora.

And when you answer the question, you answer the, give them a good answer, give them value, let them see that you’re an authority and you know what you’re talking about. And then just put a link to your Shopify affiliate or your affiliate link to Shopify right there in the answer.

Really, really effective. And here’s the thing about Quora answers, Quora questions and answers. They index really, really well. That means that the search engines, particularly Google loves to show Quora conversations in their search results.

So somebody might go online and say like how to start a drop shipping business. They might put that into the Google search engine. And what’s that going to bring up? That could bring up your YouTube video on how to start a drop shipping business.

That could bring up a blog article that you did on how to start a drop shipping business. And that could bring up a review that you did on best tools for starting a drop shipping business. Or it could bring up a question on Quora where somebody asked that exact same question.

How do I start a drop shipping business? And so if somebody goes to read that question, they’re going to read all the answers and in those answers, they’re going to see your affiliate link. So it’s really, really easy to promote Shopify.

You know, again, You just register, you get started and go to town. Those are my three recommended methods but there’s others too. And frankly, I’d love it if you come up with one that’s working for you, leave it in the comments below and let’s share the wisdom with the whole world.

Okay? So that’s my brief video on the Shopify affiliate program. Why I think it’s so great, how you can get started with it, the background on Shopify, how much it pays you and how you can start generating income promoting Shopify along with what you’ll need to actually get approved as an affiliate.

Thanks for your time. Thanks for watching. I did mention ENTRE Institute which is my company if you’re interested in learning more about affiliate marketing or, you know, just internet business in general.

I built ENTRE because I felt the world needed it. I didn’t think there was another program that was doing as good a job of educating the market about those things as I could. So ENTRE now exists. We have great courses.

We have great trainers. We have coaches. We have all this stuff that can support you in learning how to build these kinds of businesses. If you’re just looking for more content, I’d ask you to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

I put out new videos multiple times a week. I have hundreds and hundreds of free training videos here that can help you become successful in this world. I thank you for your time. If you liked this video, make sure to let us know.

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