Shopify Affiliate Program (How To Make Money)

Shopify Affiliate Profit List

What is going on guys so in this video we’re, going over how to make money with the Shopify affiliate program and for those who don’t know how this program works. It’s, a lot more lucrative than you think.

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If you comment below and enter into a comment, shout out giveaway by the end of January, so make sure you do all that down below, but let’s get into this video, so we are talking about Shopify. Now, if you guys know Shopify, you ‘

Ve, probably heard about Shopify of drops roofing it’s, been some of that’s, really been trending upward in the past couple years. I guess, as of right now, there’s less height around the term Shopify drop shipping because it was kind of something that people jumped into a lot early.

People made a lot but a lot of money and then a lot of people just fail out and then those who are still doing it have created very late. Very successful brands, businesses, companies from Shopify but Shopify saving an extremely extremely amazing platform that really changed the game when it came to me to like building an actual online store and has really taken over it.

The actual stock has shot up over the past couple years. Tremendously, like I’m talking about major major gains from being an initial investor, if that was something you were able to do, or for those who are able to do it, so we’re on top of it.

This video is actually how you can make money with a proven program, improve an affiliate program and then you’re. Actually, the cool thing about this is that you’re, not referring a product or some stupid service or some crappy from Clickbank.

You know you’re, you’re, actually referring people to in a 58 Pro or you’re using an affiliate program through Shopify, but you’re, referring to someone to an actual tool that has helped create People, you know, create massive success for many people in the past and so someone who needs that tool or who wants to expand or who’s looking to expand.

We’re gonna go over how you can capitalize on that and actually how much money you can make. But if your payout structures, all those different things, that’s, actually a surprise, you would like it surprise me when I first learned about this, so let’s, jump it to my computer and go over everything.

Okay! So here we are. It’s, Shopify com, slash affiliates. If you want to apply right now, so if you want to go, do that make sure you do so by the end of this video? But let me explain really really quick.

I don’t wan na make this video too long. When I get really quick to the point, so you guys can see how much potential there really is, and then I want to if you stick Dan won’t actually show you guys some ways to promote it in some ways that I know people Are making a lot of promoting the type of thing so right off the bat here we’re gonna go into a more detailed structure, but right after that, average affiliates are going to earn fifty eight dollars per user, who signs up for a Paid plan of Shopify now I believe, Shopify has a 14-day free trial.

So you’ll, get a lot of people to sign up for their free trial and then really per person who signs up for the paid plan or continues on the paid plan. Then you ‘ Ll earn an average of $ 50 per person.

Now, in addition, there’s. All different levels of Shopify there’s, a plus version, and you’ll earn $ 2,000 for each person who signs up to the plus version. So that’s. Someone who’s scaling up a business who needs like you, know extra.

You know power or whatever they need to do for their business, or they already have a lot of things going on and they’re transitioning from a certain platform. Over to Shopify and they have a lot already on their plate, that is what the Plus version will be for, and so you’re gonna get paid two thousand dollars every person.

You can refer to that program now something really really key when it comes to actually applying for the program here. What I want to share really quick before we jump into a little more of the details, I want to go over, that you need to have a website or something to apply.

Now, of course, like I’ve said before, like I’ve applied to many other affiliate programs in the past, you can use a youtube channel, for example, so I can just drop the YouTube channel link for my channel.

I’m, going to apply right now and I could do that and if you someone who has a channel as well, you can do the same thing. But you also want to. You know really make sure that you’re, explaining what you’re going to do so.

If you’re, someone who has a YouTube channel, explain: hey! I’m going to make videos around content. That will be, you know intended for people who use e-commerce or people who are trying to start a business or whatever they’re going to do.

I’m, going to create searchable content and from that searchable content I’m, going to do a video, explain, different things, different tips and tricks and strategies. Whatever I’m, going to explain, show what I do whatever you do, and then I’m, going to leave a link in the description box down below what they’re.

Going to be able to do is go further. Sign up for Shopify to get access to the features that are going to help them scale, their business start their business or whatever they’re going to do so. That’s.

What you’re gonna want to do in your application, because, when you’re doing that they’re at least going to see. Ok, this person knows that they’re talking about. They know how they’re going to pronate and they have a plan.

If you don’t have a plan. If you know we were talking about chances, are they’re, not going to accept you? It really shouldn’t, be a very challenging thing to get accepted, but in in that case, make sure you at least have an idea of what you’re, going to say on the application and don’t just apply With nothing really no giving them no details as to what you’re, going to do and how you’re, going to promote their programs now jumping into the affiliate link referrals there’s, a little bit more complexity.

To this peripheral program here, but if you’re in just a Shopify affiliate, now there’s, different levels to becoming an affiliate or a partner. We’re, going to go through that really quick in a second now, if you’re, an affiliate right, which you can apply to right, now become an affiliate within like five business days.

They’ll, get you signed up if they kind of improve what you’re, going to do. If you’re, someone who signs up for it, Shopify it basic or advanced, or even the Plus version. So if someone sends for one of these different options right here, you’re gonna get any one-time payment or one-time bounty, as they call it equal to 200 percent of the monthly subscription fees.

Okay. So if the persons paying on a plan of 30 bucks per month times that you’re, you get 200 percent of that which is no hundred percent of 30 bucks per month. You’re, going to get 60 bucks paid out right away, okay, and so that’s.

You’re, going to get if they sign up for a $ 30 per month plan. Now, if you sign someone up for Shopify plus you’re, not hitting one-time bounty payment of $ 2,000. Now they’re. Really thick cool thing about this is that they’ve already done the math, and they know if they can refer someone.

On average, they’re, going to make more money, so that’s. Why they’re? Able they make a lot of money from this and they’re, a really really great software and then rate program. So they know that with that they’re able to pay out affiliates a lot more.

So, instead of having you know getting paid, you know 20 bucks, 30 bucks for someone else to sign up. You’re gonna get paid 60 bucks on average or $ 58, so what their average actually is and when someone signs up and of course, if you get someone on stop shop by plus that’s $ 2,000 now, in addition, There’s, actually Shopify partners, so you can become a partner with Shopify and there’s like a Shopify partner right here or their Shopify Plus partners, and so when this happens, when you become a shop lab partner, this is when you’re working closer with Shopify, so you want to reach out to them, or they can eventually reach out to you, for example, one referral program.

I’m, a part of right now is we both the stock broker and what they have. As they have the affiliate program there’s, also a partner program that they’ll reach out to you. You can apply to and if you get approved for that, you have the little additional benefits than the actual just regular affiliate program.

So that’s, why there’s like a plus side to that and that’s kind of the same idea here, so you can become an affiliate. Anyone can once you apply and send it. Of course, not everyone. Can you have to actually apply, but then once you get past that stage, if you’re doing well, for them, they’ll, potentially out to becoming partner or you can apply to them or have someone or reach out to someone from Shopify to becoming partner – and here’s, where you’re gonna be varying 20 % of the revenue or the monthly fee, and that that person is paying with Shopify.

So that’s, really really cool. And so of course, as you know, someone who, who’s on shop five, you refer someone to shop by and if some, that person is using it for a long time for many years you know that’s.

Twenty percent every single month, so that’s, a really awesome way to earn some passive income every single month. Because you refer someone and they’re on their first long as it. It’s, oriented pinchy for life and for whatever it is, and so that’s, really really cool.

Of course, there’s, a shot by partner plus, which is a little bit additionally, additional benefits as well, but that’s kind of the general idea. So, of course, guys most people will be will be applying to the affiliate program and earn a two and a percent of the first time monthly payment at that person pays, which is pretty cool.

I think it’s, a pretty nice affiliate program. I really really like it. I think there’s, a lot of potential with a shop fire failure program because it probably isn’t that hard. If you’re, someone who is, you know looking to get into dropshipping or something like that, you know at least trying Shopify out some of you might only do it for a few months.

You know you can get to hundred percent of that monthly payment of that monthly income very very easily for just someone who tries it out who’s, someone who risks! You know a couple months: let’s, say someone signs up, gets that 14-day free trial and so on for two three months.

They only spend thirty to ninety bucks and really what is the risk to them? Thirty to ninety bucks to try something out to try start a business, and what do you do when you get to hundred percent of that thirty dollar monthly payment? So you get sixty bucks in your pocket for referring them to the site.

Of course, there’s, so many different ways to go about referring people to the program, but one way I’m going to recommend here in this video is, for example, like I said, YouTube videos. So let’s, say someone who wants to create a Shopify store.

Let me go and show you guys an example here, a perfect example through YouTube. So if you’re someone who is creating content like me now, of course this can be through Instagram. This can be through any social media.

It could be through a blog could be whatever you want, but let’s say right. You were someone who, for example, wrote right here this person, profit person who I actually have some ascribe to what he does is, for example, he makes videos targeting or he actually does do drop shipping.

He doesn’t do that business model, and so some of his videos are targeted around drop shipping, so he can do is in that description. He can put in a link to the shop fly affiliate program, his Shopify affiliate program link, and what does that mean? Well, he’ll, make videos Shopify.

If someone’s interested in Shopify or starting a Shopify store like he is right. What eqqui can do is have someone get referred down below and he can actually make money every time someone just signs up for a plan and starts on the shop by program, so that’s, an amazing way to do it.

I would highly recommend you do something like that, of course, as you get more results, as your channel grows, you’re, going to get more people just by default, who sign up, but if you do, if you really do put them together, good content That help people out and people actually want to search up and people are searching up.

That’s, an amazing way to start getting people to join the Shopify drop, shipping or Shopify program or Shopify an account whatever. It is really really quickly and it’s, a really effective way. Of course you can blog, you can do social media posting and what other way guys is horid calm.

So if, for example, here on Quora calm, I can look up as I can look up Shopify and when I do so, I can answer questions around Shopify’s program, and things like that and what I can also do is through that, as I Can create a bio and in my bio I could recommend hey.

I can do an answer. I can answer a question then I can say: hey code check out my bio and in my bio, what you can do is you can find a link to what I’m, a free trial, and that could be your affiliate link and, for example, Look, I have some links in my bio to my youtube channel to a different link.

I have – and I can do things like that, so I’ve done answers like this. I’ve answered questions and I opposed it. Answers and links to different videos that’s. How generate some traffic for a lot of my YouTube videos, or at least some of my YouTube videos, when I was doing this a few months ago, more steadily and it’s.

An amazing way to generate traffic on demand because you can go out and answer questions immediately and when you answer questions that person is gonna, see your answer and if that answer refers them back to your bio and your bio helps them out and they click On your bio to get that free trial of shop, fine, it’s, an amazing way to start earning affiliate Commission’s just like that.

But that being said, hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure are subscribed here to the channel at the time filming us. We’re at 1.64. Hopefully we’re over cheek to Kay very very soon. I appreciate you guys so much from make sure you jumped out and subscribe hit that thumbs up button turn that button below and like I said, if you guys comment down below when we’re.

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