Shopify Partner Program: Join a Partnership That Takes You, and Your Business, to the Next Level

Shopify Partner Profit list

Wat and the co-founder of up later than you. We initially got into the App Store as sort of a sandbox testing area.

Before we got the big large Tier one and Enterprise retail deals. I didn’t know it was gonna become a Shopify partner. I had no idea I didn’t even know it existed. It was the first time that we felt like our love and passion for retail and design could really come together.

It turned out that the real business was in the Shopify app store, and that was our sales channel. That was the thing that I saw with Shopify. We could be part of bigger projects that combine all our skills, but Shopify as a platform would focus us.

I had results. I had done it for myself. I could sit with somebody with my laptop and say see. I made this amount of money this month. It feels really good to be able to launch an app so quickly and provide a service for somebody, because then you instantly see revenue, but I think the real value from Shopify has to come around the relationships we’ve built at Shopify.

It’s like having a huge team to help your small team, so it’s. Awesome Shopify always tries to inform people that are part of the partner program, keeping up to date with industry trends, new apps new technology.

It would be dead, yeah hundred percent, it was be death. There was some quote about as soon as I was an expert. You know. I made five thousand dollars in my first week and I remember being like they just made that up it’s.

Not that, like overnight, for me, the future is continuing building shops for people and and growing my business in terms of having more capacity, you can start with Shopify. You can build this Shopify that feeling inside where it ‘

S like I didn’t make it, but, like I’m making it now, I’m making ways in order to go where I wanted to be. Now that we’ve been really successful with one app, we think we can do it over and over again I don’t know if we made five thousand dollars in our first week, but we’ve.

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