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Today i’m, going to talk about how this store made twenty two thousand two hundred and sixty seven dollars in a single month and continues to make an average of seven thousand dollars a month. Stay tuned because i’m, going to go over, who built the store, how it was marketed, the growth and what you can do to replicate its success and some tips for you throughout the video.

First of all, jairus senguli was on the shopify market exchange store for sale. The seller was looking for ten thousand dollars because they wanted to sell it on fast because they had a new job coming up, that they wanted to concentrate and put more time into.

So, according to shopify, they say the average revenue for this site is five hundred and five thousand six hundred and ten dollars uh with an average uh monthly session of fifteen thousand users and an average of five 500 profit.

Now the numbers that you see here, aren’t exactly correct and i will be getting into more detailed numbers in a bit uh throughout the videos uh. But for now i just wanted to share where i found gyrus and goolie and how well it’s, doing as a print and demand store and how you could replicate this same success.

Using the tips that i’ll be giving you throughout the video. We know that gyro singularity was built using shopify print on demand services and the target audience are medical students and graduates. But what makes this a good niche in particular? Firstly, the market is constantly renewing providing an everlasting market of new medical students and professionals, meaning that there will always be a steady amount of new customers.

Secondly, the products are unique with a high perceived value and is difficult to be copied. Thirdly, it targets a very passionate audience. Fourthly, the designs are aesthetically pleasing and, finally, the niche is easy to market to on social media.

Remember this, the perfect niche targets, a passionate audience as soon as you land on gyro singularly you would notice that the designs for these phone cases are very detail orientated. They take a lot of work and obviously an artist did do this and an artist did do this and her name is sarai saray lamas i’m, not too sure.

If i’m pronouncing that right, um, so sari lamas designed a lot of these and looking more into her, she creates medical art, and this is perfect for the founder of gyrosynguli. And if i go into one of the phone cases you could see it see the phone case in many sort of variations and angles, and it gives the user a better idea and the user could choose whatever they want to choose and add it.

To cart. Has a good description so what sarai says? I often think that the night is more live more richly colored than the day, a nice little uh story to go with the art from the artist, and so that’s.

Great. This artist also has a good number of followings on her instagram, so uh collaborating with this artist or getting the designs commission from her is also great because she could push her followers towards this site to buy some of her art um.

Of course you have the testimonials and when i look at the best sellers, so first of all, this site also does sell jewelry, watches and apparel. However, i don’t think they do well at all um. The phone case is the clear winner.

So right now i’m sorting all the products by the best selling according to shopify, and you can see that find the seed iphone case is at the top and the rest is populated with more iphone cases and that’s obvious.

Even in my own store, i find that the iphone cases sell the most so saray lamas is an illustrator who specializes in medical art. As we just mentioned, she pays attention to a lot of detail and provides high quality designs, and that is really what you want to commission.

When you’re looking for an artist and if you are trying to look for an artist and are struggling at the moment, you can check the link in the below to help you out and so using sarah and alma. You have a good formula when you combine it so let’s, say psi rise, art plus shopify, plus print on demand for the automation, plus the niche of medical students and graduates and just medical professionals, and that is a formula for success and a Lot of money on this video is because of the numbers, and that’s.

Exactly what i’m gonna be doing right now is diving into the numbers before i go back into a critique of the whole website and how it can be improved. So, first of all, just a quick reminder. According to shopify exchange, the average revenue of the uh store is five thousand six hundred and ten dollars a month, with average sessions of fifteen thousand two hundred and twelve uh visitors per month and an average profit of five hundred dollars a month.

Now, according to the description, some of this information might not be accurate, and so therefore, i’ll, be using the screenshots to dissect further uh. How much really this store has been making or potentially been making how they also can again improve their user experience? So, first of all, this store was started in on 28th of january 2019 and it stopped running facebook ads on december 2019, so um so january onwards.

It has been all organic and the shopify statistics will attest to that. So, as you can see um what it looks like here is perhaps first time the facebook ads were run on february 2019. It generated a lot of sales, nine thousand dollars and then it must have had been reduced, or perhaps it was just building up more sort of leads and optimizing the facebook ads and, as you can see in april 2019, it didn’t.

Make much at all just 49, so perhaps it was just one sale and then um on may 2019, it made a loss of minus 14.99 and then in june it seems that the facebook ads were starting again and, as you could see in june 2019, it made 3.

8K and then the next month it made 12k, and that was big, perhaps because it was optimizing, retargeting and just continuing and then reinvesting some of the profits made into more facebook advertising, and so it was a whole cycle.

This engine was roaring and clearly the person running gyro singuli knew what they were doing and kept pumping in money into facebook ads eventually hitting their biggest month in october, earning 22 276 dollars, and i’m guessing at this point.

They they slowly eased off the gas on facebook ads as the numbers start to slowly dip. I’m, pretty sure they were pausing their ads and spending less and then by uh january 2020. As you know, from descriptions there were no facebook ads at tool and organic traffic started to flow in through search engines, as you can see, and it started making a thousand to one thousand five hundred between five hundred dollars a month through organic search, which is really Good for no advertising and, as you can see this, the revenue correlates with the total amount of traffic.

So in october it had 71 000 people visit the site and uh. As you know, it had 22 000 in revenue, and so the traffic would what is correlating with the amount of sales that gyro singularly has gotten and after they stop.

Facebook, as as you can see, is dying down from 3 000 going further further and further down. But still staying um somewhat consistent, so you can see that it’s gaining between an average of 800 to let’s, say 2000 uh visitors per month and that correlates to around 1 000 to 1 dollars a month.

And so now that i’ve got that out of the way i wanted to just look into the screenshots provided by gyro singuli and further dissect that so a quick screenshot of the google analytics, showing the revenue and conversion rate between january to august 2020, you can see that the average order value is forty dollars.

So here’s, a screenshot of javascript’s. Facebook ad spent um. They spent a total of 65 to 69 000 us dollars on facebook advertisement between january 2019 to december 2019 um that gave them a total reach of 14.

7 million people and 46 million impressions. If the numbers seem big and you’re thinking. Oh no, i can’t afford this. Remember you can still make money starting small as long as you reinvest and optimize your ads.

So, as a result, according to facebook for the year 8488, people made a purchase, and so if the average order value is at forty dollars and gyro singularity made eight thousand four hundred and eighty eight orders.

That equates to three hundred and thirty nine thousand five hundred and twenty dollars so take into consideration. The facebook ad spend so minus sixty six thousand six hundred and fifty eight dollars.

You’re still up by two hundred and seventy two thousand eight hundred and sixty one dollars on the year um. You also have to consider the cost of goods. For this instance, i’m, going to assume gyrus and gudy used printful to fulfill orders, so i could give you a price range.

Printful is what i currently use and have been using for many years now. I, like the customer service, their quality control and it’s, always been high and consistent and at a scale of this store, you would be eligible to get a bulk discount on your phone cases that you fulfill using printful.

So let’s say that the average price of a phone case worth shipping is nine dollars for gyro singuli and with 8488 orders at nine dollars. That will cost them. Seventy six thousand three hundred and ninety two dollars that leaves jairus and gudy with 196 469 dollars for the year, in other words, sixteen thousand three hundred and seventy two dollars per month.

Please note that gyro singuli may have had other expenses such as paying individual influences, but i cannot say how much that would have been, but i doubt it would have exceeded the profits. Also, keep in mind that gyrosync really pays 29 per month for shopify and approximately 200 per month for shopify apps that they use, but that’s, really peanuts to what they make.

If you would like to learn how to find profitable niches or designers, illustrators and artists or target your market audience better or execute research to generate more ideas or spy on other prints on demand stores check out the link in the description below as for now, i Hope you enjoyed the video, found it useful and got some good information out of it that you could use to implement in your own stores and until next time see ya.

So when you first land on javascrile’s website, you see that there is a phone case in this massive sort of slideshow and it’s, not clear what’s being shown here, it does say, need a good looking Phone case, question mark free, one-year guarantee view phone cases or view cases, and i assume that will take you to all the cases.

Uh you scroll down and you get to see the sarai llamas collection. So it’s featuring the artist that made a lot of the designs here, which is a good thing. However, i would first thing i would do is change this.

It’s very unappealing. It brings down the the look and class of this site, and so i would change this to be more orientated towards giving the visitor an action to take there’s, quite a few items on sale and when i saw this six months ago, um It’s still on sale since then, so that’s, not really a good thing.

Ideally you want you don’t want it to be on a permanent sale. So you got the testimonials on the left that pop up and also a get to this, get 10 percent off. So you want to be careful with that sort of placement you don’t want them to hide each other and cancel them each other out.

You’ve got testimonials at the bottom towards the footer, which is also good um, going into the separate products. I like the fact that it features the artist name. It gives the iphone case a name and unique name, and then it has a message from the artist which is always nice um.

Apart from that, there are a few other things that i’ve, noticed uh since the sale of this store. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of coming soon pages, so yep here’s, one so um these coming soon pages.

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