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Affiliate products, so let’s, go ahead and get started. The first affiliate program i’m going to cover today is called loops, and this skin care product is a face mask and that’s literally. The only thing that they sell on this website, so they specialize in these beauty masks and what they say is there’s, four ingredients with four key benefits and it’s, something that you can do very quickly.

Just spend 10 minutes a day and you get your skin care in. So this is a good product to promote the people that want to practice skin care, but maybe they’re really busy and they just want a nice convenient way to do so.

So the affiliate program offers a 10 commission and it seems that it’s managed in the house, because when you apply all you’re doing is filling out this contact form. So this is the company loops and i’ll have all of the companies that i talk about in this video linked in my blog post below.

So let’s, go ahead and move on to the second program. The next affiliate program is called image skin care. They have been in business for quite some time, and their products are created for skin care professionals and to use on their clients, or even people that are just wanting to do their own skin care.

They can get everything they need on this website, so the affiliate program offers a 12 commission and a 45 day cookie length and it is managed by cj affiliate. So if you go to their affiliate program, page and click that apply now button, it’ll.

Take you over to a form that you fill out. If you’re, not already a member of cj affiliate, then you can become one and apply to this program: lots of great products. It’s, a good company that’s been around for a long time.

That is image skin care. Next up, we have juice beauty again. They carry a wide variety of skin care products, including makeup, and this company is vegan and cruelty free. So you can find a lot of great products here that you can promote.

The affiliate program is offered by, i think it’s, managed by racketon yeah, wrecking link share and it offers a six percent commission. So if you are interested in promoting a product line that is vegan and cruelty, free with lots of great options – and this is a good one to consider so that is juice beauty, the organic solution – the next company we have is called 100 pure and just like The name suggests all of these products are free of harsh and toxic chemicals.

It’s, cruelty free. They are naturally pigmented because they also carry makeup as well as skin care. The affiliate program is managed by share sale and it offers an eight percent commission. So once you get to their affiliate program page, you can click that apply now button and sign up through share sale, so that is 100 pure.

The next company we have is called nera and this is a skincare laser that can be used at home and it helps with anti-aging smoothing out wrinkles. So it’s, a different product compared to a lot of the skin care companies that offer lotions and creams.

So this one is a skincare laser. The affiliate program is managed by refursion and it offers a 10 commission and it has, i believe, a 30 day cookie length uh. Let me check my blog post yeah 30 day, cookie length 10 commission and it’s, managed by reversion and then once you get to this page, you just click that sign up button and fill out a form so another great product to promote a Skin care laser that can be used at home, so that is nera all right.

The last company i’m reviewing today is called misumi, and this skincare line focuses on blemish prone and oily skin, so that’s. Another kind of sub niche that you can consider and their affiliate program offers a nice commission of 40 percent and i believe it is a 60-day cookie length, which is great, so 40 commission, 60-day, cookie length and all you have to do – is click that join now Button to apply it, i believe they manage their affiliate program in-house.

So it’s, just a matter of filling out a form and waiting to hear back for approval, but again another great product that focuses in on a specific skin care issue. So that is misumi all right, so now that we’ve covered some of the different skin care, affiliate programs that are out there.

Now it’s time to talk about how you can start earning a consistent income online by promoting those different affiliate products, and so one of the best ways to do that is by creating a niche blog. And i talk about niche blogs.

A lot because that’s, how i got started in affiliate marketing and it’s. What i continue to do to do today to earn a consistent income online niche blogs are excellent because they are low, cost and low risk.

To start the content that you generate in in the form of blog posts, they create free, targeted web traffic to your website because of seo. The content that you create is what gets indexed and eventually ranked in the search engines like google, so that means free traffic for you, you can earn a consistent income online because you’re, promoting affiliate products through your content.

It is a long term. Business model one niche blog can earn for years to come, and once you create a niche blog that earns income, you have the skills and knowledge to repeat the process over and over again.

So the nice thing about the skin care niche is that there are tons of skin care concerns that you can target. So you can create a niche website for the general overall skin care niche. But if you want to get more targeted and have a more targeted audience you can submit, and some of the topics that you can submit down into include what you see on the page: dry, skin oily skin wrinkles, dark spots, acne anti-aging! If you create a niche blog covering even just one of these topics or a combination of topics, maybe two to three at the most, you can get free, targeted traffic because you’re, focusing in on a specific niche and those people that you get To your website are already interested in finding a solution to their skin care concerns and that’s.

Where you promote the different products that you are an affiliate with, you can create product review pages. You can link directly to the product using your affiliate link and a percentage of those visitors will click on your affiliate links and buy from the merchants website and over time, the more traffic that you get.

The more visitors you get the more consistent income that you can earn through affiliate marketing. So, of course, there are many other things that you will need to learn. Some skills that you’ll need to pick up to create a successful niche blog.

These are things i had to learn as well, and so several years ago i searched for an online training program, and i found one that i really liked and of training programs called wealthy affiliate and that training program helped me to progress so much faster than if I had tried to learn all of this on my own, and so what i’d, like to do, is invite you to try out wealthy affiliate for free the first 10.

Lessons are free and by using my referral link below it enables me to help you as a mentor to answer any questions that you have as you progress through the training, and you can just test everything out and see if the training is something that you like And a way for you to make income online with affiliate marketing, it is a long term strategy.

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