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Alright! Welcome to the inside of my computer in this video I’m. Actually going to show how to spy and find ads that your competition are running and how to perhaps reverse engineer exactly what they’re doing now, I’m gonna be using showing some free methods of this, and then I’m, going to describe a couple tools that are available out there, that you can actually purchase and use and why those are probably a better investment.

If this is something you want to do, but there are free ways to do it. So I want to talk about that and I’m, going to start with Facebook ads and then I’m gonna do native ads, and then I’m going to do search ads all in this video.

I’m gonna try and make it quick, but it’s. Probably gonna be a 15 to 20 minute video. So let’s go through and I’ll start with Facebook. Facebook is one of my favorite traffic sources and it’s, probably the favorite traffic source of many marketers out there in general.

They have a lot of tools available for us to use as marketers to find exactly what’s working and they also give us access to the Facebook ad library. Okay, this is a free tool that you can use and you can pretty much see everyone’s ads right here because of the new rules that they’ve been implemented for privacy.

Pretty much you can see every single ad on their platform as long as you know, what page is advertising that that advertisement? Basically, so if you’re in a niche today’s niche, I’m gonna use, as an example is eyelashes, because I’m actually in the middle of a Bing ads case study.

For those of you that don’t know what I do. I do training at powerhouse, affiliate, comm and inside there we have a ton of free and are a ton of actually premium case studies from from me doing paid traffic as well as one of my teammates.

He does some paid traffic case as well and webinars and stuff like that. So inside the premium members area we’re in the middle of a Bing ads case study and one of the offers I found today from one of the networks I’m working with jumbo berry.

They’re in Canada. They sent me an offer today that looks really good and it’s about eyelashes. So I figured that would be a great opportunity for me to come in here and do a little bit of research about this offer, which is about eyelashes, and I ‘

Ll show you that offer right now: okay, so this is the offer itself begum or – and it pays out a fifty dollar cpa for me to convert this. So it’s. An actually looks like a really good offer. I just need to get somebody to buy some of this eyelash makeup, so I figured that’d, be a great opportunity to kind of just see what I would do here.

So what I’m gonna do first, is I’m, going to go to audience insights and I’m, pretty sure we know it’s gonna be women that are the target market here. So what I want to do is maybe just start with eyelashes.

Now, when you’re searching in here, you can choose the country. This is important because we want to make sure that we’re using the country that I’m, going to be targeting for this ad and I think I’ll start with us.

I usually start with the US on some of these cpa offers that I’m running through networks, so I’ll just use us, as in this example, so interests um. We’re, just going to say: let’s, just try the most obvious eyelashes regrow.

So there’s, not much information here. So let’s. Just try eyelashes extensions. Okay. Now we’re starting to get into some data here. Obviously it’s, all women ninety-eight percent women 25 to 34. That makes sense you’re, looking also at a younger audience here, so the audience is basically from 18 to 44 women.

Okay, so that’s, where we’re gonna target, especially if we’re gonna start, you know focusing on Facebook ads, but again we can. We can try and find websites when we’re doing other traffic sources as well, but this is about spying, so I’m, not gonna get into too much about the targeting.

So let’s. Just move on here and let me go to the next tool here. So if I look down here, you can see all of this stuff, but what I can also see is the page likes, so I’m just moving through this quickly.

Obviously you can do more through here, but this is kind of showing you the general idea, so you could find these pages. So let’s. Do makeup there’s, a personal blog page there’s. A cosmetic store here Benefit Cosmetics.

These are the categories and then you can see the page likes down here so now. What I can do is I can take each of these pages I can go. I can find maybe a big one with a big audience here. See the page now, what I want to do is I want to take this name, uLTA Beauty and perhaps the URL here, and we’re gonna go over to the Facebook ads library and see if they’re running any ads.

Okay, so I need to you: can either use the ID or the name? Let’s just see. If I can just put this ID here, the business ID no okay hold on here, Alta there. It is right here. So this is the page here.

I would select that, and this one says there’s, no ads running or matching my critique criteria, but just keep in mind that my criteria here is now based on my own country. So if I just select all here, it might yeah.

Okay. So, as you can see there’s, so they’re targeting they’re, not targeting Canada. They’re targeting us so make sure you select that when you’re coming in here for your criteria, so now I can see their ads okay.

Now, if I’m running an ad, I can either look at what they’re, doing and look at their headlines and other headlines here and what they’re doing. But but this is just basically showing me what the ads are: okay now, if I want to see their landing page.

Obviously I just click on one of these and I should be able to get to their landing page. Let’s. Just first click on see add details, so you can see here there’s more info here, so they’re, sending some more people to other places their Twitter.

I don’t, see if I click on this. It may take me to that landing page. Okay, so there they ‘ Ve got their pop-up here, and this is the landing page which is kind of strange to me. Oh, this is because I am again in Canada, so they’re, not targeting Canada, so it’s, probably redirecting me to a different page.

So that is the thing about spying. When you’re running and when you’re trying to do some sign, you’re gonna need a two, especially if you’re in a country that doesn’t have a lot of Ads you’re, not gonna see any versions of ads here, so a tool that I use.

When I’m, doing my research and doing my spying is a tool called HMA or hidemyass. It’s, a it’s, basically a VPN there’s, tons of them out there. I just use the VPN here. I’m, going to show you quickly.

This is the tool and what I can do is I can actually switch the location of my computer so that I can start seeing ads anywhere in the world. What like? So? What if I switch my IP to say, Canada, which I’m already in Canada, so I’m, just not even gonna bother doing that, but I’m.

Not gonna switch my IP right now, but you can see I can switch it to wherever I want in the world. Okay. So when I’m spying, if I want to see ads that are being shown in India, I would switch my IP right here to India and that would then, when I come in to look at ads when I’m spying on, I’m on either Facebook or other platforms.

I’m going to show you in a minute. I would start seeing ads cater to people in India, okay, so that’s, just the trick here for Facebook it’s, a really easy way to spy for free and then, if you want – and you find a landing page that you Like then, you can either you know there’s, the rip and runners.

Those are people that just basically rip landing pages, and you know you fire them up on your server and you start running the same ad and the same landing page. Now I never ever recommend people do that, but it happens and there are there are you know some benefits to it.

I mean. Obviously don’t have to do a lot of work because it’s all done for you. However, it’s, not going to work as much as you think it is like. I’ve tested, hundreds of campaigns in my life, and the thing is, is if you take a page and kind of take ideas from it, it can work, but if you try and copy it directly, not only will you might, you might actually get Flagged for duplicate content on Facebook, especially because their algorithm is getting much more smart.

If you start ripping pages and copying them duplicate and just kind of running the same thing, Facebook will likely catch that and ban your account or you know, disapprove your ads and stuff of that. So I highly recommend when you find the landing page or the ads, that you like don’t copy them exactly.

However, just take some ideas from that. So one of the tools I use that that I wanted to mention in this video was called teleport ultra. This is a tool also that you can use to take landing pages and then tweak them.

This is you know you put your your your domain. If you find a nice landing page, you like you basically just enter the email or the URL here you hit next and you just save it to your computer and it ‘

Ll basically scan the whole website and pull it into your computer, at which point you can edit it change it all that kind of stuff and then re-upload it now that, obviously there are some copyright issues here.

So keep that in mind as a marketer, you, don’t want to rip people stuff off, but it kind of gives you a template to work with. If you want to do that, okay, so that is how ripping and running works now.

Obviously this isn’t about ripping and running it’s about showing you how to find the ads. So now that we know how to do Facebook, let me go into another one which is native, Oh, so first, I want to cover like if you’re, looking for a paid traffic tool for Facebook, like you, can spend hours doing this free method And probably find just the same amount of stuff, but the paid traffic methods.

Are there sorry the paid spy tools that work really well? They also tell you how long the ads have been showing, so you can actually filter out ads that have been running for a long period of time. Okay, so like on here I mean you can see about the ads and you can see info about how long like how much let’s just go back and show you, but you can’t really filter out.

How help like ads? That have been running for a long time, so you can see this one started running in November, which is only a couple weeks ago. If, as you scroll down, you’ll see some that started running back, so you can go down and see how long they’ve been running, but in the spy tools themselves.

Sometimes you can filter out like. I want to see ads that are six months old or whatever stuff like that right. So there’s, that’s, that’s, an advantage to using a spy tool, but does it justify you spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars every single month? Probably not if you want to just take the time and do some research you can get these ads and see them yourself.

Now sorry, I forgot to mention the paid tool. One of them is called sorry. Magic ads is the name of it. It is right here now I I hate bringing up tools like this in my videos, because many times after I post these videos, these tools change constantly.

So it’s gonna date, my video. So if you’re watching this, all the methods that I’m showing do apply, but this is one tool that’s right now, current magic ads, but again like it’s, it could be dead in A couple weeks, all of these spy tools when I referenced them in videos kind of makes me nervous because every month it could change, but right now the tool of choice among many affiliates at least his magic ads, and you can see it here.

The pricing is here, you can start with a one day free trial, and but it is $ 2.99 a month for magic ads and that’s. The Facebook spy tool that a lot of affiliates are using, especially the blackhat affiliates, okay, so moving on.

Let’s, go to native now. Okay, so native ads are the native ads that I show many case studies as well inside the powerhouse Affiliate premium members area – I did a case study recently on Reb content to did one on an air push and we’ll, be doing some more Here very soon, on propeller and other places like that, push ads no native ads, all that kind of stuff.

Okay. So there’s, one tool here that is called add: Plex City. If you search ad plexi, you can find that that is a spy tool. You can use for native ads so again a tad pricey for people that are new to this game.

But you can come in here. They have a native, they have EECOM and have desktop and mobile. So if you go to their website themselves, each of these traffic sources has a different type of spy tool that you can use.

So if you’re only focusing on desktop, you can use your desktop, but each one has a different price. So if you’re trying to get all of them together, then you’re gonna be paying a lot more, but for native you can see, push is separated from native which again you’re gonna have to Spend double the money here: okay, there’s native and push when when really they’re kind of the same thing in terms of the quality and the targeting and all that stuff.

So whatever let’s, just look. What are some of the benefits? Again, you have the filters here that you can use you. Can you know target by each country? Again, I’m, going to show you how to see these countries for free.

But again you have to neat you’re, going to need a tool like the VPN that I’m using. You can also target for ads that have been shown on certain affiliate networks. So there’s a bonus there. Sometimes they have the ability to find the tracking links through these pages that they’re scanning and they can find what networks and stuff like that.

So there’s there’s, a little advantage to doing this. So you’re, not spending hours upon hours, trying to find the stuff. You can just find it all in this tool. So that is one of the great things about this tool and if you’re gonna try and save time – and you have the budget – just definitely try these out.

These are good tools to use. Okay, I’m. Not I’m, not sure that that’s very high of a price for the value that you’re getting out of this okay. So, especially if you, if you’re trying to save time so regardless of that, where do these ads normally show they show on big major web sites.

So, as you can see in the case, studies that I’ve done in powers affiliate, I’ve shown where these ads are showing. You know, CNN. The big Fox News. All of these ads are where affiliates are targeting, especially for native ads, because native ads are a little less strict in terms of letting you run traffic directly to a landing page.

That’s highly aggressive. That’s, pushing a CPA offer. So a lot of affiliates come here and run traffic because they’re allowed basically, and you don’t have to worry about getting banned and all that stuff.

So how do you spy on these and find winning campaigns? Well, first of all, I always recommend is basically going to you know top news channels on Google, so just Google, in top news channels and all of these places, will have a website or top ten news websites, maybe and scroll through their pages and just have a Look at what’s, what’s going on, because that’s? Where you’re, going to see these ads, you’re gonna see them on Yahoo.

Yahoo Gemini is a native ad platform. So you can get your ads through their network and stuff like that. So if you go on here, you’ll, see you’ll, see on CNN all the time they have ads. Let’s. Just click on one of these New York Times, for example, and where you’re, actually looking so what we’re doing is now I’m technically spying by kind of reading through here and most of the time you’ll have to click on an actual article to see the ads okay.

So let’s, see if there’s ads on this one. So you scroll down to the bottom. Okay, here’s, an ad starting to pop up, but again I am in Canada, so this machine here thinks that I’m in Canada, so maybe nobody’s targeting Canada from their Google ads on this type of ad.

Okay, so again I might have to switch my eye. Oh here’s. Some ads coming up here now here’s an ad here, but these aren’t ads. What I’m looking for are this style of ad here for native ads and it doesn’t appear like they’re there.

So let’s just go and again, like I said I’m in Canada. If I wanted, I could switch this to United States and I’d, probably see a ton of ads, but let’s. Just keep it in Canada. I don’t want to switch my IP right.

Now. Let’s. Go back up here, alright, so I went to Fox News and here’s. The example I’m. Speaking of this is what I was looking for. So add, content by tabula tabouleh is a native ad platform. Outbrain is another one mg ID Rev content, all of those they’re, all native ad platforms and, as you can see, as I scroll through this Fox News website at the bottom of most of their posts, you’re gonna see The sponsored stories – okay, these are affiliates or marketers in general that are running.

You know ads on tabouleh, so they’re targeting me in Canada right now, because I’m in Canada and you can see that there are some some ads here. So what I could do is, I could click on one of these and it’ll.

Take me to a landing page, so here’s, a landing page, and now again some of these might be cloaked. You never know that’s, why a spy tool is better because it’ll. It’ll know if it’s being cloaked or not.

So here is the landing page. So there’s, not really this isn’t an affiliate by the looks of it. It’s investing.com, so it’s kind of not what I’m. Looking for, I’m. Looking for affiliate offers offers that, are, you know clearly affiliates, so I might have to scroll through here a few times, click on a few ads until I find something that I believe would be an affiliate.

So let’s just see. If I can find something quickly here, that might be an affiliate again. There’s. A whole bunch of stuff here here’s, some more ads by tabouleh. A lot of these people are also doing Adsense arbitrage, which is a way of making money through Adsense, so they’re setting up articles on their websites.

Maybe this one here and you’ll, see when I go there. It’s, probably just loaded with a bunch of ads right, so they’re trying to arbitrage by making more money from their advertisements than what they’re spending on the native ad platform, and that is a good strategy.

It works, it still works. You can see here all the ads by Google advertisement here. All these are native ads as well, so they have a native ad widget here. So as you scroll through you’re gonna find a whole bunch of different strategies and every now and then you’re gonna find one that has a landing page for a CPA or an affiliate offer.

Okay, probably this one! Actually, maybe because it’s, pain relief, maybe not well again, this is arbitrage. So, as you continue going through these websites, you’re gonna see more and more ads, and this is how you spy okay.

So you take time and you find your niche and you go through and you start searching articles about your niche. If you’re, if you’re into eyelashes, then I want. I want to go to like health and beauty or health and beauty.

You know new sites, health and beauty – news, maybe – and I go on here – and maybe I can find some stuff – that’s being targeted to these people that I can start. You know using in my own marketing strategy, so this is how you do it and you, and there’s, no real simple! You know solution unless, of course, you use a tool like add plexi, I could come in here right now.

I could select native ads, I could type in eyelashes and I’d, see about 150 or 200 ads about eyelashes. I bet okay, so that’s, the difference between using a tool and doing it for free. It just takes more time.

If you have the time and energy, but I find by going through and doing this manually, you learn a lot more about what people are doing. You’re gonna find other things that other ideas that you might have never thought of.

Just by scrolling through live internet news channels, okay and finding these ads. So now let’s. Move on to search traffic, okay, so search is another type of traffic. In fact, like I said, I’m. Doing a Bing ads case study right now inside powerhouse Affiliate we’re also.

We also did one on EECOM for google search traffic. There are tools again for this type of spying, so let’s. Just do an example. Now again, if we go to let’s, say bing.com. What I can simply do is just type in eyelashes growth or whatever I mistyped it, but whatever again, I’m in Canada, so I’m, not gonna see any ads likely until I switch to the United States.

Okay, I might just do that for an example here. So just give me one. Second, I’m going to switch my IP okay, so I want to find the United States here. Let’s. Just close this, I think. Oh no, USA, there we go so now.

It is currently switching my IP from Canada to the United States. It takes a couple of minutes and now you can see it says my IP has been switched and I get a notification. So now I can turn that off now sometimes and your cookies might be stored or something it takes a while.

But what I’ll do is just use a different user here hold on one sec. Here, switch my user okay. So now, hopefully this will work if I go to Bing. If not, you can also use incognito, which is the selection up here, just go new incognito window and it should work as well in there.

So let’s type in grow. Eyelashes grow, eyelashes. Right here and see if there’s any ads, so there are ads here, for you know actual products, but there’s. Also the lash boost eyelash conditioner there’s.

The ad you can see all the wordings and stuff moving down there’s. Another ad here you can see they’re labelled ad right. So I get way more ads when I switch my IP to us, so make sure that if you’re trying to spy free that you understand that you need to change your IP address so that you get the ads that are being targeted to You in that, whatever country you choose, okay, coming down, you can see more ads here, grow eyelashes at Amazon there’s, the eyelash stimulator for booster for eyelash growth.

So this is something close to what I might be promoting here. I need to get a little more detail on the offer again that I’m running just to make sure and and many times again. Obviously, I can just ask networked themselves to give me some landing pages and some targeting advice, but let’s just copy that link in here for a second and what I can also do to spy on this offer is go to one tool here.

It might still allow me one second here, okay, so yes, the tool that I was looking at was similar web com. It just appears that this this offer is fairly new, so it’s not on there yet, but I could type in and it would tell me other places that they’re advertising and what I’m.

Actually searching is eyelash enhancer. This is the actual offer. As you can see, it is an eyelash enhancer with hormones and all that kind of stuff. Okay. So this is what I was searching on both Bing and Google, and I can see more ads on Google as well, but you can see that people are also running it on bing.

So once I find the ads that I want you know, I take them and I put them into a file like the notepad or whatever it is. You can just find, and you know you just copy your ad copy and then once you’re.

Coming in and setting up your own ads, you can kind of use the same style, but what I’m looking for also is a landing page. Okay, so I need to find again where are the affiliates running this stuff? Okay, if the net? If the network’s not going to give me a landing page, then maybe I need to come here and find one.

So is that possible? Well, usually, it is with a lot of work and effort. You just keep trying different keywords until you find one that looks like an affiliate landing page. So these are articles, so this is a review site.

This looks like something an affiliate would do you know the top seven growth serums. This looks like something affiliate would do so they’re, probably getting paid Commission’s on each one of these okay.

Coming down you can see this looks very affiliate style in terms of getting commissions okay, so they basically just done a review style page. This is allowed on Google search because they’re, actually providing value.

Okay, they’re, giving people exactly what they’re talking about in their ads, and it basically is a one pager. This is, you know, one page top two, seven, I’ll and answers you can see they have the about and the contact information that’s professionally done nothing much more.

There’s, no big major blog. It’s, just an affiliate review site and it’s been done, they have their address here. This is all just to make Google happy. Okay, they haven’t about us. So a lot of people think that affiliates can’t run on Google search, but they can as long as you follow the Terms of Service and you actually provide what you’re offering and provide value, and you’re.

Not gonna see like a highly aggressive advertorial here on Google. You might Bing, because Bing is a little more lenient towards what affiliates do on their networks. So you can. You can try that so we’ve covered search traffic.

If you want a tool that you know, you can again use that you can pay, for. There are two there’s. Ice peonage is a tool, and there’s. Also, I’m gonna turn off my IP cuz. As you can see, it slows down my computer a little bit when you’re using it one of those.

So I’m, just gonna turn it off now I don’t need to use that I’ve shown you the example so now I just want to show you a couple tools quickly now, if you like this Channel and you’re watching YouTube right now and please subscribe.

While I’m pulling up these websites subscribe to my channel click, the little button over here on the right and subscribe, or click below and use the bell icon, those that’ll help me build this channel.

Obviously, and if you have any comments or questions, please post them below and I will respond so here we have ice peonage. I again spelled it wrong, but this is the official website here, and this is a tool that allows you to spy on a competitor.

Okay, so if you have a competition, a competitor, you can see all the keywords they’re bidding on. You can see some of their ads. You can actually download all of their keywords and you can download all of their ads.

You can see their landing pages, it’s, it’s, a pretty a pretty good tool and it works both for search engine optimization strategies, as well as doing your search ads. Okay, so I’ve used this like even recently.

I use this tool. It’s, a great tool. Now there’s, also another one called spa. I foo for your your search and keyword stuff. Okay, so, where’s that right here spyfu, you can also use this one again, you type in your competition and you see basically what they’re doing now, you can, if you don’t know who your competition is.

I would just go to like for the eyelashes example I type in eyelash enhancer, and I see what are the top search engine results in terms of competitors, and then I would just plug them in here, and you can see every single little thing about what they’re doing you can see their ads.

You can see what ads there have been running the longest. You can see keywords that they’re, focusing on for their search engine, optimization strategies like their articles. All the stuff is inside here.

It’s, a tool that you can use now. If you’re looking to do display ads on Google, this isn’t the tool for you because it’s, not really showing you many display ads. It’s, more keyword based, so this is plugging directly into the Google Keyword tool and they’re also doing their own scraping of the Google Keyword results and all that kind of stuff.

So they’re plugged in through the API, and that’s all about keywords. Now, if you’re looking for display ads again there’s, another tool called a be your. It is here. You can see they’ve actually put up an ad, but I’ll click on this one.

Here I won’t, bother costing them any money today. Now, here’s, the ad beat again you type in your advertisers domain. It’s. Gon na show you all of their display ads that they’re running. Ok, so let’s just see if it gives you anything for free here today see it gives you a little bit of free data.

Epidemic, obviously wants you to create your free account so that you can start looking at their stuff. But again you’re got to pay some good, some good money to get access to the full database, but this is a great tool for anyone.

Looking to run, Google display ads or display ads in general lots of ideas in here lots of good content that you can use, and you can see, of course, all the landing pages. They have the direct native programmatic channels, all that kind of stuff.

So that should keep anyone busy for a very, very long time. Okay, there’s, so much you can do to find stuff for free online and for me, I’m, going to kind of just look around and find some more stuff about this offer that I’m gonna pitch.

I’m gonna ask the network, you know: do you have some better landing pages or which which product is selling the best on this page? So I can focus directly on that product. There’s, lots of ways to do this right, so I’m gonna.

Do that I’m gonna, maybe perhaps build my own landing page. First, I’m, not just gonna direct link to this offer. Obviously it might work on some traffic sources like if I’m searching on Bing for eyelash enhancer.

This might work. You know if I use that keyword in my ads and send them directly to this page. I’m gonna test. All of that and try and get that $ 50 conversion. I get 50 bucks and you know the customer here pays 50 bucks.

So if they, if they buy this, I get a hundred percent of the the actual sale price, which is great now. Obviously, this company here is gonna make a ton of money on the back end by upselling and selling them more products.

But for me, if I can just focus on breaking even or not breaking even I mean I want to make a profit, so I want to make sure that I’m, getting a customer for less than 50 bucks. So if I can spend 30 bucks and get a customer, then I make 50.

Then we’re all happy and I just scale that by you know increasing the budget, finding more keywords that relate or if I’m running Bing right now, there’s, a whole bunch of other ways. Obviously, this will work on Facebook.

I could scale using Facebook as well, so hopefully that video helped. You find spy tools, how to find how to find all that kind of stuff and remember don’t just go out and copy make sure you. You know test and tweak and find your own strategies by looking at what other people are doing so again, if you liked my channel, if you like this video, please subscribe like comment whatever it is.

It’ll help me get the word out and if you have any more questions, you can always hit me up in the forum at power hose affiliate com. I have a forum in there. I do answer people’s. Questions directly premium members can contact me privately and ask me questions directly and there are also some case studies and stuff for premium members, including webinars, and all that kind of stuff.

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