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So one of the biggest questions that I get from my audience and my clients and my customers is: how can we spy on our competition right? How can we go and see the ads that they’re running the type of videos that the headlines they’re using because there’s? A very good reason to want to do this? If you are going out there and spending your money on advertising and you’re testing out the waters that can potentially be a big waste of money.

What if we could just go and find the best performing ads from our top competitors and people that we already know are producing profitable returns? That would make our marketing so much easier right.

Well, there is actually a way to do it and I’ve been utilizing it for the past few years and it’s been very, very profitable for me. So in today’s. Video I’m gonna show you three different ways that you can spy on your competition and basically just swipe their best-performing ass, [, Music ], a step Rashida I don’t, know anymore other words.

Alright, let’s. Get this show on the road, so, firstly, if you’re new to my channel, welcome, my name is John Pema thie. I help entrepreneurs and business owners get more customers and acquire them profitably online.

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We would appreciate that so in today’s, video, as I mentioned in the intro. I want to talk about spying on people’s ads, like we all know that one of the fastest ways to grow the sales of our products and generate more customers and more clients online is paid advertising right.

You ‘ Ve really got two ways to go out there and market your business. You can use free strategies, things that don’t cost anything necessarily financially, but it takes your time right. Look at this an example of that is trying to do SEO and get your website’s, ranked the top of Google or posting articles or posting videos like this on YouTube and hoping that someone eventually comes and sees your video like that.

That’s, a that’s, a long-term strategy, a slower approach, but it’s free and you’re. Investing your time. Then you ‘ Ve got paid traffic, which is more instant. You’re in more control of how many visitors you’re getting to your website, but you’re paying for it.

So you’re saving time. You’re, putting money up front, but now you ‘ Ve got a bit more control bit more power. So really you should be utilizing both, as I do in my company, but paid ads is something special.

If you have that ability to just turn on an ad and generate traffic at the drop of a hat, it’s very, very powerful. But the problem is because you are spending money, and this is probably the issue that you ‘

Ve run into we’re, actually spending your hard-earned money. It’s. It’s, a very high-risk game right. You could spend money trying to acquire some some traffic and some visitors and ultimately try and get some customers, and you could spend a thousand dollars on Facebook ads or YouTube ads and get literally nothing zilch nada right.

So we ‘ Ve got to find a way that we can get somewhat of an unfair advantage and one of the ways that I do that is I go ahead and have a look at my competition, the people around me in my industry.

I find out what is already working and I can start to model that so what I’m going to do in today’s. Video, I’m gonna show you three ways that I go ahead and spy on. My competition find their best performing ads and then start to model those, but one thing I want to make clear before we go into this: is that your industry, your product, your sales, funnel your sales process, everything’s, gonna be different.

So the example is that I’m gonna show you don’t necessarily take those as you need to do. Something like that. I’m, going to show you examples from my industry right and then what you’re going to do. Is you’re, going to go ahead and research, your own competition see what they’re doing and model them right.

So the first thing I want to show you is the one that is more common. You may know this. If you don’t, this will be helpful for it’s. Gon na jump over here to the screen. What you don’t want to do. First, informant’s, go to google and you’re gonna want to search for facebook ad library.

This is a feature that Facebook did bring out a little while ago. Now, but not everyone knows about it. So you’re gonna click on that and essentially gonna, be it’s. Gon na be an archive of everyone who has a business page on Facebook that is running ads and you can go ahead and spy on those people.

So you can see some recent searches from me. There’s, just people in my industry that I’m. Most of them are friends with and just checking out what they & #. 39 ve got going on on the ad side of things.

So let’s say we go in here and we just do a search for I don’t know let’s, do a search for Russell Brunson. Perhaps I’m, not sure if he’s got any ads running at the minute, but we click on Russell Brunson, and here we go.

We get to see all the ads that he is currently running. We can search for make sure this is ticked by the way, make sure that all ads is ticked. You can filter by country. Now I like to change it to all, so we can see everything and what’s really neat about this? Is you’re? You’re actually seeing when this ad started running.

So you see this one here so started running on February 17. 2020. Well, today,’s. Date has a time of recording this 19th of February. So two days ago, they started running that, so we’re, not going to get a huge amount of insight on how well that’s performing.

We can see the network’s, that it’s, running on Facebook, Instagram audience Network and Messenger. We can see the copy the image and we can even go ahead and click on the learn more button and actually see what page that ad runs to and what page it goes to right.

But here’s where it gets cool, we can scroll down and go further and further and further into the selection of ads. He’s got running and we ‘ Ll actually start to see the the what we start to see it goes down in date right.

So I’m gonna start to see. Lets you scroll down quite a bit. I’m gonna start to find ones that have been on running and active for a while. So you see this one here February 3rd. I know that Russell’s.

Team’s, going pretty aggressive at the minute, so they’ve got tons about starting. But if I just scroll back just a little bit here, let’s. Just keep going man, they ‘ Ve got a monstrous amount about to go.

Let’s just this is doing this one here, for example, December twenty. First, two thousand nineteen, this one is still running right. It’s, still active. We can see that here. So what I’m learning from that is, I’m thinking, okay, so this ad here, if it wasn’t performing and it wasn’t doing well, they would not continue to run this ad and advertise With this ad, so I’m gonna go ahead and have a look at the copy.

What do I think is working about the copy? What’s working about the headline? I can see that they ‘ Ve got the exact same headline here here and here on a multiple different ads, so that headline they’ve, probably tested.

You know quite a lot and they’re. Getting some great results with it, so I’m gonna kind of learn something from the headline I’m gonna use Russell Brunson zone approach right a funnel hacking. In this case, I’m headline hacking.

I’m just gonna go ahead and I’m gonna take ideas from that and I’m gonna copy it. I’m gonna model it right. So this is why the Facebook ad library is really helpful because we can see the date and we can see if it’s still active and we can learn from that.

One thing to mention: is you’re not going to see the engagement on the ad, so if it had, if it has likes and comments and shares, you won’t see that so, if you don’t see them Here, don’t. Take that as no-one’s engaged with it.

It just means that Facebook’s, not showing you that all right, so that’s, the first thing: Facebook, ad library. You should dive straight into that. You should go find your top competitors, find the name of the business page that they’re running their ads from and then come in here and start spying on them and seeing what they’ve got going on alright, so that’s, the first way.

The second way that we can spy on ads is by actually just going to your own timeline on Facebook, and so you just go ahead and scroll down and see the ads that you’re being hit with. So there’s an ad here from someone called Tanner, and I can go ahead and save this ad.

If I like the sound of it, if, if it’s got a good headline or if I particularly knew that this guy Tanner was successful when running ads, then what I can do is I can hit these three dots up here and I can Save that link – and I can even add to a collection – and I can put it in a folder – I’ve – got tons of folders.

I’ve got a folder for short video ads. I’ve got a folder for long video ads. I’ve, got a folder for short ad copy and longer ad copy, so I can go back and whenever I am running a new ad and I’m. Looking for inspiration for an ad that I want to run on Facebook, I can just go ahead and have a look in this archive of ads that I’ve saved and start to spark some creativity.

So, rather than trying to plan an ad and and trying to write it out from a blank slate, I can go ahead and inspire myself by looking through my archive of saved ads all right. What’s gonna make this more effective, is, as you’re scrolling, finding an ad that so like here’s, another one here from from a buddy of mine Alex, but there’s, not a great Amount of engagement on it yet, which shows me that it’s, just it hasn’t, particularly taken off.

Yet not doesn’t mean it’s, a bad ad. It just hasn’t. It hasn’t had enough proof of concept for me to know if it’s working yet same with this one. Here I’m, hoping that we can get an example of one that that is no, that one’s not either.

If we don’t find one soon I’ll. Just tell you what I’m thinking, another one here: okay, I’m gonna tell you what I’m thinking. So if I came across an ad – and I saw it had tons of likes tons of comments, tons of shares at that point or if it’s a video ad and it says it’s, got hundreds of thousands of views or Even millions of views at that point I’m gonna go flip.

That’s, obviously doing well because they wouldn’t have continued to run it for that long. So I would save that ad down in my archive right that’s. The second point, the third way – and this is one that I find really interesting, because hardly anyone knows about this and no one really uses it, and I’m heavily utilizing.

It is spying on on ads on YouTube right, so spying on those video ads that pop up how we do this. You know there’s. No, there’s, no tool available at the time of recording this to just go ahead and search through as YouTube doesn’t.

Give you there that information readily available. So what we do instead is we go to YouTube and, as you can see on the front page, you can see the top videos that I’m into. I like Impractical, Jokers if you haven’t seen these guys.

They’re. Absolutely hilarious can binge watch those for hours but anyway, so we go in here and I’m gonna search for a very, very broad term. For my industry you can do the same. So if you’re in the weight-loss industry, you would literally just type in weight loss.

I teach Facebook ads in one of our courses, so I might just type in Facebook ads and I’m gonna go ahead and find one of the most popular videos. In fact, this one here from my from my buddy of terrible my buddy Kevin David III – I already advertised on top of this one because it does very well for us, so he’s, got 2.

3 million views on this video right. So I’m gonna find a big video, and you got to do the same. You in your industry, you got ta find one that has tons of views that advertisers are likely advertising.

On top of I’m gonna go ahead and click on this, and you’re gonna see an app pop up and look who it is it’s. Yours, truly, I told you that advertised on top of this, so you’re, going to see the ad pop up on top of the video and every time we refresh the video we’re gonna get a new ad show up.

So how funny would it be? If i refresh this and it’s me again, let’s, take a look refresh. It again boom me and Aaron again another Atlas press, let’s, see how long we can keep this train going. Do it again hit me again me again, dude I’m owning this video.

Let’s. Go against me again: let’s, refresh it again, dude, look at look it’s different video. Every time, man I’m just taking over the platform. Are you boy? Alright? I lost my ax lost my place. Who is this guy? I need to outspend him anyway, so you can see I’m doing this.

I’m living this game. I’m playing this game anyway, so now this is actually helpful. I’ve. Come across someone I’ve, never seen before I never heard of him before. So what I want to do at this point, once you’ve got past, seeing on your own ads and whatever else, then you’re going to right click.

You’re, going to right click on the video you’re gonna click on stats for nerds, and when you click on that up here, the only one you care about is this one here’s. This video ID – and this first block here that is the ID of the video itself, the actual ad that is running right.

If you look at his ad right now, you can’t see how many views it ‘ S got because the views down here is subject to Kevin’s, video, not the ad. So you don’t, see the views you don’t, see the engagement.

Don ‘ T know how well that ad is actually performing. It might be day one of this person advertised video. So how do we know if it’s performing well well, here’s, how we do it! We go ahead and get our fingers ready on command C, because you have to act quick because it disappears quite quickly, so you gonna hover over whoopsie, I just screwed up.

Let me try the only hit. Let me tell you how to good. Oh man see. I’m a pro at some things. Not at this come on see come on baby. Let’s, go get that man got it alright. So now I’m gonna go ahead, just open up some other random video.

So let’s. Click on this little, this little little guy here. The reason why I’m, doing that I just I just want to have the thing in there dressed by hit. So everything after the equals sign is the video ID.

So I’m gonna go ahead and delete everything else, and now I’m gonna paste command V. The ID that I just grabbed from the ad and I’m gonna enter and that’s. Gon na take me to that. Guy’s. Guys hit me that guy’s, video ad, but now this is the actual page that that video ad is host on.

So I can see now the stats now don’t don ‘ T worry about likes. Don’t worry about comments, because no one sees the this page, so no one would have interacted anyway. All I’m. Looking at is the views alright, so what I’m looking at is, I’m.

I want to know if this video has hundreds of thousands of views or millions of views. If it does, that’s, a very good sign that the video is doing well, if you look at the stats for the ad and it’s only got 10,000 views, then that’s, not very impressive, that that could Still be the first week of that ad running and there’s, no reliable data yet, but once they start getting into hundreds of thousands of views or millions of views that’s.

When you can go okay, this they’re continuing to spend to promote this video. It must be doing well. So what I like to do is I like to archive it and what you’re finding is I’ve? Even got a folder here already, you can see it YouTube ads and I save it down.

But what I do is I saved down YouTube ad that the topic so grow your business and then here’s. That here’s, that the main thing then I put down how many views it ‘ S got right now and the reason why I’m doing.

That is because I’m gonna save this. I’m gonna bookmark it I’m, not actually going to save this one, because I don’t really care about this one too much, but I would save it and now, one month later or whatever time food You know suits you, you come back and you come and check the video again and if it’s still at two hundred and thirty three thousand views and they’re.

Not they’re, not continuing to really promote this, because the views haven’t gonna. If I come back in a month and that view count is at 500,000 or a million. Now I’m being told with reliable data. They are continuing to promote that video.

It must be doing well. So then, I’m gonna go ahead and dissect the video learn from it and potentially kind of do a remodeled version. Myself make sense, so that is how you do it you to that’s like a really super sneaky thing that you can do, and you can start to build up a real archive in your bookmarks of all these YouTube ads that you’re coming across and you can come back in and check those out at a later date see what’s working.

So if you like that extra little sneaky trick there go ahead and leave a comment below and say which they say: sneaky type sneaky in comments box, if you like my little sneaky YouTube ad trick. But with that listen I hope that was helpful for it that there’s, something very powerful about spying on on what your competition are doing and starting to formulate some ideas for your own ads based on what is proven.

So I really hope this was helpful for you. If this video was helpful, do me a favor go ahead and hit the like button on this video it’s. The only way that I know that you’re enjoying these videos and encourages me to make more of them so go ahead, hit the like button leave me a comment.

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