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I show you the products, etc. Quite a few people commented part 2. They wanted a part 2, a follow-on from that video. So thank you very much to everybody who did comment um. So this is part 2. Then, in this video I’m.

Going to be showing you one more store, so a six figure store toning over six figures per month, its best-selling products, their facebook ads. It’s, running its store, absolutely everything, and then, at the end of the video I’m.

Going to show you how I found these stores so make sure you stay tuned for that, because it’s. An important skill to have in any business is to make sure that you keep learning and the best place to learn is from those existing stores that are producing those good results.

So just to make sure really that you keep up to trend with what products are. Currently, selling what style of Facebook ads are working just those kind of things. If you missed part, one make sure you go and check out our we’ll, put a link, it’ll, be the first link in the video description below.

I’ll. Also put it in a comment too. So you can’t, miss it and just go check those stores out. Really they’re quite interesting. They’re, both general stores. There were some pretty cool products, in fact that I’ve, never seen myself before.

So it just goes to show that when you do do the research and you check out stores you’ve, never seen before, then you will come across some products that you might not otherwise fine, so yeah make sure you check out part 1.

That being said, thanks for tuning in, I hope you enjoyed this part 2 and yeah. Let’s, get straight into store number one. What’s up guys? So here we are then on still number one. It’s called a little style shop.

Just to show you kind of like a generalized overview then, and they have free shipping store wide, so they do ship internationally and they have a hundred percent lifetime guarantee and all their products.

So it’s, quite a bold claim, but obviously it’s, a brilliant way of gaining that kind of trust and proof and kind of giving that guarantee to your customers. So they feel safe shopping with you, even though they might not know who you are the flags.

Are you offering a hundred percent lifetime guarantee shows you have confidence in your products. As you can see, then they sell multiple products on different issues. So again, this is a general store.

General stores do work, don’t. Let anybody else tell you otherwise, and then, apart from that, that’s, pretty much it as you can see it’s quite basic, and there’s, not really a lot else to show you guys we can go to Their catalog and see that other kinds of products that they sell, but at the end of the day you guys can go into their store and see this information for yourself.

What we’re interested in then, is we want to find out what their best product is, and we want to find out exactly how many units of that product and they are selling essentially then as a whole. What we want to look at is their sales funnel, because that is what we want to then take notes from, and they even replicate and use his inspiration to implement it to where in store.

So when I refer to the sales funnel, I’m. Referring to the ads that they’re running the products that they’re selling and then the product page as well. So it was really important to have a look at the product page because lots of different stores use lots of different styles and they work for lots of different products too.

So if we just use this handy little Chrome extension, it’s called Shopify inspector 100 % free. It’s, going to give us a bunch of interesting information and that we can use ourselves to number one their shop.

Fire theme that they’re using its called debut. This is a free theme that anybody can install and once you’ve signed up to a Shopify plan, it will tell you a bunch of different applications and this store is using.

But what is most interesting is their best selling products and it kind of lists it from top to bottom in best selling to worse in it. So we can see straight away from this particular store that best selling product is this posture corrector now? This is where this dog is quite interesting, or at least it does for me, because they don’t really use like a textbook product page layout, as you can see it’s quite kind of just random and all over the place.

At the moment, there’s, no kind of signs of an Add to Cart button or anything like that and then once we scroll down. This is essentially where the customer can make a purchase. So it’s very different to typically what I would teach or typically what I would recommend, but, as I’m about to show you, this is what’s working for these guys and it’s.

All about testing to find out and what works. The next thing I want to show. You, then, is proof that this store is absolutely killing it and doing really well, and that is proven, then, by how much traffic they’re getting so this extension is called similarweb calm.

It will give you kind of like this, draw that pops out and gives you this information you can see on your screen, but if we go across to more insights, it’s, going to give us a load, more information that will help us kind Of understand what this store is doing so again we have that information.

We can then start to implement that kind of strategy into our own stores. Number one, then, is a traffic overview, as we can see, these guys are consistently getting over 100,000 visits per month, which is very good if you watched in part one.

The difficult thing with drop shipping is getting these consistent results. It’s, easy to find – or at least it was me that what that first initial products that did really well, but what I struggled with then was having that next product so again to keep the traffic up, keep the sales up and overall, just Maintain a profitable business.

One thing I can tell you about these guys is that the fact that they’re driving consistently really decent traffic numbers, so over a hundred thousand per month. In fact, 150 thousand, as you can see, was the lowest in October, and then these guys have gone as high as three hundred and sixty thousand, which is really good.

They wouldn’t, be able to bring this amount of traffic in without paying for ads and ads are expensive. So what I’m trying to say then, is these guys are making a profit there’s no way they would consistently get these traffic numbers if they weren’t profitable next thing is, we can see where the traffic Come from majority from us, so if this is a product you won’t have a go with then I’ll recommend focusing on the us.

Next thing is the traffic sources. Sixty eight percent is from socials, which is a good sign, because the chances are these guys are paying for ads and then, where this store gets really interesting. If we just scroll down, it will actually tell us what social platform this traffic is coming from and, as we can see it’s coming from YouTube, so these guys are running ads on YouTube.

Now. This is something I’ve sat to experiment with myself, because in terms of the e-commerce world in comparison to Facebook at least, then it’s, not very competitive whatsoever. So if you guys do want some content on YouTube ads and the kind of things I’ve been getting up to and then just leave some sort of comment down below.

So that means that the guys we’ve seen the shop. We’ve, seen the amount of traffic again, we’ve, seen their best selling products. Now we want to see the kind of Facebook ads that run in so I headed over to YouTube.

I put little star shop in and within about ten seconds, I was able to find their YouTube page. It’s, the same logo, everything and they’ve got three different videos. So what this tells me is this: these are the three different video as that they’ve been experimenting with and if you just look at the view numbers so one hundred eighty subscribers – and this video here has got 15 million views.

So this video here is by far their most successful and this video here the chances are, has drove the majority of that traffic and the majority of the sales. So if you’re watching this video now then as a beginner and you’re, not quite sure where, to start and in this video I’ve, just shown you a six-figure products, I’ve just shown You a product page layout that you can replicate, and I’m about to show the ad then to produce those results so essentially head over to this page replicate something similar.

Don’t use the same content. Don’t chop and change it. If you’re serious about creating a business, is gonna be sustainable. Make you lots of money, then you have to be original. You have to create your own content and you have to do things from scratch.

It’s, just gonna come across as so much more professional and you’re, not going to run the risk of receiving some sort of cease and desist or getting your Facebook account banned. So that means something guys that is the Facebook ad.

That is pretty much everything I wanted to show you with this store. If you want more videos like this in the future, make sure you just let me know in the comment section below I tend to go on what kind of reaction these videos gets and what kind of comments I see.

So if you do want me to do kind of more store reviews and show you more products etc, make sure you leave a comment down below so that’s kind of about the first part of the video done. The second part of the video is, I want to show you how I found these stores and it’s only gonna.

Take me a couple of minutes. To be honest: it’s, actually really easy to do so. I’ll. Take you back to the beginning of the process. Let’s. Go back to Google, and all you want to do then, is if just type in my IP dot M s and then space Shopify.

As you can see, I’ve searched this before and then the one that you’re looking for is this one here that comes up with Shopify incorporate it. If you just click on that, as you can see, I have done before it’s, going to take you to this page here and essentially what this is is it lists all the current websites that are using Shopify as a host or essentially these Are all the Shopify stores in the world basically or all that kind of active and current ones? And as we can see, the number one is obviously my Shopify com and then number two is cocom and what you’ll soon, be surprised by a fact is when you start scrolling through these, you’ll start seeing some big names.

Some home names, if that’s, the right term, some home brand names that everybody’s, heard of so jeffree star cosmetics was a big one. Jim shot com – I’m, pretty sure most people would have heard of on page two on VQ fit again.

Another big company blend jet comm, which is awfully gen Celtics company, which is one of the biggest kind of Fitness influencers on Instagram. You’ve got a fatality design. Mb MT watches, hi go shop again.

I’ll. Just show you this one quickly. I’ve covered these guys before in another video, but this is one of the biggest, if not the biggest general store on Shopify at the moment, and these guys have been in business from I don’t know how long actually, but It’s at least years and years and years, so these guys are consistently able to produce those profitable results so again, another store that you guys should definitely definitely definitely check out.

Was that being said that, in terms of actually finding these general stores and what I tend to do is actually just kind of flip through these every kind of maybe once a week, maybe once every couple of weeks, because it updates and you’ll, See that kind of stores go up and down a list depending on how big they are, how much traffic they’re getting.

But when you go through these stores, you can kind of pick out which ones are like the dropship in general stores buy. What their name so, for example, hyegyo shop, it’s, quite a general name for a sharp, typical goodies.

Comm again, this featured in part one. The previous video and typical goodies kind of just lends itself to that kind of general store and, as you can see, they sell general products and any other thing you can do as well, which is actually really handy.

So if, for example, you are in a dog niche, you can come on here and if you just put dog in here and then hit Search, it’s. Gon na give you all the websites that have the word dog in so you can go through all these different sites, open them up and just find ones that are actually dropship and dog products see what their best scented products are and then just go from there And we’ve got me sitting guys.

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