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We’re testing, a lot of offers on push notifications, mainly our sweeps of course, but obviously we want to know what works. So apparently, this spider has a free trial and, as it says, you’ve been granted a trial period as soon as you sign up for spy push in the trial period.

You can access scroll in five countries: France, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. In our system for 24 hours, you can get more when you purchase, I just want to have a look around and that’s. What I’m, going to show you today, so as you can see, the overview is very simplistic.

The the side bars don’t give you that much information. Let me see what the full access gives you that’s. Obviously, so one month is 40 49, three months 125, six months, 240. Alright, these tools often get taken down.

So I would never go for six months, but you can search by keyword. You can search by country, France, Germany, Indonesia, Germany is also in the in the trial version. Let’s. Go for Germany down languages, types, mobile networks.

That is very interesting alright, so I want to show, as you can see so this would be a neutral offer. This would be awesome. Cash on delivery, black white – I don’t know what this is. Maybe it’s also stuff, like that.

The nice thing is that they have the landing pages there, so you can just click on it, and this is an editorial, for, I would say, neutral product yeah read it slim, so you can check basically everything this for black latte and cash-on-delivery offer.

So you can check that and it’s also an editorial. But when we look at where the hyperlinks are yeah yeah black latte, when I click it, I think the ad combo offer see it goes to the German land for Black Manta.

So it all works really well. So, despite what gives us actually the real ads, which is interesting, so this is dating offer casino, adult sex thing. A MasterCard, interesting yeah, also diet, to say, I would say the the the arc the the gossip is being confirmed, and I know breaking news.

Interesting are Bitcoin. I’ll write a script up. You can see that there’s. A large variety of different offers, so you have one new message: you have one an iPhone X s. This is a sweepstake, so you can see these mainly run all on mega push.

So if you are not aware a couple of days ago are released, the new propeller add update. We’re. All almost all of these offers seen here cannot run because they don’t follow the new guidelines, but it’s, funny to see that they all run our mega push, which makes it more interesting, very, very interesting.

I’m very interested to see what what is it is. So this must be something adult sex-related lose weight fast, so we kind of see the same thing. Oh, this is interesting. This is maybe bit up. It says this is how you get paid.

Two thousand euros per day – maybe something like Bitcoin – maybe maybe all right. So this is Amazon voucher. So you can see the big pattern here is sweepstakes nutri, some crypto one casino we saw, but the Nutri is doing significantly in every row and obviously dating an adult.

So I would say these credit card things they’re, also sweepstakes, most likely. I hear we have some male enhancement interesting, interesting, very alright. So this is all for Germany right, also male enhancement.

Here, adult again interesting game will get what’s the World of Tanks. That is actually get app, install interesting. I said interesting already five to ten times. Alright, France, let’s, see what we get in front on mobile show: okay! Yes, I’m J date that’s push so it’s.

Nice. To see that you can see a lot of different networks in here it’s, mainly mega push. I haven’t seen that much propeller ads anymore, and maybe because of the take down, let’s. Just do this get way more.

It also filled it on last show, so we get the best fresh data all right. So this is France, yeah France, huge market, huge opportunities. This is a sweepstakes sweepstake, I would say sweepstakes which take as decide.

My French is not that great, no idea what this means a sweepstake adult, as you can see from the image also, I would say, dating sweepstake. This is interesting. What’s? This? The images is low quality, but it’s insurance, something I would say straight to the to the updates of this running direct interesting.

I don’t know if that works that well, I haven’t seen it before, but sure is interesting. So well. Basically, what I wanted to show you guys is that there’s, so many different things like this is also something random.

I don’t know what that is. Maybe it Canada immigration, it doesn’t, go to the right thing, but yeah a lot of sweepstakes you can see here. A lot of dating in in France mainly is dating a sweepstakes. What we see here here, we have some sugar, so it may be neutral here we have a casino but other than that it’s, all dating another casino and all dating and any sweepstakes, which is normal.

I would expect dating to work really well on on push and now the sweepstakes also obviously also dominate. As you can see, all these post logos there’s, also all sweepstakes, because they try to use the angle.

Like all you got a new message. You won this potentially but yeah. That, for sure, is interesting. Let’s just see if the Asian countries have something else to offer. So let’s. Go with Vietnam. I don’t.

I don’t, run. Anything in these kinds of countries we focus mainly on Tier one, but it’s interesting to see so this is all like sex things dating new try something with money. I would say this is also new track.

Varicose veins also her dating stop smoking. Ci, a lot of people smoke, probably there again male enhancement. This is good luck. Other bonus, yeah! Well, yeah! You can see a lot of adult and dating again male enhancement.

That kind of thing the images are very different. As you can see, I like how they really focus on the Asian, so they take the the right culture there, because otherwise it like this probably doesn’t work that well doesn’t.

Really it’s, not relatable Bitcoin, and it’s, a new track. I don’t know what this means. Maybe it’s, also male enhancement, that we can check if it’s, not yeah. Well, it was a little bit too too much for YouTube, I would say, but yeah, so these kind of things are in interesting.

So what you really can get from this spy tool there’s. Basically, all you can get so I would not use it to run the straight copy. As other people running, I would use it as an indication to get inspiration of what are people running.

How long have they been running it if these guys have been running it? For 14 days it must be profitable. I mean especially when you’re running down a high budget. It is mobile, let’s just check if we see anything else on desktop, because I would only run what about to be honest but Sweepstakes yeah the same pattern, a lot of dating some adult yeah.

So that is interesting. Make sure you check this out if you’re running push is free for at least a day. I am NOT interested in buying the the page version because I think from if I look at France and Germany, I can get a good indication of what it works in other countries.

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