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Hey there want to know how easy it is to make a squeeze page funnel want to know how easy it is to build a squeeze page funnel that works for you in automation and builds your most important asset, an online or offline business, and that’s, your list, you need something that’s, always building that asset, because that asset is what generates income right and we all want to increase our income.

If you want to increase income increase your list squeeze page funnels are the best way to do that and in this video I’m, going to show you how easy it is to do with a simple sales. Funnel builder stay tuned, [, Music, ], [ Applause, ], [, Music, ], hey! So in this video I’m gonna walk you through how simple it is to build a squeeze page funnel.

My name is Josh with groovy marketing and what you’re, going to really love about this funnel is its simplicity. Yeah. It’s, one of the most powerful funnels in all of online business and internet marketing, because it’s.

The funnel that you use to build your list, which is the most important asset in your entire business. I’m inside my click. Funnels account. Click funnels is just the best sales funnel builder on the internet.

In my humble opinion, and I would strongly recommend you to the click. The click funnels free 14-day trial. If you haven’t started a trial. If you don’t, have a click funnels account, you can use my affiliate link to get that free trial.

My affiliate link at no extra charge to you. I get paid a commission just FYI disclaimer, but as a bonus and a thank you, I give you all of these bonuses here. On this graphic, I’ll, give you a Facebook marketing course.

I give you a website traffic mini course. I give you a basic training course on how to use click funnels. I’m gonna show you that here in just a second as well 23 pre-built sales funnels how to rank YouTube.

Videos fast gets you into the affiliate marketing bootcamp unlimited email support. So I will I’ll. If you’re one of my affiliates, you can email me anytime for questions about your your sales, funnels training on how to set up custom domains, roadmap to email, marketing courses, my to email marketing, my funnel hacking playbook that’s huge And then a free training, video I did on how to increase sales by a hundred and fifty percent.

You get all of that when you sign up for Clint funnels using my affiliate link. Okay, so here’s, how you build squeeze page in clickfunnels! It’s, you know, thankfully, we are in a modern age where man we ‘

Ve got awesome tools, and so clickfunnels makes it this easy. I’m here on my primary dashboard. I’m gonna hit the add new button and this fun dialog box pops up you. If you’re. If you’re, a clickfunnels veteran, you can go plastic funnel builder.

I would strongly encourage you to use the cookbook builder process. It’s way faster and you’ll, be presented with shortcuts. So I’m gonna go this way. Okay and what this does is it gives you this filtering system based on what your priority and your agenda is in your business and for the sake of this video, the primary thing we want to do is generate leads, and so I’m gon Na check this box and it’s going to filter all of these options that I can use for my funnel, and I’m gonna go straight to squeeze page funnel right here.

This squeeze page funnel is a two page or at a two-step, funnel Russell Brunson. The CEO of click funnels is here. He gives a quick 30 second explanation, but what you do is you scroll down to step two, and here you actually get to pick from pre-made, either free or paid some members offer paid.

I guess highly designed funnels, but honestly they’re, not a prerequisite to your success. You can choose any of these, and I’m gonna choose this one right here, the breeze and when I click on this, you’ll, see it gives me the the quick preview and overview of the primary squeeze page and the Pretend the primary Thank You page and I can hit get funnel and it’s, basically going to import this funnel into my primary dashboard, where I can access it and start editing, and it takes me straight to the page editor which is well now.

I’m inside the new, funnel editor that I just imported and what you do is you hit the big orange button here called edit page and it’s, going to bring me into the actual editor where you can see when I Scroll over just generally, the blue and the orange and the in the seafoam green squares.

Well, these are all elements on the page that you can edit and you can, quite literally edit everything, even the background, colors and the background patterns, and the main thing that I would keep in mind is that you can double click on these elements, highlight them and Change them to the well specifically, this one is a text element, so you can change it easily, just by double clicking, highlighting just like any word processor would write, but then you can also hit the plus sign and add new elements.

If I wanted to add an image or a video, if I wanted to embed an audio player there’s, there’s, almost countless combinations of the elements that you can add and then these orange elements fit inside of these.

What these blue areas called rows, so the row holds the elements and the green is a section and the sections hold the rows. So you can see I’m here on the outer section and then, when I go inside here you can see a blue row and then, when I go deeper into the row, you can see the orange element and that’s.

Just how the hierarchy of the Builder works, but you can see the squeeze page, is a very simple cute call to action. There’s, a curiosity-driven headline there’s, a little bit of supporting copy and there’s.

A direct call to action that from Fitzhugh to only do one thing: if you’re, a visitor and that is to opt in and once they subscribe, you have now officially added them to your database, to your contact list to your email list and That’s, the list that is your most important asset in all of marketing, that’s.

The list that you’ll be able to sell things to this is the top of your funnel. We also call it tofu, tof you or mo foo mo fu middle of funnel right, and so I can hit save at any time. But one last tip I would give you is to make sure you always integrate going up here on the settings bar go to integrations, and this is where you can select which integration email.

Maybe you have a weber active campaign Infusionsoft on it, whatever email, marketing, software or CRM, that you are using as your marketing automation equipment. I also I endorsed Aweber. I’m, also an affiliate reseller of theirs.

I’ll, provide my affiliate link in the comments as well. If you sign up for click funnels or Aweber, be sure to email me directly, Josh at groovy marketing, dot, biz that’s. How you get access to my funnels! That’s, Josh at groovy marketing, dot, biz, and you can even change the font size here.

So if you noticed, I, my thought was too big for that. So this is how you get your your bonuses at any time when you sign up for click funnels or Aweber, but you can use any of the your tools of choice to integrate with clip funnels.

They’ve done a really good job on the back end of the system to integrate, with all the major marketing software’s out there and and and then make sure on your thank-you page. If I click over here on this funnel step, they call the pages step, see this funnel step, and I edit inside of this funnel step just make sure that you’re.

The role of your Thank You page is to deliver what you promised on the squeeze page and to also provide a message of trust and yes, delivery. And so this is how easy it is to use clip funnels and when you’re ready to integrate and ready to launch it.

You can go to your account settings and you can add your a weber or active campaign or Infusionsoft or whatever. You want to integrate MailChimp GoToWebinar all of these zoom. All of these various integrations you can hit add new integration, follow the it’s, a step by step process for everything they ‘

Ve got a tutorial for every one of these. It’s, also easy just to Google. So let’s, pretend you ‘ Ve got a constant contact. Just Google Constant Contact click funnels integration and there it is readily available it’s.

You don’t. You do not have to be a tech wizard you, don’t have to be a techie to win with click funnels, and so that, my friends, if you go to the funnel dashboard again here on the main, funnel dashboard, you’ll, See that my breeze squeeze page is waiting for me to edit once again and that’s, how we get things done, utilizing click funnels again, don’t forget if you, if you sign up using my click, funnels affiliate link, be sure To email me directly at Josh at groovy marketing biz, I do answer that personally.

I do check that regularly and I will send you access to my click funnels bonus area where I have a vault more than you’ll ever be able to use of skills and tools that will allow you to grow your business online.

I am a click funnels to comma Club winner. That means I’ve built a million dollar business with at least just one minimum one funnel I’m also, there click funnels dream car winter and I use squeeze pages every day.

In my businesses on autopilot to build my lists – and you should too okay again Josh here, be sure to subscribe, sign up start your free trial like this page. If you have the opportunity – and I hope you found this extremely beneficial to your – this video is helpful.

If you are looking into click funnels or you’re, not currently a click funnels user, I would encourage you to do so. And if you join using my affiliate link at no extra charge to you, I get paid a commission.

But as a thank you, I have a whole bunch of bonuses, click funnels bonuses that I give to you for free when you sign up using my affiliate link. So click on the info below this video make sure you get your click funnels account start your free trial.

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