The difficulty of Google AdSense


Many new online marketers start blogs or other websites to make money. Most, if now all, of these Internet marketers have looked into AdSense at one time or another. Basically what you have to do for AdSense is:

Build a website or blog,
Put content on it,
Sign up for Google AdSense,
Wait while Google puts the ads on your site,
Make money when someone clicks on those ads

Seems easy, doesn’t it? But implementation of those steps involves a lot of work. While great for making money when it first came out, getting income from Google AdSense now is more difficult than it looks.

Getting Approval

Actually, Google makes Google AdSense difficult (though not impossible) from the very beginning. Before they approve your application you must develop your first AdSense site. Getting that site approved means complying with some very strict rules and/or guidelines.

Reading and Understanding What You Need To Do

Google’s Terms and Conditions, Program Policies, and Webmaster Guidelines are 3 documents that should become a kind of AdSense Bible for you. Read, understand, and follow those instructions carefully before you submit your application and first website to Google AdSense for approval. Believe me; while the first site is hard work, it’s much more difficult to have to redo things. The good news is that after that first website you won’t need Google’s approval for the rest. Keep in mind that all of your sites must continue to follow those guidelines or you risk shutdown by Goggle.

Keyword Research

Another critical aspect to making money with AdSense is researching and choosing your keywords. This may be the most difficult part of building your AdSense site, because different keywords pay different amounts. For example, one keyword may pay $50 a click while another may only pay $0.01 a click. Obviously, the highest paying keywords are also the most competitive. My suggestion is to try to find keywords that have a reasonable payout per click (only you can determine what is reasonable for you), and still only low to medium competition. There are articles and ebooks available that explain how to do keyword research for AdSense.

Ads Limit and Placement

Once you have your site built and keywords chosen, you’re not through. Google only allows 3 AdSense ad units, plus 3 AdSense link units on each site. Since you don’t want ads all over the place, Decide now where on your site you want to place the AdSense ads. What are these units, and what do they look like on sites? Find more information about ads and units at

Now that you can identify the 2 types of units, let’s do some more research. Find the sites of the big money makers, especially in the credit, weight loss, health and other very popular niches. Where are their AdSense ads located on their site(s)? Do their AdSense ads have borders? What color are their ads? How do the ads coordinate and/or integrate with their site’s theme? These people have spent time, effort, and money to make their site(s) profitable. Copy and learn from them!

Other Ads on Your Sites

OK. You’ve found and studied successful AdSense sites. Wait! Those sites look like they have a lot more ads than Google allows. How can they do this? Google AdSense limits how many AdSense ads you can have on your site, but they do notlimit how many total ads you can have on your website. If you look closely you will find that the other ads on those sites come from sources other than Google AdSense, such as Amazon. Do you want additional ads on your site? Decisions are tough!

Building an AdSense site is difficult but definitely not impossible. Yes, Google makes you put a lot of time and effort into building your AdSense website(s). Think of it this way – you and Google are both making money from the advertiser. Would you put your advertising money into poorly done websites?

Remember, as much as you’d like to think you’re in control, Google AdSense is always still the boss!

Gini has been working in the online business area since 2008. As a retired teacher and educational consultant she recognizes where training falls short for newbies and other struggling internet marketers.

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