Top 3 Best Offers to Run on PropellerAds (Affiliate Marketing)

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Hey guys is Dean here again with team de brew and in today’s, video we are going to be taking a look at the propeller ABS Network and a little bit more detail about that. We’re, going to be taking a look at the top three offers to promote on the propeller ABS Network.

So if you guys are ready, let’s, go ahead and get started alright guys here we are. This is the propeller ABS website, propeller XCOM. If you guys aren’t aware of propeller ATS, they are a performance driven advertising platform for marketers and affiliates.

Basically, what we use them for is for our push notification campaigns. They have a great push traffic platform that allows us to promote our campaigns on and its really a good platform to start on. If you are looking to see if your CPA offers are going to convert well as well as build data, you know analyze and optimize and find out if this campaign is going to be something worth doing or if it’s, something that’s able to scale things like that.

So with that being said, let’s. Take a little look around a brief look around if the propeller ads Network, let’s, see a little bit more hoo about who propeller ads is and then from there. We’ll, go ahead and get into the beef of this.

Where we are going to tell you the top three offers – or you know, verticals or types of offers to promote on the propeller ads network with their push notification platform. So with that being said, let’s, go ahead and take a look at the platform here today.

So again, propeller ads right off the bat built for performance grow your revenue with performance driven advertising platform for marketers and affiliates. So you can sign up here as an advertiser. If you want to be an advertiser here or you can be a publisher at different things, whatever you want to do, let’s, see so one kind of cool thing about propeller ads is: they do have automated ad optimization so boost productivity by cutting Manual processes out auto optimize your ad campaigns using their automated system.

So basically, you’re not going to have to in here and get rid of all the types of zones and everything that you’re gonna want or get out and get rid of the zones that aren’t Performing well, you can set up some pre setup rules, things like that to go ahead and tell the automated system to make these changes for you.

So this will boost your productivity cut out a lot of the manual work that you would have to do yourself and that’s, kind of a benefit of them as well. They also are a really nice self-serve platform.

It’s, really easy to get started with propeller ads and to start promoting. Your different CPA offers. If you’ve seen some of our other videos here. Some of our watch me build videos. You’ll notice that we go through the setup somewhat quickly.

I mean enough for you to understand, but quickly, because I mean it’s pretty self-explanatory. Then they do reach around 1 billion users throughout all of their different advertising formats. As you can see here, they offer push notifications on click ads native ads and native interstitials.

Today, we’re only going to talk about really push notifications, since that’s. What this is really focused on, so they do have a nice push notification Network. One reason we do use them is because they actually have around 350 million real users on their push notification network alone.

This is a great again if you’re, really trying to test out a CPA, offer and see if it’s, gonna be canned, you know, convert well how it’s, going to react with the audience as well As build data to see if it’s, something that’s going to be worth optimizing on and scaling in the future, so yeah I mean that’s, that’s, pretty much it for that.

That’s pretty much straight forward and that’s that I mean they ‘ Ve got some basic stuff down here on like agency stuff, and if you want to learn a little bit more about their network, you could look into here as well as some of their partners that they work with.

So you might have seen some of our spicy offers videos or CPA matica ad combo, all of these networks that we work with. They actually are partners with us. Well and then these are just some reviews it looks like, but so with that being said, let’s, go ahead and get into the details of this video.

What you guys all showed up here for today talk about the three different offer types that were best on the propeller ABS network and actually propeller adds pretty much did all the work for me. So I don’t have to create any kind of a cute little slideshow or anything for you guys to follow along propeller ads actually has this in their blog.

What works best on their platform straight for them them straight from them themselves. So I’ve already got that pulled up here. So these are the easiest verticals to work with the three offer types that were best on propeller ads.

Let’s, take a look at them and see what they are. So the first one is obviously going to be dating. The dating industry is considered in Evergreen, because people need love all around a year. These offers usually have really high conversions and they can have a variety of pricing models depending on them, so any kind of dating offers adult stuff all that kind of stuff does really well on here.

One because you can’t promote those offers on a lot of the other networks like Facebook. Things like that they don’t really allow it, and because again it’s, something that pretty much everyone is interested in.

It’s relatable for everyone. It’s, pretty broad. When you’re. Looking to promote on push notifications, you want to take a look at some of the broad verticals or things that are really relatable to everyone.

So first one dating that’s. Gon na be a big one, as you see here, it’s, just gonna kind of give you a little dating thing, and the next category would be sweepstakes, so something that all of you guys are aware of.

We teach it quite a lot. Sweepstake offers that’s, our bread and butter, so sweepstake offers do really well on push notification campaigns. Specifically, you know, with propeller arrives like they’re, saying here, because they again are relatable to everyone.

They are broad, usually so they usually relate around getting some kind of retail store gift card like an amazon gift card or maybe a local store in your area or your country. They revolve around free gas people.

You know people always love free gas for things like that travel shopping, people love to things like that, so sweep state offers do really well as well, because, of course, people want to win things, they want to get free stuff and they just work really well on.

Here as well, so, lastly, let’s, see what the last one is here for propeller ABS and see what they have to say for that it looks like it’s, going to be a pin soles, so this is gonna be For any kind of software offers, which can vary quite a lot, you know you got like the desktop ones where they’re relating to antivirus type stuff, or maybe some java stuff McAfee any kind of programs to download – and this also goes into for App installs for mobile as well so any kind of games, any kind of productivity, mobile apps.

Sometimes you’ll, see like some casino, app type stuff installed all these type of things. These do really well on here as well. Just because again, they’re broad, so, as you guys can see, one thing with all of these different things is: they relate to a really broad audience that’s, something that you really want to keep in mind when you’re thinking about promoting your CPA offers on push notification that Forex life, propeller, ads or Xero Park or wherever it may be, with push notifications, because you can’t really get super detailed, like you can with Facebook, let’s say If you are promoting a coca-cola offer, you can’t necessarily go straight to coca-cola and promote coca-cola just within the detail targeting so it push ads.

Really, you only have you know a location type of thing. Sometimes they’ll. Let you even break down by city, but it doesn’t, really get too crazy with the detailed targeting that you can do with it. So when you do these offers, you want to promote things that are very broad, so I hope that helped you guys out here today.

I know it was kind of quick, but there’s, really not too much to talk about other than this. If you have any questions on how to set up any of these campaigns with any of the affiliate networks or any of the traffic sources or how to run, you know, push notification ads in general or do cpa marketing in general, you’re gon Na want to do a couple things one check out some of our other videos here on our channel there’s.

A lot of great information on here revolving around CPA, marketing, affiliate marketing, push notifications from Peller. Add zero. Are all of these great things. You’re, going to want to check out our channel.

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