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It’s, your bowl at Tyler Oden from affiliate double on in today’s. Video I’m gonna show you how you can get absolutely filthy, rich up to cryptocurrency affiliate programs. We’re gonna go over how one affiliate made 1998 Bitcoin, which is 17 million US dollars.

People in these six programs. We’re gonna be going over our finance coin, based coin payments, change, le ledger, wallet and purse. I’m, going to show you how much money you can make off each affiliate program.

Okay, so the first one is the best one and it is finance. Finance is one of the biggest cryptocurrency trading platforms in the world. My opinion it’s the absolute best, and you can make 20 % to 40 % of trading fees from people.

You refer forever, okay, so every single time someone makes a cryptocurrency trade on this platform. Once you have signed them up, you will get a cut okay because they take a small fee and you will get 20 to 40 % of that.

Okay, and this is the finance platform you can log in you can view different coins read about coins. Trade. Do all sorts of things and they have a bunch of different all coins, as well as the big coins like Bitcoin and aetherium.

And if we go to the referral page, you can see the top three people. Okay and the number one affiliate has already made almost 2,000 bitcoins, which is absolutely insane, that is over 17 million dollars and when you sign up to be an affiliate with Finance there’s, no approval or anything.

You just sign up to the platform and you can start inviting people right away. Okay, and you will make a commission of 20 % of the trading fees. However, if you buy 500 by Nantz coin, you will start to make 40 % of the trading fees.

Okay, the next program we’re gonna go over is coin base, and I’m super excited to talk about this one because for the longest time they ‘ Ve. Just had this very simple referral program where you can give $ 10 in BTC to somebody and once they have spent $ 100, you will get $ 10 okay, so once they’ve spent a hundred you both get $ 10.

However, this is pretty small, but coinbase just stepped it up and coinbase is another cryptocurrency exchange. Okay and for the longest time it was one of the main platforms where people would were able to use debit and credit card to buy into crypto.

So it’s very, very popular okay, so coinbase just added an affiliate program, which is absolutely amazing. They did not have this before. It is brand new and it’s very similar to finance okay, but you will get 50 % of the fees of the trading fees for the person you refer.

However, it’s, not as good as finance, because they only do it for the first three months and Finance does it for life? Okay, but it is still pretty sweet and I think you can make a lot money off this, especially if you can refer some whales or a lot of big people, but for the average person you’re better off.

If you’re, just referring somebody tiny to coinbase, then you’re better off doing this get $ 10 bitcoin! Okay, because the trading fees are pretty small, so the person has to do a pretty significant amount of volume for it to really count as a lot of money.

So if you’re referring people with a lot of money, I would definitely check out this affiliate program. Otherwise, I would just use the basic referral $ 10 program and anybody can do the $ 10 one you don’t need to get approved, but the affiliate program you do need to get approved.

Okay, the next company we’re gonna be going over is coin payments in coin payments is basically the PayPal for cryptocurrency. It allows websites to accept over one thousand three hundred seventy different alt coins for only a half a percent.

Okay, and if you couldn’t refer businesses to coin payments who want to accept crypto payments, you will get 25 percent of the transaction fees for the first five years. So, every single time someone buys something at that store and coin payments takes their little cut.

You will get 25 % of that for five years okay, so this is a great great program. If you can refer companies and Koya payments integrates PrestaShop will Commerce and a lot of e-commerce platforms out there.

Okay, they have a lot of tools for websites who want to be able to take cryptocurrency payments. All these different shopping, cart, plugins. It’s. A really really awesome site and product the next one we’re, going to be going over is chain, jelly and chain jelly lets you exchange cryptocurrency really fast without signing up to a platform, and you know wasting your time waiting for approval.

All that you can just do it really really fast and get started. They have over two million users and they’re, doing fifteen to twenty thousand transactions per day and they launched in 2013. They have a very simple platform like this.

You could say you want one Bitcoin or something like that, and then you could choose, buy crypto with bank card or you can exchange Bitcoin for etherium and other things like that. It each transaction takes about five to thirty minutes and they have a transparent, low fee of half a percent okay and they try to get you the best rates on the market and they also have 24/7 support.

If you need it and yeah, they have a ton of users, okay and they have a pretty cool affiliate program. Their affiliate program gives you a 50 percent revenue split, so they take a fee and that fee, I think they take.

It was half a percent. So you will get a quarter of a percent of each transaction. Okay, the next one we’re gonna be going over. Is the ledger, wallet and ledger wallet. It’s, a crypto currency Hardware, wallet that you can use to store your cryptocurrency in a secure and easy way; okay and they it supports many different crypto currencies, the company launched in 2014 and is an industry leader when it comes to hardware wallets.

Okay and they have a lot of cool products, and if you can refer people to here, you will get 10 % the next one we’re going to be going over is the purse affiliate program and purse is a website that lets you order Off Amazon with Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash, and you get 25 % of the fees on the first sale.

Okay, so I think purse is a really really cool platform. I would not recommend it using using it internationally. It costs way too much for shipping because they use a third party company for that. However, if you’re in the States, purse is an absolutely amazing way to save money on Amazon products and the reason they can do.

It is because some people want to exchange their Amazon gift cards for Bitcoin, so they’re willing to buy something for you at a discount in exchange for Bitcoin okay, so it’s, a pretty cool site, a pretty cool idea.

However, I don’t think their affiliate program pays that much okay. So this is how I have the cryptocurrency affiliate programs. Rated financed number one coin base number two coin: payments number three change daily number: four ledger wallet: five in person number six, the one really really cool thing about cryptocurrency affiliate programs versus normal affiliate programs is, they are all usually independent.

Okay, they aren’t on any ad networks or affiliate networks. So you don’t have to sign up to all these affiliate networks and wait for approval, and all of that you can usually just get started right well in the independent affiliate programs and a lot of the affiliate programs in crypto pay in cryptocurrency, Which is also awesome, not all of them, but most of them.

If you guys want to find more affiliate programs, you can come to Affiliate dot, watch and check them out, and if you want to go to the cryptocurrency section, you just click categories and then go to cryptocurrency.

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