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Article by James Broadfoot

Blogging is obviously huge right now and growing every day. Along with social networking it is truly the foundation of the internet. Blogs can range from such a diverse multitude of subjects, there are too many to even try to mention. It is also easy to start a blog based on a topic of interest or expertise and to expound and share one’s knowledge of a topic.

What might not be easy is how to maximize the potential of your blog. You may choose to blog periodically or to keep a daily or weekly log. Afterall, ‘blog’ is short for weblog. You may choose to tie it in with your other blogs, websites or social networks you belong to. Maybe you’d like to use blogging to create more traffic or get the word out about other exciting events on the net or in your world, or all of the afore mentioned. What has probably peaked your interest the most, though, is how to monetize your blog or simply put, make money blogging.

Here are the top five ways to make money blogging and you will learn and master them as a member of the Quick Video Marketing internet based training course. These methods will apply to any type of blog regardless the subject.

The first way to make money blogging is to promote your own product. Something you want to sell, be it a report, an ebook, a service, your website, a tangible product that you would mail to a customer, or whatever. Something that is uniquely yours that you legally have the right to sell that you can go on and on about on your blog in such ways that interested parties are attracted to this particular offering.

The Second monetization method of blogging is to offer, endorse, refer, or recommend a product or service of someone else’s. This is commonly referred to as being an affiliate and it can be very lucrative. You can be an affiliate from a small informational product right up to huge retail giants like Target, Bass Pro Shops, or Neiman Marcus. This may seem overwhelming and confusing at first but once you learn the basics it is very rewarding. This method of commerce predates the internet thousands of years. It is basically getting paid to send someone else customers. Online, however, tracking links and cookies are used so you receive proper credit.

The third method is to put pay-per- click ads like Google adsense on your blog. You get money from the clicks generated by reader’s of your blog. The related text ads are set up to appear based on the content and a certain percentage of readers will click the ads. This method has made many a fortune, but it relies heavily on massive traffic. Don’t let this deter you because you never know when your blog may go viral. Also, this is something that you can watch grow over time and make subtle adjustments when needed. And of course, your blog will be improving every day.

The fourth method is to utilize the nontextual pay-per-click ad revenue programs. One such program is Chitika, and like Adsense is totally free to join. When your blog content relates to a particular subject the item appears nearby on the page in a clickable picture window. This is particularly beneficial for techies. For example, if your blog entry is about the pros and cons of using the iphone, a clickable window with an iphone will show up on your blog based on the code that you insert, so whenever someone or a lot of someones click on this image, you receive money in your account. You can have a blog that rates and reviews electronics, for instance.

The fifth and least glamorous way to make money blogging is to build a following and market to them at a later time, usually by email. Don’t overlook this because this may turn into the foundation for future success. You will take the necessary steps to keep this following by offering good, solid, interesting information, the same things that originally attracted them. This is important because if you offer good value to this group consistently, you’ll have their loyalty for a long time.

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