What Is A Squeeze Page – How To Create A Squeeze Page Inside Your WordPress Blog In Minutes

Squeeze Page

Hi everyone – this is jay here with j’s, online reviews, calm and in this video i’m, going to show you and tell you all about what a squeeze page exactly is and how to create a squeeze page inside your wordpress Blog step by step as you, what you’re looking at here, is one of my squeeze pages and i’m, going to read it to you.

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For with that being said, let me tell you what a squeeze page exactly is a squeeze page has two purposes. The first purpose, and the main purpose is to collect your name and email address, so have a great offer that you’re.

Giving away to make that that visitor or potential customer want to put their name and email address in that form and get on your email, email list, the better your offer, the more subscribers you’re, going to get in return, the more money you’re, going to make from your squeeze pages, so squeeze pages that’s.

The main purpose was of a squeeze pages. The second purpose, indirectly, is you only given somebody two options? Once i hit a squeeze page, they’re, either going to leave that squeeze page and you’re, not going to get that lead, or they’re, going to sign up for your arm.

Whatever freebies are giving away, and once I sign up, obviously you’re building your email list, and then you can potentially sell these cellular. Your leads products in the future that they’re interested up sooner if they sign up, for this will be interested in PL, are making money online stuff like that, and you can send them obviously going to send them quality, free information as well.

That helps them reach their goals or they don’t have to buy anything. So it’s kind of a kind of a split once in a while. You can promote a product to your list and other times you’re, going to want to give away quality, free information that keeps them wanting to open up your emails.

So this is my one of my main squeeze pages you can see. I got on social sharing buttons on the top pin it from Pinterest LinkedIn tweet from twitter, google+ and facebook like button, and when people come over here, they can obviously share these my squeeze page with friends, family members or anybody who may be interested in grabbing.

All these three books, so you’re, going to want to definitely put social sharing links around your squeeze page. That’s, a lot of free traffic. You’re missing out on. If you not have social sharing links on the top, your squeeze page, okay with that being said how to create a squeeze page inside your wordpress blog first thing you’re, going to want to do.

I’m using i use aweber. If you use get response or any of the other major autoresponders, it should work out pretty much the same law. The same way you’re, going to create a web form. You’re, going to make an inline web form inside your a weber or get response or MailChimp control panel, and then, when you’re done.

Creating your web form. You’re, going to see this. You’re, going to see a JavaScript snippet and a raw HTML version for this particular tutorial. I’m going to use the raw HTML version. I’m going to copy all this code here.

It’s. Already copied, I’m, going to go over to the wordpress blog amusing use them for this tutorial, and what I did here is I clicked on. I click create a page create new page, as you can see, on the left hand, sizes pages.

I click to add new, and this is what shows up. I already filled this out for you. This is the name of the training video here I put them as bomb as a title of this. Obviously it wouldn’t, be the same as what I’m, giving away here.

In this example, I’m, giving away an SEO book that shows you how to dominate Google and get high search engine rankings. Time and time again, I’m right here. I’m, going to pull out my change. This Exodus sign up here up wrong letter change these back.

Let’s. Try this again! Now this is going to be all caps. Let’s notice that so just sign up here to learn how to explode your google rankings that dominate the search engines. Time and time again, then you put grab grab your free, your free ebook, now or whatever.

Maybe you want a title that catch catches, your visitor potential customers attention, so they want to sign up for that free, but you free ebook. They got to have it that free offer you’re, giving away ok.

So I put the title in here now I’m. Going to go over to text is so i created this. My opt-in form click on text and this puts everything in HTML format. Now i’m, going to paste that code that i copied that i showed you earlier right here, see which is a web reform generator that’s, that code that i copied earlier.

I already pasted it so when I click visual, my form is going to minute my opt-in forms going to show up and it’s going to be working and it’s going to be collecting leads. For me, this is just an example: post obvious you’re, going to make this look a lot more attractive than what it is at pictures to it.

Maybe a video you can use my squeeze pages is an example that I showed you earlier to collect leads I’m, is showing you this to show you how to do it? Click Save draft, and in your case, once it’s done you’re going to click, publish because that makes it live in the Internet.

I’m, not wanting the publicist, because this is just for demonstration purposes, but for you to make your squeeze page go live you’re going to click, publish you’re, going to click preview page, and this is what You’re, going to get when it comes up, and this is just a page on a normal wordpress, blog and CA.

You see here, signup use, it looks doesn ‘ T look very well obviously going to want to make it look a lot better. Obviously, like I said, but this this is your your email, opt-in form right here.

So this is lives. You send traffic to this forum. People put their name and email address in there. You’re collecting leads and you’re building your email list. Now i’m, going to show you, i’m, going to give you a few examples and what you’re going to want to do as well.

Once you create the squeeze page, you want to put squeeze pages on the top left of your blog, depending on your theme, how your blogs layout is at the top right above the fold, so the customers, don’t, have to scroll down, see your Opt-In form, so they can sign in you’ll, get a higher opt-in rate, so you just do the same.

Do the same thing? Add that code that i showed you the HTML code for your all, your blog posts. You want. You can add this. Your opt-in form under every blog post. I recommend that and to the right or left of your blog inside the widget area of your blog now for the widget area.

It’s. A little different. You’re, going to use a javascript, adapt it and you’re going to take this. This is for dad. This is just to add your opt-in forms on the left or right hand, side of your blog that appear on every page of your blog to collect leads.

Then you’re going to go over to widgets, and this is my main sidebar here. What I’m going to do here is take a text button here hold down the left mouse button and then drop it right on top, and then i’m, going to type put that code right there.

That’s. A javascript code, then you can put your title right here to dominate the search engines and receive and grab number one. Google rankings sign up here for your free book, something like that depends on what you’re.

Giving in while you’re, giving away will depend on what your title is. You click save now that that your opt-in form is going to pier on your blog, wherever you put it on the right hand, side of your blog above the fold on the left hand, side above the fold.

However, you wherever you want it so that’s, going to be the difference. Another thing I do recommend when you’re building squeeze pages. If you have like an extra twenty to thirty dollars to invest, i highly recommend that you buy a paid squeeze page plugin that helps you build squeeze pages a lot easier because they look a lot better and they’re, going to make you more Money they’re, going to save you time and they’re.

Going to give you a lot more leads. I mean they’re, going to do everything, so it’s. Well worth the usually it’s about twenty thirty bucks for a good squeeze page generator, a good squeeze page plugin for wordpress and the two i recommend or epic squeeze page it’s, pretty pretty cool.

I own that one and private list magnet or PLM I don’t, know that first ones private or whatever, but it’s. Plm you just type into Google PLM list, magnet or PLM squeeze page, and it will come up so same with the epic squeeze page.

They’re, both good. I use generations a good one too right here. I actually have about four or five different ones that I’d mess with that i bought throughout the years. So those are my favorites but uh.

Yeah. Add those add those social sharing buttons on top your squeeze page and basically invest in. If you can afford it, twenty to thirty dollars is well worth its gonna make you a lot more money than what you spent.

I’m buying the software. As long as you drive traffic to your squeeze page, you’ll, be fine and it ‘ Ll, be a well worthwhile investment if you do buy a squeeze page plugin from WordPress, and you’re.

Having trouble uploading it a lot, people run into this trouble. All you got to do is click plugins click, add new and when you go over to add new plugins, let me click on it for you and you’re, going to click upload.

Now you’re going to do this after you bought your plug in whatever plug-in you bought and you save, then it downloaded and it’s safe to your your pictures or your download file, whatever it may be, to find it.

This is what you’re, going to do so. Click plug plugins click, add new, and then you’re going to click. Upload find that particular plug-in that you bought and then you’re, going to click, activate plugin and then it’s going to say, if you click activate plugin it’s, going to say, activations successful, find the plugin that Are usually being tools or settings and then activate it and go through there and follow the steps start using your plugin, so that’s.

My tutorial on how to make a squeeze page, how to set it up on wordpress on your wordpress blog, make sure you come over here and grab my 22 free ebooks there and you can use these like. I said to build, build your squeeze pages.

It’ll help you make money and they’re, also very good. If you don’t even want to use them for that purpose. You can come on over. You know, put your name and email address in that form. Check your email confirm that you want these books inside your email address and they will be sent over to you ASAP and there’s, a ton of great books to cover I mean all aspects are making money online from social networking how to make One of the Clickbank how to make money, blogging, email, marketing tips – I mean you name it: they’re, pretty much in there.

It’s, a nice little bundle and they’re. They’re, very high quality too, so they’re, not garbage books. I’m giving away so with that being said, if you like this video, please share it with a friend and sign up for those free ebooks.

Underneath this video, I hope you enjoyed this training and good luck on your squeeze pages thanks and have a great day bye, bye,

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