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You might have heard the term influencer used in marketing before and thought it only applied to the Kardashians and epic marketing budgets and you’d, be right, but times have changed and now the word applies to more than just corporations and people who got Famous for handbags, I’m, not sure.

So what is an influencer? An influencer is someone who has the power to affect the purchasing decision of others due to their authority, knowledge or position or relationship with their audience. They actively engage with a distinct niche and that following size can be large or more concentrated, depending on the size of their topic or niche.

It only used to be sports stars, film, stars and celebrities with this power, but now, thanks to the explosion of social media, there’s. All kinds of people reaping the benefits influences in social media are people who have built up a reputation for their knowledge and expertise on a specific topic.

They’ll post content to their platform of choice on a regular basis. They’re, large, enthusiastic audience. The reason brands love influence is so much is because they can create trend, ease and encourage their followers to buy the products that they provide.

As I mentioned at the start of the video, the term influencer is no longer for those with millions of followers. In fact, there are now four different types you might even be sitting there and without realizing it actually are an influencer in some way, shape or form.

You can group influences based on their following size or by the niche they operate in. This means you could have a small following, but still have considerable influence or the opposite, so celebrities might have gargantuan followings but have less influence because they lack expertise and a dedicated h.

Some micro or nano influencers can have tremendous impact on their followers, meaning they can be very effective in promoting a product in that sector. Wait a second micro, influencer nano influencer want earth of these.

Well, let’s, break that down into the four types of influences for you now, starting with the largest the negative influences mega influences are people with an epic number of followers like the rock or Ronaldo, but actually their following is overkill.

There is no official benchmark, but people over a mil followers are seen as mega influences so who should approach these types of influencer? Well, leave this the big in the town. Only major brands should really go here.

Their services can cost up to a million dollars a post and they’re fussy about who they work with when choosing a partner. You also have to get past that agent before you make any deal next, we have macro influences.

These guys have followers between 40,000 and a million followers on social media. You tend to find this is where your b-grade celebrities hang out or successful online experts firms will find engaging with the latter will be more beneficial to their business.

Macro influences have a high profile and can provide a powerful way to generate awareness. There are, of course, a lot more macro influences than mega, so brands should find it a lot easier to work with them.

A word of warning, though, macro influences, are more like to engage in influence of fraud, some of the Sonique ketones, those who bought their followers. So really they have no influence to sell. Now we have micro influences.

No, these aren’t just a group of tiny weeny people, but ordinary folks who’ve, become known for their knowledge about a specific topic. Their followings are from a thousand to 40,000 people, so, like I said you might have just found out.

You’re, an influencer quit your job. There’s. A million dollars proposed coming your way. Okay, let’s, not get too excited micro influences. Don’t get the term posting photos from the weekend. They do it by providing a lot of value.

The issue you might come up against when reaching out to a micro influencer is: they might not be aware of the existence to your company, which means you have to convince them of your worth. Micro influencers will not want to do any damage to the special relationship.

They have built with their following promoting any old rubbish. You might find that some of the micro influences will work for free some, what about a fee, but all of them will not want to be involved with the brand that is considered inappropriate for their following.

These influences are the influences of the future. Due to the internet, fragmenting media into small niche topics, you’re likely to find even the most obscure niches with Facebook groups or Pinterest groups devoted to them.

This is where micro influencers establish themselves as the genuine inner flow. Now. Finally, we have nano influences. This is one of the latest groups to obtain recognition. They have very small followings compared to others, but appear in incredibly niche for highly specialized fields.

They’re, a big fish in a very small point. They can have less than a thousand followers who will all be very interested in what that nano influencer has to say. Most brands would consider these guys too small, but to firms who make niche products they could provide amazing value.

You need to have a lot to reach a large audience so that size are following what about types of content? Name most of the social media marketing today occurs with micro influences and blogging, with youtubers becoming more important team.

Let’s start by taking a look at bloggers. Vloggers have the most authentic and active relationship with their fans. It has been connected to influencer marketing for a while now, and there are a lot of highly influential blogs online.

When bloggers positively mentioned a products, it can lead to their supporters wanting to purchase, or at least trying it out, but is sometimes open the door to guest bloggers, meaning there is an opportunity to write about offering on their site to their audience.

You can also pay to create a sponsored post on their site, meaning of either write it or pay them to write it. This can be a very effective way to generate business, but a word of warning generations.

They seemed immune to sponsored post strange creatures. You should find that as long as your post is in line with the blog you’ll, be okay, though now we have youtubers. This is a similar situation to blogging.

Except this all video base, and instead of being on a website, is all on the YouTube platform. Brands often work with youtubers sponsoring videos or paying to have them created body podcasts it ‘

S sometimes feel, like everyone has a podcast these days, but there is no denying it that they’re, a popular form of entertainment. Now brands can work with podcasters by sponsoring their show or an individual episode social posts.

All of these craters podcasters publishers promote their content on social media. They don’t just hope. People find it on their own platform. This means they tend to build sizable, followings and a micro influences as a result.

So there’s. Another opportunity to work with them there so now let’s finish up by taking a look at influences by level of influence, starting with celebrity as discussed earlier. Celebs were the original influence.

They are, however, beginning to wane, as the market is flooded with a new kiss in town. The problem brands face is that traditional celebs are finite. There are only so many willing to participate in these kind of campaigns.

Sometimes a firm will make a product as celebrity already likes and uses, which means they’ll, be happier to promote it, also think about musicians. Every time you see Brian May playing his Byrnes guitar on Instagram it’s.

An ad celebrities may have many fans, and gigantic social-media followings, however, is debatable exactly just how much influence they hold over those who follow them. Key opinion leaders are next. These are industry, experts, sport leaders or even journalists.

They gain respect because of their qualifications in position. This can be earned from who they work. For so a journalist from a major newspaper may have no qualifications and the topic he or she writes about, but is considered a credible enough.

A writer to report on it getting a journalist of a major newspaper to write about you is the same as getting a social-media influencer to post something one thing to be aware of when working with key opinion leaders is that many have built up their reputation in An offline setting and may not have a large or active social following and finally, people with above-average influence on their audience.

The best influences out there have built their reputation online for being an expert and the quality of the content they create in blogs. Podcasts videos, you name it. There is no official name for these guys.

However, the British agency, peer might be, has come up with their trademark name. Criminal influences. These are the agency’s. Highest performing influences based on 46 crucial factors that impact consumer behavior.

Put it simply, they have the best relationship with their followers best communication skills, high engagement and their followers recognize them as experts in their field. Their follower numbers very much depend on their subject of expertise.

However, you will find that these people have incredibly high followings in comparison to others in their nature, so the term influencer means a lot these days and if you like me, it’s, their little confuse.

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