What is TikTok? and How does it work?

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So what is tick-tock and handing you music? Well I’m gonna tell you everything you need to know coming up. Hey everyone steve here from one online video helping you master the art of online video production, and today we’re, talking all about the app tick tock tick tock launched in 2016 and in 2018 the application gained popularity and became the most downloaded app In the USA, Hey look before you cross the street tick tock is one of the most popular social media apps on the planet, allowing users to upload 15-second videos that they can share with the world trends include lip syncing to an archive of popular songs, dancing and Collaborations allowing the user to do it with someone by replying to their video, so look.

How does it work? Well, it’s, really simple. You just download the app like what you would any other platform and then create an account. You’ll have to come up with some kind of user name, no different to the Facebook Instagram or anything like that.

Now, once you’re logged in you can instantly start watching. Everybody’s. Videos – and there are so so many videos on tic toc – this is one of the most random apps. I’ve ever been on. You open up the app on your phone and then it will take you to a 15-second video and that 15-second video will just loop.

If you swipe up, it will take you to the next one so on and so on and so on, and there’s a bit of a lot o when it comes to what you’ll land on when you swipe up, because It really could be anything now, the more time you spend on the app the more you will tap into the algorithm.

So we’ll start to show you videos that are related to stuff that you’ve liked and engaged with. But apart from that, it really is just a smorgasbord of weird creative, amazing, bizarre videos. I’ve ever come across.

Ok, then let’s, talk trends, so look there are definitely trends on tick-tock and just to name a few. There is the Adele trend: [ Music ] there’s, another one when you use a finger gun. No lip syncing is a huge part of tick-tock.

Okay, it’s. What a lot of people use it for, whether that’s, lip syncing to a song or lip syncing to a quote from a film [, Music ], and there are also some really creative people on there. There are artists: there are people that dance it’s, just a really random app full of really random things.

So, as a consumer, there’s, plenty of content for you to sit there and watch, but as a creator, what can we do? What kind of videos can we upload to tik-tok now they make it incredibly easy to shoot edit and upload a video.

All within that there’s, a huge archive of music to choose from, and there are different video effects. You can add to your footage, but what’s? It like to use this app as a Video Creator. Well, I thought I’d, find out now, once I SAP an account.

I thought I’d upload, my first video now I put no thought into this just to be really clear. I literally uploaded the first video that I found on my phone and within a week of that video had over 50,000 of views, which was just insane to me, but just as an example, let’s, compare tick-tock to YouTube.

Okay, I upload a 15-second video on my phone and it gets 50,000 views. Look at the views on this video as an experiment: okay, but it’s. Nowhere near 50,000 views right getting that amount of views is actually really difficult.

I mean I’ve SAP lights. I’ve starboard camera a tripod of gone microphone. I’m gonna have to edit this footage or not load it, but with tick-tock. I upload a video 15 seconds long, which is just hanging around on my phone and I get 50,000 effuse so with the first video getting so many views are put on experiment and upload some more so.

In the last week I’ve uploaded six videos and, as you can see, they’ve had varying degrees of success. So my first video, as I mentioned, did pretty well. It got fifty nine thousand views. I then uploaded two more videos, videos that you would have seen on this channel before I used these as Facebook profile videos they didn’t do very well, one only got 567 views, the other one got 147.

I then uploaded another video that also did terribly 128 views and then uploaded another one that did pretty well that got over 8,000 views, but then I created a video specifically for tick-tock. The rest of these videos were just videos that I had sat on my and that video I used one of the trending hashtags.

It was the finger gun and that got over 23,000 views by being on tick-tock. For just one week, I managed to get there than 93,000 two views, which is just mental. So look I’ve got to say I’m, really impressed with tick-tock.

I guess. To sum up, you could say minimal effort, maximum results. If you’re looking to get eyes on your content and to grow a following quickly, then honestly, tic toc could be one of the easiest and quickest ways to do that.

So look. I hope this video has helped. If it has. Let me know by hitting the old thumbs up button and if you’d, like to see more content, just like this, you can subscribe by clicking the icon below. If you like to watch another video, you can do that by clicking over there, but that’s.

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